Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Today's post holds the names of lost workers from February 2011 that we have learned about. If you know one of the workers, or are a family member, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to connect with you.

February 2011

Feb 1 - 55 year old Sherman L. Holmes. Employer: K & K Forest Products, LLC of LeRoy, MI

Feb 1 - 49 year old Yu Che. Employer: Twin Dragon Restaurant in LaHabra, CA

Feb 1 - 49 year old Robert Michael Beal. Employer: Geneva Rock Products, Inc. of Orem, UT

Feb 2 - 27 year old Joseph Daniel Hall. Employer: Bobby Jackson Electrical, Inc. of Spartanburg, SC

Feb 2 - 77 year old Edward Hebbeler. Employer: National Golf Maintenance LLC of Cave Creek, AZ

Feb 3 - 47 year old Benjamin Alvarez. Employer: Alvan Construction Inc. in Philadelphia, PA

Feb 3 - 33 year old Frank Meagher. Employer: Kaufman Enterprises, Inc. in Rosemount, MN

Feb 4 - 59 year old Ruben Rodriguez. Employer: Caribe General Constructors, Inc. of Ponce, PR

Feb 5 - 55 year old Larry Miville. Employer: Ccaps, LLC dba Servicemaster Elite in Merrimack, NH

Feb 7 - 27 year old John C. Shirley. Employer: Enterprise Products Transportation Company, LLC of Houston, TX

Feb 8 - 33 year old Pastor Bautista. Employer: Pacific Edge Real Estate of West Hollywood, CA

Feb 8 - 57 year old Richard Chellow. Employer: Elevator Dynamics, Inc. of North Hollywood, CA

Feb 9 - 20 year old Scott Estes. Employer: Airco Service, Inc. of Tulsa, OK

Feb 11 - 57 year old Marsha Dunzer. Employer: Ayres Hotel Company, Inc. in Costa Mesa, CA

Feb 11 - 49 year old Bruce C. Karau. Employer: HB Performance Systems, Inc. of Milwaukee, WI

Feb 11 - 40 year old Roberto Alvarez. Employer: Tony Stout Farm.

Feb 12 - 36 year old Jose Plascencia. Employer: Carolyn Rech.

Feb 14 - 46 year old Ichale Gorzkiewicz. Employer: Steel Warehouse Company, Inc.

Feb 15 - 59 year old Cong Pham. Employer: Pacific Cargo Services LLC of Clackamas, OR

Feb 16 - 70 year old Frank Ashcraft. Employer: Coastal Crane & Rigging, Inc.

Feb 16 - 71 year old John Michael Hogan. Employer: The Cliffs Resort in Dallas, TX

Feb 16 - 59 year old Efron Castrol. Employer: Delgado Construction of Houston, TX

Feb 61 - 61 year old Patricia Williams. Employer: Purity Water Systems dba RK Dixon Co. of Davenport, IL

Feb 18 - 53 year old Brian Trambley. Employer: Fallon Logging Co, Inc. of Tillamook, OR

Feb 19 - 39 year old Donald Hines. Employer: Trans-Systems, Inc. of Spokane, WA

Feb 19 - 31 year old Jose Lorenzo Salazar. Employer: L&J Company of Aurora, CO

Feb 20 - 24 year old Michael Rex Jeffrey. Employer: AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. of Addison, TX

Feb 20 - 42 year old Michael A. Scott. Employer: MN Dept. of Transportation-Mankato District 7 in Mankato, MN

Feb 21 - 67 year old Diane Dirks. Employer: American Arium of Tustin, CA

Feb 22 - 56 year old Surrey Williams III. Employer: 3M

Feb 22 - 54 year old Betty Geddis. Employer: Wecare Residential Facility, Inc.

Feb 23 - 55 year old Douglas Sprankle. Employer: The Davey Tree Expert Company of Kent, OH

Feb 23 - 31 year old Jamie Godines. Employer: Austin Industrial Specialty Services, L.P. of Houston, TX

Feb 24 - 65 year old Randy Steg. Employer: Randy's Windows, Carpets & Floors of Marina Del Rey, CA

Feb 25 - 32 year old Shawn Bertrand. Employer: Ceres Gult, Inc.

Feb 25 - 37 year old Charles Ulery, Jr. Employer: Maymead, Inc. of Mountain City, TN

Feb 25 - 50 year old Frederick Thornton. Employer: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. in Charlotte, NC

Feb 26 - 39 year old Paul Cash. Employer: Nevada Division of Forestry in Spring Creek, NV

Feb 28 - 45 year old Miguel Gonzales. Employer: A. Sambado & Sons, Inc. in Linden, CA

Feb 29 - 73 year old John Patrick Brady. Employer: International Bankshare Corporation in San Antonio, TX

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