Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Work Place

Worker Dies From Forklift Accident

August 23, HEATH, OH - 35 year old Jason L. Skiles was killed this morning after being pinned by a forklift he was working on at a warehouse on Columbus' Far East Side. Skiles was working alone at the T. Marzetti Co. warehouse, 6660 Broughton Ave., Columbus police said. Police were called at 11:50 a.m. after another worker discovered Skiles' body, police detective Anne Pennington said.

Employee Killed in Truck Crash

August 23, MIDLAND, TX - Ernie Lee Komyathy died Monday afternoon in a fatal wreck on Interstate 20. Troopers say Komyathy was headed east when the trailer of his MISD truck began to fish tail. He over-corrected and flipped his truck into the median.

Scaffolding Collapse Kills One

August 23, CHARLESTON, NC - Authorities say one worker was killed and another injured after a scaffolding collapsed near the South Carolina Aquarium. Charleston police said that the men were on the scaffolding working on windows at a condominium around 4 p.m. Monday when it gave way. Authorities say one man fell to the concrete below and died. His name has not been released. The other man fell into the Cooper River and was taken to Medical University Hospital. His condition was not known.

Road Construction Worker Hit, Killed by Truck

August 23, RUSHVILLE, IL - 53 year old James Brink of Quincy was killed at a construction site today. Brinks, of Brinks Construction, was walking behind a dump truck when the driver began backing up. Brink was knocked to the pavement and the right rear dual tires ran over him. A county worker was waiting his turn to back his dump truck into position to receive a load from the milling machine. Police say Brink walked behind the dump truck at the moment the driver began to back up.

Cab Driver Killed in Crash

August 23, CHICAGO, IL - 33 year old Muhammad Tahir was killed Monday morning after a collision with a motorcycle. Tahir was on his way to O'Hare with a passenger when he collided with the cycle, police said. The accident caused the cab to veer off the road and run through a light pole and a boat trailer and hit a freestanding garage. The garage and the light pole came crashing down on the vehicle, killing Tahir. The motorcyclist and his bike went skidding across the northbound lane and into a neighbor's yard.

Orchard Worker Killed in Tractor Accident

August 23, YAKIMA, WA - 35 year old Joaquin Ponce was killed Monday morning after a tractor rolled on top of him, that's according to the Yakima Sheriff's Office. Yakima County Coroner Jack Hawkins said the victim was spraying in the orchards in the 14,000 block of Gilbert Road, west of Wiley City, when the tractor rolled down the embankment, killing him instantly. PLEASE NOTE: This article lists the victim's name as Aaron Corona Ponce.

Worker Dies in Trench Collapse

August 21, RADFORD, VA - 38 year old Rex Matney died when the ditch he was digging caved in. Matney was reportedly trying to find a drainage line for new additions to the Central United Methodist church. Fire officials say during the recovery operation, they found no protective equipment or caging in the hole they say was eight feet deep. OSHA is investigating the accident, but no new details have been released as to how the accident was allowed to happen.

Man Dies in Construction Accident

August 21, CAMBRIDGE, MN - 40 year old Mark Robert Anderson of Ogilvie was atop a lift machine that had its boom fully extended when it tipped over Saturday evening at a construction site west of Cambridge. He fell about 40 feet to the ground, and died later at Cambridge Medical Center.

Farmer Struck and Killed by Car

August 21, LAMONI, IA - 26 year old Enos Yoder, a southern Iowa farmer driving a horse-drawn sickel-mower was killed Saturday when his vehicle was struck by a car. Troopers said a car was southbound on County Road R-18. The driver was distracted by his MP3 player and did not see the farm equipment vehicle, which also was southbound. Yoder's vehicle was struck from behind, causing major damage to both vehicles. One of the two horses was also injured.

Worker Electrocuted Dies of Injuries

August 21, GRAND RAPIDS, MI - 45 year old Patrick Underhill of Sand Lake died Saturday in a Grand Rapids hospital after being shocked on the job last Tuesday. According to witnesses, Underhill was working on the back of a truck at High Grade Materials in Sand Lake around 11 o'clock Tuesday morning when the lift on the truck came in contact with power lines. Co-worker Ken Meksula explained Underhill was lubricating a gear while the truck was running. Another worker was apparently moving the lift by remote. Underhill was thrown to the ground and that's where co-workers found him.

