Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Crash Into Fuel Tanker Kills Driver

November 9, CHANDLER, AZ - An unidentified milk truck driver is dead following a crash into the back of a tanker truck. The driver of the milk truck slammed into the back of the tanker which was carrying 7,700 gallons of diesel gas byproduct causing it to ignite into flames. The driver was caught in the intense fire and could not be saved. The driver of the fuel tanker was shaken but uninjured and was able to get free of the truck on his own.

Driver Killed as Tanker Truck Crashes

November 9, BELLEVUE, WA - 56 year old Arville James Chappell of Port Orchard died in a crash of his tanker truck Wednesday morning. The crash happened near a freeway exit when the truck struck a jersey barrier which caused the truck to tip over onto its roof, crushing the truck's cab. Chappell died at the scene.

Tractor Trailer Driver Killed as Truck Overturns

November 8, MONROE, NJ - 39 year old Emil Deleon of Union City died after losing control of his tractor trailer on a freeway exit ramp. Deleon was hauling recycled paper bales and as Deleon rounded the curve the truck tipped over on the driver's side onto a guard rail. Police say Deleon was killed on impact.

Driver Ignores Work Zone Cones, Kills Worker

November 8, SPRING HILL, FL - 28 year old Steven Thompson of Dade City was struck and killed by a driver who ignored a clearly marked road work zone. Authorities say the driver failed to merge as directed and continued down the closed lane straight towards the work area. She then struck a barrel before running into Thompson. He was rushed to an area hospital where he died of his injuries.

Truck Driver Dies in Fiery Crash

November 8, RICHWOOD, OH - 49 year old Fred G. Steinhelfer of West Mansfield was killed in a crash of his semi Tuesday. According to authorities Steinhelfer lost control of the tractor-trailer and veered off the road. The rig then crashed into power lines before catching fire. Steinhelfer was trapped inside the rig.

Worker Dies in Incident With Machine

November 8, BRILLION, WI - An unidentified man was killed Tuesday at Brillion Iron Works. The employee worked with equipment that transfers containers holding sand used in molding, and was injured by the machinery. He was transported to an area hospital where he died.

Worker Dies After Being Rescued From Building Collapse

November 8, BRIGHTON BEACH/BROOKLYN, NY - It is being reported that 54 year old Ivan Lendel died of heart failure after being rescued from a major condo building collapse in Brighton Beach Tuesday. Officials said concrete is normally spread from the bottom floors up, but the contractor, possibly to save time, started with the third floor and was working down which is what caused the floors to buckle and collapse. It is unclear who Lendel worked for but the building contractor was SP&K Construction and owners of the property are RS Condo LLC with Bricolage Architecture & Design as the design firm.

Worker Dies in Machine Related Incident at Plant

November 7, CANTON, SD - 42 year old Larry Kinzer of Sioux Falls died Monday of unspecified injuries at the Adams Thermal Systems plant in Canton. Authorities have said Kinzer died after a machine-related accident but they haven't released details. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been called in to investigate.

Man Dies Working in Rock Quarry

November 7, DEWITT, IA - 82 year old Bruce Arvin Anderson died Monday in an incident involving a rock crushing machine at Anderson Quarry. Co-workers last saw Anderson near the machine where the rock enters a crusher. When the co-worker returned he could not find Anderson. After searching, Anderson was found trapped inside the machine.

Miner Killed in Equipment Incident

November 7, EOLIA, KY - 47 year old Jerry Britton of Pound, VA was killed inside the Hubble Mining Co. Number 9 mine in Eolia. Britton died when a piece of equipment hit him in the underground mine. He was a mine foreman. State mine investigators are at the scene to investigate.

Flatbed Truck Flips, Killing Driver

November 7, RUSH COUNTY, IN - 43 year old Ryan L. Moore of Laurel was killed in a crash of his flatbed truck. Moore was hauling shingles on the flatbed when it went off the side of the road. He over-corrected and went off the other side of the road where the truck rolled. Moore died at the scene.

Pawn Shop Employee Shot to Death

November 7, CLINTON, TN - 58 year old Larry Snellings died of gunshot wounds after a man posing as a customer somehow loaded a shotgun he was looking at. After a struggle with the man, Smellings was shot. Another employee, hearing the commotion, was able to shoot the gunman who was later arrested at his home.

Worker Dies in Construction Site Incident

November 6, BRANSON, MO - 41 year old Ray Strawn died after falling from a lift boom on a construction project at Palace View Resort. Authorities say Strawn was inside a wooden box being lifted off the ground by a boom lift. When the box was about 25 feet in the air, it became unstable and fell from the lift with Strawn inside. OSHA is investigating. Strawn worked for a subcontractor for Larry Snyder Construction.

Construction Worker Crushed

November 6, LISBON, CT - 64 year old Charles Wojtkun died on a construction job early Sunday morning. Police said a construction crew was clearing a sight line for a land lot. The crew started to remove a tree with the excavator and Wojtkun was pinned against the tree and run over.

Semi Crash on Icy Highway Kills Driver

November 6, TIOGA, ND - 24 year old Matthew McQueen of Texas died and his passenger injured after his tractor trailer rig went out of control on an icy highway and overturned. Authorities did not release the town in Texas McQueen is from.

