Friday, September 18, 2009

A Father's Plea

President Gerard,

This may seem like an unusual request but I want to clear this with you before I attempt it. I lost my first wife 11 years ago almost to the day and now I have found out my

Daughter , who is 30 years old, has two tumors on her liver and she is going in for a biopsy this coming week. We are praying that it is not cancerous but the Doctors are not so optimistic. Since my family has endured loss before, we understand the strength of Prayer.

My daughter is of the generation that has to work two jobs to make ends meet and of course she finds herself without medical insurance. That part of it is secondary to us as a family , for we are seeking Prayers I have a lot of confidence in the fact that the Organization I work for and have done so for 25 years , can help my family through Prayer.

Is it possible that your office could send this e-mail through our distribution ( e-mail ) system and ask our brothers and sisters to Pray for my daughter.

Her name is Renee Deschaine. As her father, I refuse to feel helpless .

Lucien Deschaine
District 4

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