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Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Our list of worker's lost in July of 2011 follows below. If you have a comment regarding our post, please contact us. We do all we can to make sure our information is correct. If you are a family member or know one of these workers, please reach out to us, we are here for you!

JULY 2011

July 1 - 35 year old Juan G. Trujillo. Employer: Container Waste of Fort Worth, TX

July 1 - 47 year old Robert Kivett who was injured June 30th. Employer: Genuine Parts Co., of Indianapolis, IN

July 2 - 29 year old Shawn H. Austin. Employer: Dredge and Marine Company LLC of Nashville, TN

July 2 - 68 year old Benito Perez. Employer: Texas Industries, Inc. in Dallas, TX

July 3 - 72 year old John Simile. Employer: Greater Miami Baseball Club of Fort Myers, FL

July 5 - 51 year old Patrick MacDonald. Employer: Bay State Sweeping & Construction of Norwood, MA

July 5 - 31 year old Darryl Farmer. Employer: Avenger Pest Control LLC of Siloam Springs, AR

July 5 - 53 year old Juan Campos. Employer: Webber LLC of Fort Worth, TX

July 6 - 38 year old Kelepi Latu. Employer: Mary's Tree Service & Landscape of Lahaina, HI

July 7 - 31 year old Rodolfo Buentello. Employer: Hugo Buentell Construction Co. of Eagle Pass, TX

July 7 - 47 year old Ramiro Vasquez. Employer: C. Clunn Consulting, Inc. of Blythe, CA

July 8 - 57 year old Jeffrey Fleshman. Employer: Hart & Son, Inc. of Philadelphia, PA

July 8 - 34 year old Thomas Hampton. Employer: Wilson's Tree Experts of Columbia, SC

July 8 - 33 year old David A. Miller. Employer: Bailey-Buchanan Masonry, Inc. of Beaumont, TX

July 8 - 25 year old Jorge Salazar. Employer: Patterson UTI Drilling Company of Carlsbad, NM

July 8 - 49 year old Zenon Quintero. Employer: Frontera Construction, Inc. in Calexico, CA

July 10 - 42 year old Jeffrey Betts. Employer: Pike Creek Turf Farms, Inc. in Adel, GA

July 11 - 50 year old Jerome Gardner. Employer: Solar Erectors US Inc. of Miami, FL

July 11 - 41 year old Bruce Hukins. Employer: Louisiana Hardwood Products, LLC of LeMoyen, LA

July 11 - 78 year old Charles Powers. Employer: Power Brothers Machine in Montebello, CA

July 11 - 58 year old Daniel J. Horrigan. Employer: Americas Best Value Inn in Carson City, NV

July 12 - 47 year old Jose M. Medina. Employer: Alfred Weissman Real Estate of White Plains, NY

July 12 - 39 year old Thomas V. Harrison. Employer: Shea Roofing, Inc. of Camp Hill, PA

July 12 - 47 year old Billy Ray Milton, who was injured July 6. Employer: Johnson Roofing of Waco, TX

July 12 - 32 year old Jose Parra. Employer: M.C. Lighting Maintenance of Houston, TX

July 12 - 58 year old Scott Fuller. Employer: Spalding & Son, Inc. of Grants Pass, OR

July 13 - 24 year old Jose Murillo. Employer: Murillo Construction LLC of Woodbridge, VA

July 13 - 47 year old Amelia Chavez. Employer: Nash Johnson & Sons' Farms, Inc. of Magnolia, NC

July 13 - 28 year old Hugo Alberto Sanchez. Employer: Roofer Enterprise Corp. of Charlotte, NC

July 14 - 52 year old Charles E. Kelly. Employer: C.E.Kelly Trucking in Montrose, VA

July 14 - 46 year old Juan Quistian Ortiz. Employer: Gulfpoint Landscape Management of Holmes Beach, FL

July 14 - 28 year old Charles Hayes. Employer: Wilson & Associates Engineering in White Pine, TN

July 15 - 56 year old Jose Delgado. Employer: Ronny & Adriana Navarro dba (not listed) in Los Banos, CA

July 16 - 77 year old Austin Irwin. Employer: All Habitat Services LLC of Branford, CT

July 16 - 18 year old Brandon McSperitt. Employer: Dlle Electric, Inc. of Rogers, AR

July 16 - 44 year old Roberto Ayala. Employer: Moore Brothers of Colusa, CA

July 17 - 58 year old Greg Smith. Employer: WalMart Stores Texas, LLC #27 in Livingston, TX

July 18 - 29 year old Rocky L. Hardcastle. Employer: Laxton Enterprises, Inc. of Wallingford, PA