Passenger Killed in Grain Truck Rollover

November 6, ARBUCKLE, CA - 39 year old Luis Rodriguez of College City was the passenger in a grain truck that crashed near Arbuckle in Colusa County. The truck driver was towing two bottom dump grain trailers when his truck drifted onto the right shoulder. The truck then rolled and ejected Rodriguez. He died at a local hospital.

Worker Crushed Under Falling Material

November 4, EGELSTON, MI - An unidentified man died at the Sun Chemical plant on Friday from blunt force trauma. According to reports the man was hit by a falling bag of pigment, which is made at the plant. No other details or information was given.

Pizza Deliveryman Fatally Shot

November 4, BLOOMINGTON, IN - 22 year old Adam Sarnecki died after being shot in the back while trying to run from a gunman Friday. Sarnecki, an employee for Pizza X, returned to the store after a delivery when he came upon a man trying to break into other employee cars. When he confronted the man, he pulled out a gun and shot Sarnecki in the back as he ran into the store. He was able to give police information before he died later after surgery.

Cement Truck Driver Dies in Crash

November 4, MARENGO, OH - 50 year old Timothy F. Vansickle died after the cement truck he was driving crashed and rolled over on Route 37. The truck was owned by Buckeye Ready Mix. No details of cause of the crash were given.

Two Fatalities Tied to Sewer Line Manhole

November 3, FAIRVIEW, TX - 44 year old Jeronimo Cruz of Arlington and an unidentified co-worker died after being overcome by toxic fumes Thursday. Three men working for S.J.Louis Construction, were working to remove a plug from a North Texas Municipal Water District sewer line when one man entered a manhole and was overcome by toxic gas, rendering him unconscious. A second man returned from retrieving a rope to find another worker unconscious in the manhole and the first man missing. The unidentified man's body was recovered Friday but family has not released his name.

Worker Crushed in Worksite Incident

November 3, SPRINGFIELD, MO - William "Cole" Hambelton, believed to be around 19 years old, was fatally injured at Paul Mueller Company Thursday. Authorities say he was pinned between a truck and trailer at the north yard of the stainless steel equipment manufacturing company.

Worker Crushed to Death by Crane Collapse

November 3, JUNEAU, AK - 75 year old Boyd Cody died when the 25 ton crane he was operating collapsed on Thursday. Cody was operating a barge crane and when it started to collapse, he reportedly tried to jump out of the machine, but was crushed by it. OSHA is investigating.

Young Man Dies in Trench Collapse

November 3, GILMAN, MN - 19 year old James Tilson of River Falls died Thursday after he was trapped in a trench collapse. No other details are available and the incident is under investigation.

Police Officer Dies of Work-Related Injury

November 3, SAN BERNARDINO, CA - Officer Daniel Clark died of complications after surgery to repair an ankle injury. Clark joined a foot pursuit on January 18 and injured his ankle, which never fully healed correctly. He suffered a pulmonary embolism caused by blood clots resulting from the surgery Thursday.

College Instructor Dies in Fall

November 2, LAFAYETTE, IN - 36 year old Craig Porter died after falling 65 feet from a wind turbine structure Wednesday. Porter, an instructor for Ivy Tech Community College, was teaching on a 65-foot-tall tower used to teach wind turbine technology when he fell. The circumstances of the fall are unclear but reports say a student was with him on the tower when he fell. School officials say he was wearing a safety harness.

Gunmen Kill Two Store Employees, One Supplier

November 2, CHICAGO, IL - Several gunmen burst into The Connect Convenience store on Chicago's Far South Side on Wednesday and opened fire, killing two employees and one who was making a delivery. 46 year old Ibah Arafeh of Lansing was making his final delivery of the night; 30 year old Michael Banks was the store's security guard and 25 year old Weam Salem was a store employee who were shot and killed by the gunmen.

Worker Dies at Food Distribution Center

November 2, INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 61 year old Stephen Foster died of unknown circumstances at C&S Logistic's Marsh Supermarket warehouse. He was transported to an area hospital where police say he died of significant injuries.

Pizza Delivery Driver Shot and Killed

November 2, HOUSTON, TX - 40 year old Phillip Little was attacked and shot by an unknown number of assailants Wednesday. Little arrived at a residence to deliver a pizza but the woman who lived there had not placed the order. Little was attacked as he walked back to his car in a probably robbery attempt. Little was able to drive away but crashed his car into a house. He later died at a local hospital.

Man Dies in Incident With Scissor Lift

November 1, SIOUX FALLS, SD - 58 year old Bruce Lynn Leibfried of Arko, MN died while operating a scissor lift at a post officer in Sioux Falls. Leibfried, an electrician, was killed when the bucket of his crane was lodged between some tubing and a rafter in the ceiling, according to Det. Sean Kooistra of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Worker Trying to Stay Warm Dies of Toxic Exposure

October 29, QUEENS, NY - 21 year old Jorge Perez died and his cousin seriously injured when they started a lawn mower in a confined area in order to stay warm. Both men suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from the running mower. Perez was part of a landscape crew who called it an early day due to the weather and he and his cousin were riding in the back of a truck with the equipment. The fired up the mower in an attempt to stay warm.

Man Fatally Injured Trimming Tree

October 28, MONROEVILLE, PA - 47 year old Steven Evans of Plum died cut himself with a chainsaw while working in a tree at a home in Monroeville. Evans was up in a tree using a chain saw when he cut his leg with the saw. He was unconscious and bleeding heavily when emergency responders arrived on the scene.

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