Brooklyn Store Clerk Dies a Hero

August 21, BROOKLYN, NY - He grappled with a gun-wielding thug to save his girlfriend and paid with his life. 34 year old Yoseph Robinson made a valiant attempt to fend off a gunman trying to steal cash and jewels from his girlfriend. After the masked robber strode into MB Vineyards in Midwood and trained his pistol on Lahavah Wallace, Robinson lunged over the counter to grab the weapon. A struggle ensued and Robinson was shot and killed. Wallace and Yoseph's cousin ran and hid in a backroom and were unharmed.

Lincoln City Employee Dies in Mower Accident

August 20, LINCOLN, NE - 37 year old Eric Kohles died Friday morning from injuries suffered when a three-wheeled riding lawn mower tipped over and pinned him on Monday afternoon. Two workers found Kohles trapped beneath a 1,200-pound mower near 56th and Seward streets, where he was mowing a drainage easement. The mower had shut off when it tipped.

PG&E Employee Found Dead

August 20, SONORA, CA - an unidentified electrician was found dead near downed power lines off North Tuolumne Road, where a fire was earlier reported, according to Sheriff's Office officials. The incident, near the Black Oak Casino parking lot, was reported about noon. The victim was found near a lift truck used to work on power lines. UPDATE: Authorities have identified this worker as 57 year old Gerald Biedinger.

Deadly Forklift Accident in Arkansas

August 20, SPRINGDALE, AR - 58 year old Michael David Lewis was killed in a construction accident Friday afternoon. Lewis was driving a three-wheel forklift along a hill attempting to move cinderblocks when the forklift rolled over. Police say he was by himself at the time of the accident and they aren't sure how much time passed before someone was able to call paramedics. Lewis worked for Stock Building Supply in Springdale.

Security Officer Found Dead

August 20, MIAMI-DADE, FL - 61 year old Gerardo Leal was found shot by a homeless man at the Colonial Shopping Plaza, 9590 SW 160th St., where Leal worked as a security guard. No other information is available and the police are asking for help from anyone with information on the shooting.

Bulldozer Operator Dies at Quarry

August 19, WEBSTER COUNTY, IA - 65 year old Robert Opher of Waukon died at the controls of a bulldozer which then drove into a pond in the quarry Thursday afternoon. A co-worker pulled him out of the water. Opfer was pronounced dead at the scene. Opfer was employed by Reilly Construction, a subcontractor that worked in the CertainTeed Corp. gypsum quarry at 2109 Quail Ave.

Logger Crushed by Redwood Log

August 19, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA - 32 year old Karl Grant Olson of Kooskia, ID was killed Thursday when a redwood log fell from a stack and crushed him, the Humboldt County coroner reported. Olson was cutting a log on a stack at about 9 a.m. when another log tumbled from the pile and crushed him against another log, killing him immediately, Coroner Dave Parris said. Another logger working in the area came to check on Olson when he heard his chainsaw idling for an unusually long time, Parris said, and found Olson's body, pinned by the 18-inch diameter, 40-foot-long log.

Contract Worker Electrocuted Working on Pool

August 19, PALM DESERT, CA - 27 year old Luis Miguel Jilote-Lopez was electrocuted while working in a swimming pool at a Palm Desert Country Club Thursday. Jilote-Lopez was standing on the steps of the pool when an extension cord came in contact with a metal handrail, electrocuting him, said Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Engineer Electrocuted Making Repairs on Transmitter

August 19, OXFORD, MS - It is unclear how 73 year old Jerold Campbell was electrocuted while working on a WDMS/Greenville station transmitter. Station GM Steve Shelton says the transmitter failed about 5AM Thursday and Campbell, a contractor, was called in to make repairs.

Truck Driver Dies in Wreck

August 19, BELTON, SC - 53 year old John Robert Weaver died when his tractor trailer hit guard rails causing the trailer to flip over an embankment and burst into flames on the Newport Highway (U.S. 321) near Bright Hope Road.

Worker Dies From Fall Off Forklift

August 19, SPRINGFIELD, MA - 24 year old Richard Tyson, a worker at a Yankee Candle Co. warehouse in Deerfield, has died after falling from a forklift. Authorities said he fell about 30 feet from the forklift and suffered serious trauma.

Maintenance Worker Dies From Fall

August 19, YOUNGSTOWN, OH - David P. Phibbs, a maintenance worker at the University Courtyard Apartments at YSU, died Thursday after an accident at the apartments. YSU police report that Phibbs fell from a ladder while working on a security light on the east side of the apartment building. The Mahoning County Coroner’s Office is investigating. Phibbs was employed by Ambling Companies Inc., which manages the apartment complex.

Man Electrocuted Working at Feed Mill

August 19, LAUREL, NE - 28 year old Nicholas Waterbury died Thursday after being electrocuted at a feed mill. The Cedar County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that Waterbury was working in a pit at a feed mill on a farm north of Coleridge when he was electrocuted.

