Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following are worker's we did not originally find from August 2011. Please contact us if you need anything.


Aug 1 - 47 year old Ricky Allen. Employer: Tactical Protection Corp., of Panama City, FL

Aug 1 - 69 year old Cecil Millis. Employer: Ansco & Associates, LLC of Laurinburg, NC

Aug 1 - 55 year old Wade Garlen McLain. Employer: Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, TX

Aug 1 - 49 year old Sharon Joseph. Employer: G.P. Evans Contractors LLC in Port Arthur, TX

Aug 1 - 35 year old Cedric Holbrook. Employer: Davenport Roofing in Helena, AR

Aug 1 - 49 year old Salbador Dominguez. Employer: Pinnacle Foods of Fayetteville, AR

Aug 2 - 29 year old Eric Lee. Employer: Estes Enterprises, Inc. of Hapeville, GA

Aug 2 - 44 year old Raymond Randall. Employer: CSM Bakery Products North America of Dallas, TX

Aug 2 - 32 year old Martin Segura-Linares. Employer: Park Construction Associates of Katy, TX

Aug 2 - 25 year old George Rodriguez. Employer: Ashton Sawing & Drilling, LLC of Richmond, TX

Aug 2 - 40 year old Jeffrey Burnham. Employer: Global Energy of Wichita, LLC in Rose Hill, KS

Aug 2 - 27 year old Justin Tyler-Miller. Employer: Hill & Blaylock, Inc. of Fairview, OR

Aug 3 - 48 year old Anthony Rahming. Employer: Memphis Police Department, Memphis, TN

Aug 3 - 44 year old Willard Zimmerman. Employer: Zimmerman Sales & Services, LLC in Middlebury, IN

Aug 3 - 51 year old Delbert Major. Employer: M&K Logging in Spring, TX

Aug 3 - 49 year old Matt Driskill. Employer: Devils Tower KOA in Devils Tower, WY

Aug 4 - 21 year old Brett Frischolz. Employer: JNJ Holdings LLC of Pittsburg, PA

Aug 5 - 30 year old Jose A. De la Cruz. Employer: Vergara Repair Limited of Monroe, NC

Aug 5 - 31 year old Jimmy Tengler. Employer: Air Liquide Large Industries U of Hahnville, LA

Aug 5 - 33 year old Charles Griffin. Employer: Central Landscape & Maintenance of Pearland, TX

Aug 5 - 74 year old George Vandoren. Employer: Blue Collar Construction LLC of Pecos, TX

Aug 5 - 40 year old James Waters. Employer: Potelco, Inc. of Issaquah, WA

Aug 6 - 54 year old Kassahun Tessema. Employer: Wally Park PA LLC of Lester, PA

Aug 9 - 38 year old Papu Fa'alele. Employer: Pacific Stevedoring Services of Atu'u, American Samoa.

Aug 9 - 79 year old James Funk. Employer: BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Aug 10 - 66 year old Pat Flures. Employer: Illinois Department of Natural Resources in LeRoy, IL

Aug 10 - 50 year old Tom Stich. Employer: Xcel Energy of Granite Falls, MN

Aug 10 - 47 year old Ruben Hernandez. Employer: Cardone Industries, Inc. of Harlingen, TX

Aug 10 - 30 year old George A. Cantu. Employer: Extreme Fab Inc. of Houston, TX

Aug 10 - 26 year old Jose Garcia. Employer: Ohio Gratings Texas of Houston, TX

Aug 11 - 21 year old Dexter Royer. Employer: Mark Morin Logging Inc. of Bloomfield, IN

Aug 11 - 54 year old Terry Fox who was injured June 8. Employer: Cairo Coop Equity Exchange of Cairo, KS

Aug 12 - 62 year old Drew Morrison. Employer: Pompei and Sons, Inc. of Millsboro, PA

Aug 12 - 48 year old Michael Zerface. Employer: Nicholas Cable Communications in Terre Haute, IN

Aug 12 - 53 year old Jose Montano. Employer: Neil, Arnold & Mark Hoffart of Robbins, CA

Aug 12 - 47 year old Brian William Carl Kultgen. Employer: Othello New Holland in Othello, WA

Aug 13 - 58 year old Frances Buckner. Employer: Chrysler Group Transport in Detroit, MI

Aug 14 - 62 year old Michael Huckaby. Employer: Baker Petrolite Corp, Sand Springs, OK

Aug 14 - 24 year old Christopher Egan Pennels Jr. Employer: Let's Go Tubing, Inc. of Leavenworth, WA

Aug 15 - 29 year old Kurt R. Milarch. Employer: Ron Brown & Sons, Inc. of Bear Lake, MI

