Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Each week until we are caught up, we will post one month of 2011 of worker's that we inadvertently missed using our old search method. If you are a family member or know a family member of one of these workers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

January 2011

Jan 3, - 38 year old John Union. Employer: Burnett Group, dba Laborfinders of Victorville, CA

Jan 3 - 47 year old James Salmons. Employer: Asplundh Tree Expert Co. of Glen Allen, VA

Jan 4 - 53 year old Gregory Gutowski. Employer: ADT Security Services of Pittsburg, PA

Jan 4 - 52 year old William Pabst. Employer: Mikrut Properties of Minnesota City, MN

Jan 5 - 46 year old Anthony Marshall. Employer: Allied Metals Corp. of Troy, MI

Jan 5 - 48 year old Ronnie Weiser. Employer: Enbridge Gathering North Texas of Dallas, TX

Jan 6 - 56 year old Reginald Woolridge. Employer: Summit Worldwide Chauffeur Service of Burbank, CA

Jan 7 - 51 year old Jose Jesus Haro-Ceja. Employer: Universal Laundries & Linen.

Jan 8 - 49 year old Brian Christ. Employer: Five City Automotive Repair Center of Cypress, CA

Jan 9 - 27 year old Ben Spoon. Employer: Howard Industries, Inc. of Laurel, MS

Jan 9 - 61 year old Leonard Perry. Employer: McJunkin Red Man Corporation

Jan 10 - 55 year old Gerardo Guerrero. Employer: Western Badge & Trophy Co., dba WBT Industries of Monterey Park, CA

Jan 10 - 25 year old Sanier Garcia Robler. Employer: J&J Ag Products, Inc. of Clewiston, FL

Jan 10 - 38 year old James Ramey. Employer: Polar Service Center of Port Allen, LA

Jan 11 - 53 year old William Floyd Hopman. Employer: Quincy Fire Protection District of Quincy, CA

Jan 12 - 42 year old Ramon Rodriguez. Employer: Michael McNeilly of Beverly Hills, CA

Jan 12 - 45 year old Rodrigo Rodriguez. Employer: Aee Palo Seco of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jan 12 - 66 year old Bennie E. Walters. Employer: Kroger Food Store #491 of Atlanta, GA

Jan 14 - 45 year old William Perez. Employer: Shine and Company, Inc. of High Springs, FL

Jan 14 - 30 year old Bret Cooney. Employer: Patterson Uti Drilling Co, LLC of Houston, TX

Jan 15 - 39 year old McKinley Martin. Employer: M&M Farms of Bude, Inc., of Meadville, MS

Jan 15 - 43 year old Douglas Benitez. Employer: Sar Transportation, LLC of Saginaw, TX

Jan 15 - 62 year old John R. Belcher. Employer: Ax Man Tree Service of Vancouver, WA

Jan 16 - 53 year old Robert Cusentino. Employer: Park Ridge Park District-Oakton Ice Arena of Park Ridge, IL

Jan 17 - 43 year old Rafael Nunez. Employer: Bill Bailey dba Precision Concrete & Steel Mfg LLC of Statesboro, GA

Jan 17 - 29 year old Robert Williams. Employer: Best Auto, Inc.

Jan 17 - 54 year old Steven S. Rasey. Employer: Wisconsin Plastic Drain Tile Corp., of Jefferson, WI

Jan 17 - 45 year old Craig Mackovjak. Employer: Burkshire Construction Company of Parma, OH

Jan 18 - 50 year old Laurie Strowenjans. Employer: Holland Community Hospital

Jan 19 - 79 year old Gerald ODell. Employer: Disneyland Resort of Anaheim, CA

Jan 19 - 43 year old Michael McMillan. Employer: Key Energy Services of Houston, TX

Jan 19 - 26 year old Clayton Wayne Lisby. Employer: Hammer Construction, Inc. of Bridgeport, TX

Jan 19 - 31 year old Daniel Weger. Employer: Kenworth of Indianapolis dba Terre Haute Truck Center

Jan 19 - 80 year old Glen Rambo. Employer: The Chuck Radney Company

Jan 20 - 42 year old Harold C. Plunkett. Employer: DSM Chemicals North America, Inc. of Augusta, GA

Jan 21 - 57 year old Barry Campney. Employer: Schermerhorn Management, Inc.

Jan 22 - 46 year old Victorio Ulep. Employer: Falcon Landscaping, LLC of Honolulu, HI

Jan 22 - 35 year old Royce Baker. Employer: Unit Drilling Company of Tulsa, OK

Jan 22 - 47 year old Keith Gunn. Employer: Federal Express Corporation of Memphis, TN

Jan 23 - 37 year old Jose A. Ambriz Tuquin. Employer: Vino Farms, Inc. of Lodi, CA

Jan 23 - 21 year old Alex Bevins. Employer: Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Jan 24 - 49 year old Landie Piatt. Employer: James L. Cayton Associates, Inc. of New Bern, NC

Jan 24 - 54 year old Robert Smith. Employer: Arklahoma Pipeline Inc. of Van Buren, AR

Jan 26 - 28 year old James Antonio McCray. Employer: Pilot Travel Center #726 of Dallas, TX

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Jan 11, 28 y/o, Kent Morton of Garden City, MI. Seaway Painting. Fell from Ambassador Bridge into Detroit River.

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