Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Man Dies When Run Over by Farm Tractor

May 17, GIRARD, PA - 82 year old Burdette Sedler was planting trees on his property when the farm tractor he was using rolled into and over him today. The tractor was parked nearby with the engine off but apparently the brake didn't hold and the tractor rolled into Sedler.

Security Guard Found Murdered

May 16, SARASOTA, FL - 26 year old Matthew Little of Brandon was shot and killed by an unknown assailant while on foot patrol at the Mariners Pointe Apartment on Pinellas Point Drive, in south St. Petersburg. Authorities say he was shot at least once above his vest and was found dead between two parked cars near the complex pool and tennis court. Little was training to become a full time police officer and was engaged to be married.

Man Dies When Hit in Head by Tire Rim

May 16, HIGHLANDVILLE, MO - an unidentified man, an employee for Stutesman Auto Salvage, was killed Monday when a split rim from a wheel struck him as he was inflating a tire on an industrial tractor. The rim broke apart from the tire, striking him in the head, causing severe brain trauma.

Carnival Worker Dies in Fall

May 16, GREENSBORO, NC - 42 year old Michael Douglas Cook of Columbus, GA died and another seriously injured while dismantling a Greensboro Youth Council carnival ride. Investigators said workers were in the process of disassembling the rides when two of the workers on the Ferris wheel fell. Investigators said the men where in bucket-style lifts when a cable broke, causing a pendulum motion and eventually the men fell. They were in individual buckets that were in different locations. The carnival rides are provided by the James H. Drew Exposition, based in Atlanta.

Fall Through Roof Kills Worker

May 17, BUTLER, IN - 27 year old David Gingrey of Garrett fell five stories to his death at Iron Dynamics after falling through a soft spot in the facility's roof. Gingrey was with three other workers cleaning soot from the roof at Iron Dynamics, a Steel Dynamics corporation, when the incident took place. All four men on the roof were wearing a harness and lanyard hooked up to a safety cable called a rat line, however, when Gingery fell, the cable snapped.

Flagman Struck and Killed by Vehicle

May 16, HATCH, NM - 51 year old Jose F. Cabrel-Carranza of Hatch, was killed Monday while working on a road project on Interstate 25. While traffic was being diverted away from a section of the road being paved, the driver of a commercial truck struck the back of a construction truck that had stopped briefly. The impact propelled the construction truck forward, hitting Cabrel-Carranza, who was a flagman working on the project.

One Killed in Ammunition Explosion and Fire

May 16, NASHVILLE, TN - an unidentified person is dead, another missing and a third injured after an explosion and subsequent fire at the Well Done Bullet ammunition's store Monday. Because of the nature of the business, other businesses in the complex were evacuated. It is not clear what caused the explosion and fire. UPDATE: Authorities have identified the man killed as store owner 42 year old Kenedy Rojas.

Welding Fire Kills Worker

May 16, ARTESIA, NM - 29 year old Jose Perez Moreno lll, a contract worker cutting metal in an airport hanger apparently ignited flammable material and died in the resulting fire, the Artesia Police Department reported Monday. It is believed he died from the flames and smoke inhalation, but an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

City Worker Crushed Under Massive Machine

May 16, QUEENS, NY - 59 year old Errol L. Wilson was killed Monday when a co-worker accidentally backed over him with a giant truck, officials said. Wilson was crushed under the massive tires of a Mack Truck when the driver lost sight of Wilson in his mirrors. Wilson was behind the truck, directing the driver. The workers are repaving the Cross Island Parkway. Wilson was was a longtime veteran of the Dept. of Transportation's Roadway Repair and Maintenance Division.

Miner Killed in Surface Mine Incident

May 14, YOLYN, WV - 37 year old Richard L. Young died Saturday at Apogee Coal's Guyan Surface Mine. He was pinned beneath a piece of machinery. Apogee is a subsidiary of Patriot Coal. The Mine Safety and Health Administration says Young was crushed beneath a counterweight at the back of a loader. The incident is under investigation.

Worker Discovered Shot to Death

May 14, ST. LOUIS, MO - 28 year old Jeremiah House of House Springs was found shot to death Saturday morning at JW Auto Sales, police said. Police called the death a homicide. An employee of the dealership found House when she arrived to open the shop, said police. The front door was open, and House was on the floor.

Truck Driver Killed in Truck/Train Collision

May 13, MOUNT PROSPECT, IL - 59 year old Kazamierz Karasek was killed in a fiery crash with a Metra train Friday. Karasek died when he drove his semi truck around crossing gates truck in front of a speeding commuter train in Mount Prospect, sending 26 people to hospitals. Unable to translate a degree he earned in his native Poland into a career here, he started his own trucking firm, built it into a success, and got his citizenship about 20 years ago.

Shop Manager Shot to Death by Disgruntled Customer

May 13, COLUMBUS, OH - 60 year old Tamara "Tammy" Bohrer, office manager for Ohio Engine & Transmission, was fatally shot by a disgruntled female customer Friday. The ex-customer was apparently angry over not getting satisfaction for a case she brought against the shop 10 months ago. After shooting Bohrer she fired off several shots in the garage area, where no one was hurt, before walking across the street and killing herself.

Farmer Suffers Fatal Crushing Injuries

May 13, HENRY CLAY TOWNSHIP, PA - 71 year old Charles Burnsworth was killed in a farming accident Friday when the tailgate of a dump truck he was working on fell on him. Burnsworth was working with a 5-ton dump truck on his farm on Mae West Road when it appears he triggered the tailgate release, causing the heavy metal tailgate to fall on him and crush him. He was found by his wife who then called 911.

Road Worker Dies After Being Struck by Car

May 12, LINCOLN PARISH, LA - 31 year old Jeremy Walker of Winnsboro was struck and killed while working along a section of Interstate 20. An eastbound vehicle crossed the yellow line and struck Walker, who was working with a contracted crew to pick up trash along the Interstate. He was wearing the required safety gear when he was struck.

Man Killed After Being Hit by Falling Tree

May 12, OAK GROVE, MN - 35 year old David Alan Pollema of Bock was killed in an incident Thursday at a private property. He and another worker were hired by an Oak Grove property owner to cut down a tree. Pollema and the co-worker were attempting to remove a large section of the trunk of the tree when part of the tree kicked back and struck him, causing multiple injuries. He died a short time later at a local hospital.

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