Worker Killed by Overturned Backhoe

August 19, HAVELOCK, NC - 39 year old Donald Collins of North Harlow has died after the backhoe he was operating overturned. Co-workers told police Collins was using the backhoe to clear soil around the Budget Inn on North Nunn Street when it appears the rear wheel slid down a slight incline. The backhoe turned over, throwing Collins out and trapped him beneath the equipment.

Central Texas Police Officer Killed in Cycle Crash

August 18, CEDAR PARK, TX - 41 year old Officer Leonard Reed, training for motorcycle service has died of injuries incurred when the motorcycle on which he was training crashed. A Cedar Park police spokesman says details of the crash are still sketchy, but he says a motorcycle officer traveling with Reed tried to revive the officer until emergency medical technicians could arrive.

Tire Store Employee Dies When Tire Explodes

August 18, BRONTE, TX - 28 year old Jesse Rosson was killed Wednesday while inflating a tire. Rosson was putting air in a tire Wednesday when it exploded at about 2:45 p.m., possibly as a result of being overinflated. The tire separated from the rim, which struck Rosson in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Plant Worker Dies in Fall From Scaffolding

August 18, ALBUQUERQUE, NM - A man working at the General Mills cereal plant in Albuquerque died Wednesday morning after falling 30 feet from a scaffold. The man in his 50s was in full cardiac arrest when medics arrived at the plant near Paseo del Norte and Jefferson NE, a spokesperson for the Albuquerque Fire Department told KRQE News 13. It is not yet clear if the man might have suffered a medical episode before the fall, she said.

Longtime Vacaville Farmer Killed in Tractor Accident

August 18, VACAVILLE, CA - 85 year old Marion "Buck" Burton died in a tragic farming accident Wednesday. Family members suspect that Burton, who had to walk with the help of a cane, had tried to start the tractor while off the seat. He likely used his hand to push in the clutch of the tractor, which needed to be started in gear, and then leaned across the tractor to engage the power takeoff shaft. It is believed that his hand slipped off the clutch, causing the tractor and sprayer to lurch forward and on top of Burton, crushing him.

Sewer Plant Worker Dies When Mower Overturns

August 18, BOLIVAR, PA - 64 year old Joseph J. Sisitki died Wednesday afternoon after he lost control of his riding lawn mower and drove into a settling pond in West Wheatfield, Indiana County, said county Coroner Michael Baker. Sisitki was found partially submerged shortly before 4:30 p.m. by his daughter, who went looking for him at the Tri-Community Sewer Authority wastewater treatment plant with one of his co-workers when he didn't return from work.

Farmer Killed When Tractor Overturns

August 18, OSWEGO, NY - 58 year old Danny Dunsmoor was killed Wednesday afternoon when the tractor he was operating overturned, according to State Police. State Police Dunsmoor had set out in a tractor around 3:15 p.m. to mow along a ditch on his family farm. Between that time and 5:30, when his body was found, the tractor rolled over. Dunsmoor was pinned underneath the tractor and killed.

Medical Condition Causes Death of Semi Driver

August 17, CRESTON, OH - 61 year old George Ritter of Creston died after his rig went through a fence at Bowling Green State University's new Stroh Center, authorities said. Police say they believe the crash resulted from Mr. Ritter's medical condition, although the exact cause of the wreck and the driver's death were pending an investigation by the Wood County Coroner's Office, according to Lt. Bradley Biller of Bowling Green police.

Farmer Killed While Removing Tree

August 17, BYRON, IL - an unidentified farmer died Tuesday of injuries suffered when his throat was cut in a freak farming accident. Investigators said the man was cutting up a large felled oak tree and was using a small farm tractor equipped with a dump bucket to move large branches. While pushing one of the limbs with the tractor, the limb is believed to have snapped back, striking and cutting the man’s neck and knocking him off the tractor. The tractor traveled a few feet forward and stopped.

Florida Rancher Dies of Heart Attack

August 17, MYAKKA CITY, FL - Doug Schembri died from a heart attack while attempting to fix a water pump on the Char-O-Lot Ranch. Although the initial belief was that Schembri died of electrocution, it was later determined that he suffered a heart attack before falling into a nearby pond.