July 18 - 57 year old Robert Clayborne. Employer: RLD Masonry, Inc. in Tampa, FL

July 18 - 79 year old Dick Watson. Employer: Town of Chesterfield in Chesterfield, IN

July 18 - 25 year old Joshua R. Nelson. Employer: Scott Duffy dba Landscape Solutions of Mendota Heights, MN

July 19 - 53 year old Richard H. Cooper. Employer: Atlantic Heating & Cooling of Virginia Beach, VA

July 19 - 32 year old Benjamin David Hartman. Employer: Brad Ragan Recycling, Inc., Glasgow, KY

July 19 - 53 year old Charles Lookabaugh. Employer: Decatur Park District-Admin in Decatur, IL

July 19 - 60 year old Andrew Ray Hoffman. Employer: W W Fairbairn & Sons Inc. of Walloon Lake, MI

July 20 - 37 year old Clark Carrier, Jr. Employer: Highland House of Highland, MI

July 20 - 60 year old Jose Hernandez. Employer: Drakelynn Construction of Edmond, OK

July 20 - 23 year old Dylan A. Kloepping. Employer: L&T Metal Recycling of Bolivar, MO

July 20 - 54 year old Don Kruger. Employer: Dublin San Ramon Services Dist. of Pleasanton, CA

July 20 - 28 year old Alejandro Bautista. Employer: Jean Genie Studio in Los Angeles, CA

July 21 - 39 year old Rigoberto Garcia. Employer: Die-Cut Paper Company, Inc. in West Haven, CT

July 21 - 30 year old Jorge Chavez. Employer: 247 West 38 Street Realty Corp., New York, NY

July 21 - 62 year old Roger Campbell. Employer: Potomac Supply Corp., Westmoreland, VA

July 23 - 32 year old Amado Angeles Gomez. Employer: Imperial Lawn and Garden Care in Naples, FL

July 24 - 64 year old Larry Harden. Employer: Brown Logging, Inc. of Hiawassee, GA

July 24 - 56 year old William Wallace. Employer: William Wallace, Santa Ana, CA

July 25 - 52 year old David William Mitchell. Employer: Tenneco-Walker Manufacturing of Harrisonburg, VA

July 25 - 41 year old Raymundo Bonilla. Employer: T&S Sawmill, Inc., Clarendon, AR

July 25 - 28 year old Jeremy Ramirez. Employer: Basic Energy Services, Plains, TX

July 25 - 52 year old John David Young. Employer: B J Trucking Inc. of Wilmington, CA

July 25 - 24 year old Steven Nelson. Employer: Golden Wings Aviation of Manson, WA

July 26 - 69 year old David Kennedy. Employer: CJA Construction Company, Morgantown, WV

July 26 - 54 year old Michael A. Clark. Employer: Lexington Fayette Urban County of Lexington, KY

July 27 - 43 year old Gregorio Hernandez. Employer: J&P and Sons Construction of LaGrange, GA

July 27 - 30 year old Margarito Guadardo. Employer: Jetka Steel Erection of San Marcos, TX

July 27 - 22 year old Blaine Roth. Employer: Monroe Marine & Associates, LLC in Garyville, LA

July 27 - 66 year old Larry Van Devender. Employer: Elliott Brothers Truck Line, Lawton, OK

July 28 - 36 year old Corey A. Hatfield. Employer: Green Global LLC of New Haven, WV

July 28 - 54 year old Mark Creasy. Employer: Rare Breed LLC of Penhook, VA

July 28 - 64 year old Richard A. Homan. Employer: US Xpress, Inc. of Cotter, AR

July 28 - 60 year old Edwin Lewis. Employer: American Airlines in Albuquerque, NM

July 28 - 20 year old Mitchell Small. Employer: Bo-Nine Ranch LLC of Peoria, AZ

July 28 - 26 year old Abraham Sierra Rodriguez. Employer: Riverstone Ranch LLC of Leavenworth, WA

July 28 - 74 year old Dalton Eugene Godair. Employer: Team Carolinas, China Grove, NC

July 29 - 56 year old Willie Passmore. Employer: Bosselman Quick Tire Lube Repair of Gary, IN

July 29 - 27 year old Blas Romero. Employer: Akash Dirk Von Rueben dba New(not complete) in Larkspur, CA

July 29 - 40 year old Kevin Bates. Employer: Henarie Trucking Inc. of Toledo, OH

July 30 - 38 year old Rick Kelley. Employer: Professional Directional Ltd. of Conrad, TX

July 31 - 39 year old Mike Meaders. Employer: Therma Source of Calipatria, CA

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