Aug 15 - 34 year old Robert Rios. Employer: Patterson-Uti Drilling Co., LLC of Carrizo Springs, TX

Aug 15 - 27 year old Enrique Espinosa. Employer: Pinnacle Roofing & Painting in Mesa, AZ

Aug 16 - 52 year old Ralph Leiter. Employer: Evco Transport, Inc. of Mt. Tremper, NY

Aug 16 - 65 year old John Barron. Employer: Chesapeake Steel Erectors in Washington DC

Aug 16 - 46 year old Oscar Cabrera. Employer: Barreiro Concrete Materials, Medley, FL

Aug 16 - 32 year old Greg P. Barnes. Employer: Bailey Farms Intl. LLC of Ephraim, UT

Aug 17 - 63 year old Edward Skretowski. Employer: Sands Point Golf Club in Sands Point, NY

Aug 17 - 22 year old Samuel Montgomery. Employer: Coastal Cargo Company, Inc. of New Orleans, LA

Aug 18 - 32 year old Jeffery Lara. Employer: Philco Construction of Irvine, CA

Aug 19 - 60 year old Gerald Thomas Loope. Employer: Eapoo, Inc. in Ocala, FL

Aug 19 - 38 year old Juan A. Garcia-Oliva. Employer: Anaya Welding Service & Lease of Alamo, TX

Aug 19 - 37 year old Mario Pena. Employer: Padilla Construction Company in San Ramon, CA

Aug 19 - 43 year old Lilia Estrade. Employer: El Dorado Farm Labor Service of Fresno, CA

Aug 19 - 49 year old Gary Sutton. Employer: Knight Transportation, Inc., Yakima, WA

Aug 20 - 38 year old Christopher Shelton. Employer: CRST Trucking, Inc. of Anaheim, CA

Aug 22 - 27 year old Jared Melton. Employer: Independent Drilling, Inc. of Gainesville, FL

Aug 22 - 43 year old William Ross. Employer: Southwest Festivals, Inc., Waxahachie, TX

Aug 22 - 67 year old Dennis Alexander. Employer: Kimmel Construction of Decorah, IA

Aug 22 - 52 year old Pablo Gonzales. Employer: K Reed Roofing of Union City, CA

Aug 22 - 64 year old Douglas Shaia. Employer: Metropolitan Condominium Association of Irvine, CA

Aug 22 - 64 year old Rogelio Diaz. Employer: Luna Landscape Services, Inc. of San Clememte, CA

Aug 23 - 28 year old Everett L. Evans. Employer: Coastal Catering, LLC of Mayersville, MS

Aug 23 - 23 year old Daniel Holbrook. Employer: Garden Center Maintenance of Davis, OK

Aug 23 - 48 year old Jesse Hernandez. Employer: Stammerrama General Engineering in Rancho Mirage, CA

Aug 24 - 38 year old James Frederick Schreiber. Employer: Teds Towing Service Inc. of Glen Burnie, MD

Aug 24 - 44 year old Hilario Martinez. Employer: Mark Stephens dba Four S Farm in Raleigh, NC

Aug 24 - 88 year old Robert Munroe. Employer: Springfield Golf Club of Fort Mill, SC

Aug 24 - 58 year old Michael Soileau. Employer: Cameron International of Ville Platte, LA

Aug 25 - 59 year old Martin Wirta. Employer: Americold Realty Trust of Salem, OR

Aug 26 - 53 year old Richard Ross. Employer: UPS Ground Freight in Uniontown, PA

Aug 28 - 44 year old Roger Mendoza. Employer: Lazem Development Group of Miami, FL

Aug 29 - 62 year old Clement Rozanski. Employer: Clement Rozanski in Pleasantville, NY

Aug 29 - 56 year old Jose Arroyo. Employer: Dettling Farms, Inc. of Davis, CA

Aug 31 - 52 year old Brian Cummins. Employer: Hormel Foods Corporation of Tucker, GA

Aug 31 - 23 year old Kevin Yager. Employer: Summit General Contracting, Inc. of Marietta, GA

Aug 31 - 31 year old Christian Florez. Employer: J&A Loading, Inc. of Naples, FL

Aug 31 - 41 year old Lewis E. Smith II. Employer: Liberty Denim LLC of Liberty, SC

Aug 31 - 38 year old Joe Estrella. Employer: McCarthy Construction, Inc. of San Diego, CA

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Aug 1 - 69 year old Cecil Millis. Employer: Ansco & Associates, LLC of Laurinburg, NC

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year old Ricky Allen. Employer: Tactical Protection Corp., of Panama City, FL

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