Trucker dies when his vehicle overturns in Sussex County

August 16, RICHMOND, VA - 55 year old David Quarles of Richmond died early Monday morning when his tractor, which was not pulling a trailer at the time, went off of a Sussex County roadway and overturned. He was wearing a seat belt, and state police spokeswoman Sgt. Michelle Anaya said alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

Road Construction Worker Dies

August 16, TULSA, OK - 45 year old Noe Mendoza was killed while working in a construction area on the Gilcrease Expressway Extension near Osage Drive Monday morning. The initial report to police is that a road scraper lost power, causing it to roll downhill out of control with no ability by the driver to stop. Mendoza was on foot and was apparently not aware that it was approaching and crossed into its path, police say. He was struck and killed at the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Semi Driver Killed in North Platte Accident

August 16, NORTH PLATTE, NE - 44 year old Donald Toof of Chadron died when his fuel tanker overturned just north of the North Platte River Bridge on Highway 83. Mr. Toof was driving a semi fuel tanker truck northbound when it struck the east bridge rail causing the driver to lose control and roll over in the east ditch just north of the bridge. The accident investigation is continuing, but it appears that once the semi tractor struck the bridge rail, the front axle broke loose and the driver could not control the tractor and load. It appears that the driver was wearing his seatbelt.

Industrial Accident Claims Life

August 16, PARIS, WI - 36 year old Christopher J. Mortensen of McHenry, IL suffered fatal crushing injuries while cleaning his vehicle at a Kenosha County company. Sheriff's deputies say Mortensen was in the yard at Super Mix of Wisconsin Monday, washing out the truck when he got caught between the rotating drum and loading hopper. He died at the scene.

Young Roofer Electrocuted

August 16, GRAND ISLAND, NE - 19 year old Emilio DeLeon was electrocuted after coming in contact with power lines while working as a roofer. DeLeon was in the bucket of a crane, working behind a Grand Island business, when the lines were touched. Hughes says the accident shorted out the crane controls, and the bucket was still in the air near the wires when emergency personnel arrived.

UPS Driver Dies in One Vehicle Wreck

August 16, MONROE, LA - 41 year old James Harris died from injuries sustained in a single vehicle crash in Caldwell Parish, according to state police. The investigation revealed that a 2006 Freightliner “UPS” delivery van was northbound on Louisiana 846 approaching a left hand curve when it ran off the right side of the road. Harris over-corrected to the left and the vehicle began to slide sideways across both travel lanes before leaving the left side of the roadway, a report from state police said. The vehicle then over-turned before coming to rest.

Gas Tanker Driver Dies in Fiery Crash

August 16, CHARLOTTE, NC - 35 year old Joshua Woodrow, a tanker driver for MTM Transportation, died when his truck hit another car shoving it across the interstate and scraping it along the median wall. Once the truck and car stopped moving, the truck exploded, catching everything around it on fire. The people in the car suffered minor injuries.

Tractor Trailer Driver Killed

August 16, ST. LOUIS, MO - 48 year old Thomas Joseph Niemeyer of Bethalto died when the truck he was driving began to drift into other lanes. His rig hit the concrete median at I-64 and Taylor and police say Niemeyer was thrown from the truck into the west bound lanes. His truck was split open and food products were strewn in the East and West bound lanes.

Gunman Kills Store Owner

August 15, GARY, IN - 41 year old Kevin Champion died after he was shot at point-blank range about 2:45 a.m. Sunday at his family's business, Champ's Liquors in Gary. A video released Wednesday shows a young man walk up to the driver's side of Champion's SUV and reach inside with a gun. The gunman runs from the truck, returns and looks inside, then runs away again. Champion had just locked up the business to leave for the night.

Security Guard Shot Making Rounds

August 14, FLINT, MI - 53 year old John Andrew "Andy" Mick of Goodrich who worked for Lagarda Security was shot and killed while making his usual rounds at River Village Apartment on Saturday. Police are investigating the possibility of two men being involved.

Gas Station Employee Murdered

August 14, KENNER, LA - Jose Caballero was shot and killed when he got to the Shell Gas Station where he worked. Caballero was shot somewhere in the parking lot and then ran toward the store door, where he collapsed. Kenner police responded. Caballero was rushed to the hospital where he died. Police say they don't know the motive, and are looking at security video. Caballero's friend Rey Pena says Caballero was from La Lima, Honduras who came to the U.S. to live out his dream of providing for his three young children who are still in Honduras.

Roofer Dies From Fall

August 11, GRIFFIN, GA - OSHA is investigating the death of Lonnie Griffin who fell from the roof of Star Salon in Griffin. According to Terry Killingsworth, who owns the building where Star Salon is located, the primary contractor for the roofing job was Rusty Statham Construction. Statham hired two subcontractors, Kenny Goins and Alan Blackmon, who in turn hired Wright. No other information regarding this accident is available.

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