Monday, September 14, 2009


Ok if any families are interested in this please do contact me it would be a great opportunity and you get to hear Jordan Speak!

Friday – November 6
9 AM– 5 AM - Philadelphia Holiday Inn Historic District [4th and Arch]
National COSH H&S in Construction Program - Come meet with Health and Safety professionals from around the country and many local activists to discuss the latest issues facing construction workers. This will include panels and workshops with many local and regional industry experts including representation from union, OSHA, academia and community organizations. [$10 Registration to Tom O’Connor at]

8 PM – 12 PM – Annual National COSH Awards Banquet [Holiday Inn]
This event will recognize national and local efforts to promote health and safety for all workers. [Contact Tom O’Connor at for more information]

Saturday - November 7
9 AM– 5 AM – Philaposh Office and AFSCME DC 33 Building - 3001 Walnut Street, 5th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19104
2009 National Health and Safety Summit – The Protecting Workers Alliance is sponsoring this important discussion about the next steps for activating grassroots support for important H&S legislative initiatives including PAWA. The Summit will include Families, COSH Activists and OSH Professionals from around the country to develop an action plan for the next year to lobby and pass new protections for all workers. Topics will include Ergonomics Reform, Immigrant H&S protections, Toxic Chemical policy and Family and Victim Rights. Jordan Barab will be our luncheon speaker. [$10 Registration to Tom O’Connor at]

Sunday – November 8
5:45 PM – 8:30 PM - SangKee Chinese Restaurant 238 N 9th St Restaurant [five blocks from Convention Center]
APHA OHS Section Social Hour – Come join us as we celebrate and mingle to get our 2009 meeting in gear. There will be some delicious complementary food with a cash bar. There will be a short program at 7 PM to recognize some great people doing incredible work in H&S.

more on the 8th here

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