Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Gift of Life

I know this topic is tough to think about and I have written about it before (I can not seem to find the other must have been in a newsletter Give The Gift Of Life and
Will it to be Done) but it is worth the talk.

I have been a life long donor because it just seems like the right thing to do. Why not give some time to someone else when yours is gone. I have often thought of how it would have made me feel if we could have done so for my brothers but there was not the opportunity.

Imagine the feeling you have when you bring a new life into the world. What a wonder to still be able to after you are gone. A little more time so a father can give away a bride, granting time for a mother to hold her child, time for a child win the little league game or a teen to go on their first date.

Many of you already know the value of this time, we have lost much with our loved ones. So please pass this along and bestow life. Every gift makes a difference.

David Lee Spends much of his time and effort on this passionate cause. He does it for no other reason than he believes in the value of every life.

"The Waiting List has launched a new campaign -- http://www.yesiamanorgandonor.com/. By re-focusing the attention to those of you have already made the decision to say YES I AM AN ORGAN DONOR.

The Waiting List believes we can help encourage those who are hesitant by demonstrating other people's commitment to organ donation. If you're not already an organ donor, http://www.yesiamanorgandonor.com/ directs you to where you can register online. Please take a few minutes and sign our list.

Share the campaign with your family and friends; help us spread the word -- we will not succeed without your help. Together, we can make a difference. The over 100,000 Americans currently waiting for an organ transplant, their family and friends all say thank you.

When you're done, take a few minutes and visit the waiting list (http://www.thewaitinglist.org/); meet Larry, Todd, Celeste, Carol, Kathy, Xavier, and Wade -- all of whom are waiting for the gift of life."

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