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Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following are the lost workers that we were originally unable to find for April 2011. Please note - if you believe we have posted incorrect information regarding a worker and/or his place of employment, please let us know. We do our very best to make sure what we post has been given to us correctly but we also realize human error exists. We appreciate your input.

APRIL 2011

Apr 1 - 78 year old Horacio Rodriguez. Employer: Macy's Department Store in Paramus, NJ

Apr 1 - 29 year old Michael N. Duckett. Employer: Orion Drilling Company LLC Altair Rig #7 of Corpus Christi, TX

Apr 2 - 41 year old Daniel Santa Cruz. Employer: Texas Barge & Boat, Inc. of Freeport, TX

Apr 3 - 38 year old Charles Eiland. Employer: Tom Nelson Painting, Inc. of Sanford, FL

Apr 4 - 46 year old Dave Brown. Employer: Devon Severs dba We Show Up of Shamong, NJ

Apr 5 - 39 year old Keiron Dennis. Employer: Diversified Transport LLC of Baton Rouge, LA

Apr 5 - 31 year old Giles T. Hopkins. Employer: Resourceful Environmental Services, Inc. in Ripley, MS

Apr 6 - 41 year old Juan Carlos Sanchez. Employer: Sergio Hernandez dba Tornado Paint in Murrieta, CA

Apr 6 - 40 year old Emil Unger. Employer: Michels Corporation, Michels Power Division of Brownsville, WI

Apr 6 - 61 year old Noah Lark. No other information was provided.

Apr 7 - 54 year old Miguel Mongano, Sr. Employer: Southern Refrigeration Engineers, Inc. of Hialeah, FL

Apr 7 - 32 year old Christopher Cutrone. Employer: Accurate Interiors, Inc. of Staten Island, NY

Apr 7 - 33 year old Gary Pierce. Employer: Pinecrest Timber Company of Waverly, VA

Apr 8 - 35 year old Louis Hernandez. Employer: Louis Hernandez dba E and A Construction of Hixson, TN

Apr 9 - 51 year old Douglas Medlock. Employer: Helen of Troy L.P. of El Paso, TX

Apr 11 - 48 year old Jaime Perez. No other information was provided.

Apr 11 - 54 year old Joseph Burch. Employer: Monahan Partners, Inc. of Arcola, IL

Apr 11 - 45 year old Thomas Means. Employer: Southland Contracting, Inc. of Fort Worth, TX

Apr 13 - 62 year old Donner Castori. Employer: Fred M. Schildwachter & Sons of Bronx, NY

Apr 13 - 32 year old Paul L. Aliff. Employer: ERI Installations of Lafayette, IN

Apr 13 - 27 year old Drew Dalton. Employer: Industrial Mechanical Contractors of Wakinsville, GA

Apr 13 - 56 year old Jose Gustavo Cardona. Employer: Miami Transmission Parts

Apr 13 - 62 year old Thomas Winsor. Employer: Bascom Company, Inc. of Vinton, IA

Apr 13 - 25 year old Aaron Ball. Employer: Purina Mills LLC c/o Land O'Lakes of Saint Paul, MN

Apr 14 - 26 year old Michael Ramirez, Jr. Employer: Direct Chassis LLC

Apr 14 - 52 year old Jose Aguilera. Employer: Bandera Drilling Co, Inc. of Abilene, TX

Apr 15 - 53 year old Ramon Perez. Employer: Pichardo Development Corporation of Port Monmouth, NJ

Apr 15 - 56 year old Ronnie Fort. Employer: Construction Tire Maintenance, Inc.

Apr 15 - 58 year old Woodrow Allen Palmer. Employer: Blue Ridge Tire Center in Salem, VA

Apr 17 - 39 year old Manuel Lopez-Ruiz. Employer: Berry Family of Nurseries in Hulbert, OK

Apr 16 - 27 year old Kevin Wayne VanHynin. Employer: C-P Integrated Services, Inc.

Apr 18 - 41 year old Reginald Rodriguez. Employer: Mac Electric, Inc. of Brea, CA

Apr 18 - 46 year old Nelson Sanchez. Employer: Coastal Shoring, LLC of Jefferson, LA

Apr 20 - 44 year old Stephen P. Blackmore. Employer: Pine Tech, Inc.

Apr 20 - 34 year old Sean A. Broeker. Employer: Na Logan, Inc.

Apr 21 - 45 year old Jose Magallanes. Employer: Eberhard of Van Nuys, CA

Apr 21 - 50 year old Kevin Post. Employer: Ronald J. Overbeek Contr Inc. of Hamilton, MI

Apr 21 - 39 year old Jose Lopez. Employer: Roofing Concepts Unlimited/Florida, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL

Apr 21 - 34 year old Aron P. Jones. Employer: TMB Construction LLC in Rutherford, NJ

Apr 21 - 48 year old Juan Naranjo. Employer: Hesse Industrial Sales Inc. dba Texas Manufacturing

Apr 22 - 47 year old Manual Ceji. Employer: Ser Construction Partners LLC of Pasadena, TX

Apr 22 - 36 year old Casey Scott Wallace. Employer: Youngblood Scrap & Metals of Longview, TX

Apr 23 - 23 year old William Escobar. Employer: All American Recycling Corporation

Apr 25 - 66 year old Dongviet Tran. Employer: Global TV Inc. of Garden Grove, CA

Apr 25 - 46 year old Mauro Desiga. Employer: The Other Place of Bethel, AK

Apr 25 - 60 year old Larry Don Tony. Employer: T.K. Stanley, Inc. of Waynesboro, MS

Apr 26 - 57 year old Teodoro Mora. Employer: B&H Auto Repair Shop, Inc.

Apr 26 - 49 year old Esteban Cruz. Employer: Indianapolis Fruit Company

Apr 26 - 56 year old Miguel Estrada. Employer: Ralph Collazo Packing Inc. in Heber, CA

Apr 26 - 51 year old George A. Kushner. Employer: Chiz Bros., Inc. of Elizabeth, PA

Apr 27 - 42 year old Steven Thomas. Employer: Michael Smith, Inc. of Ft. Pierce, FL

Apr 27 - 22 year old Chernau Bowie. Employer: Hudmon Construction Co., Inc. in Opelika, AL

Apr 27 - 58 year old Linda Knight. Employer: Wrangler VF Jeanwear, Inc. of Hackleburg, AL

Apr 29 - 66 year old Robert Stubblefield. Employer: Republic Special Metals, Inc.

Apr 30 - 55 year old Douglas Rue. Employer: Baker Hughes in Fairmount City, PA

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Anonymous said...

It would really be helpful for you to show the year with the post.
Some are being confused with previous years deaths.

The name on the death cert. is listed as Gilse T. Hopkins who died April 5, 2011 you have him listed as Giles T. Hopkins in the 2012 lists of work related deaths.

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