Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following is a list of worker's that were originally missed from June 2011. It has occurred to me to ask the question, of myself mainly, why were these workers not widely publicized via online news articles? Which is why we missed them before.

JUNE 2011

June 1 - 54 year old Reginald Van Gurley. Employer: Asplundh Tree Expert Co., of Coats, NC

June 1 - 61 year old George Connelly was injured May 25th. Employer: Peco Energy Company of Avondale, PA

June 1 - 25 year old Servando Salinas. Employer: Ringo Drilling in Ozona, TX

June 1 - 47 year old Francisco Romero. Employer: Double "L" Planting Company of Baldwin, LA

June 3 - 61 year old Cyrl Kiderry. Employer: Kilderry Painting of Winthrop, MA

June 3 - 60 year old Jose Arias Estrada. Employer: Desert Sky Farms of Brawley, CA

June 4 - 35 year old Julio Vicente. Employer: Metalico Rochester, Inc. of Rochester, NY

June 4 - 57 year old Enrique De Los Santo. Employer: Prevail Energy, Inc., Corpus Christi, TX

June 4 - 54 year old Gabriel Juarez. Employer: Wild Rice Ranches of Colusa, CA

June 4 - 75 year old Allen Stewart. Employer: Skagit County in Mount Vernon, WA

June 5 - 33 year old Jorge Leon Rivera. Employer: Total Canopy Camuy Caves, Inc. in Guaynabo, PR (Puerto Rico)

June 5 - 30 year old James Schiefelbein. Employer: North Fork Resources, Inc. of Cougar, WA

June 6 - 54 year old James Wilson. Employer: Southern Tree Services, Inc. of Guntersville, AL

June 6 - 40 year old Steven Mishark. Employer: Delia Electric of Rochester Hills, MI

June 6 - 25 year old Cody Strohman. Employer: Mountain States Constructors in Moriarty, NM

June 6 - 50 year old Johnny Inman. Employer: Inman Logging, LLC of Naselle, WA

June 7 - 55 year old Epitacio Serrano. Employer: Garza Contracting, Inc. in Arvin, CA

June 7 - 48 year old Mark Knighton. Employer: Kenai Drilling Ltd. in Niland, CA

June 8 - 21 year old Will James Pennington. Employer: Back Country Logging of Elkins, WV

June 8 - 48 year old Roger Harris. Employer: Stein Steel Mill Services, Inc., Coatesville, PA

June 8 - 41 year old Raymond Wilson. Employer: Bak Auto, Inc. of Scottdale, GA

June 8 - 46 year old J.R. Fisher. Employer: Hot Springs Village Property in Hot Springs Village, AR

June 9 - 63 year old Luciano Mendoza. Employer: Heller Brothers Packing Corp., Immokalee, FL

June 9 - 51 year old Dan Simpson. Employer: Robur Corporation of Irvington, KY

June 9 - 23 year old Brad Noll. Employer: Houston Electric of Waco, TX

June 10 - 33 year old Francisco Garcia Del. Employer: Autoridad De Energia Electrica in Aguirre, PR

June 10 - 22 year old Paul S. Stoltzfus. Employer: Precise Buildings LLC of Millington, MD

June 10 - 49 year old Timothy Hawkins. Employer: Marjam Supply of Alabana, LLC in Montgomery, AL

June 10 - 31 year old Ramon M. Limon. Employer: Commercial Lawn Management of Wichita, KS

June 10 - 65 year old Michael Church. Employer: C&K Marine LLC of Seward, AK

June 11 - 56 year old Norman Contois. Employer: The Thermoclad Company of Erie, PA

June 13 - 50 year old Richard Easton. Employer: Showcase Cinema Delux in Dedham, MA

June 13 - 39 year old Christine E. Johnson. Employer: Crown Health Care Laundry Service of Selma, AL

June 13 - 50 year old Dennis Offeling. Employer: Westside Wholesale Tire of Hamel, MN

June 13 - 24 year old Lyndon Casas. Employer: Fesco, Ltd. of Mansfield, LA

June 13 - 32 year old Jeremy Summitt. Employer: Hot Springs Awning, LLC of Hot Springs, AR

June 13 - 54 year old Lawrence Daley. Employer: Siemens Industry, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ

June 14 - 35 year old Jimmy W. Nunez. Employer: GMC Services, LLC in Lafayette, LA

June 14 - 45 year old Norman Neibuhr. Employer: Interstate Tree Service in Stockton, CA

June 14 - 23 year old Kevin Sandoval. Employer: City of South Pasadena Police in Azusa, CA

June 15 - 41 year old Tono Bedolla. Employer: Colonial Construction Material of Oilville, VA

June 15 - 27 year old Enrique Sanchez. Employer: Stafford Development & Construction in Guntersville, AL

June 15 - 30 year old Mario Contreras. Employer: Charleston Electrical Services in Mount Pleasant, SC

June 15 - 22 year old Joshua Griffin. Employer: US Department of Interior-USFWS in Guthrie, OK

June 16 - 62 year old Arthur Wall. Employer: Hayward Baker, Inc. of New Orleans, LA

June 16 - 38 year old Boris Fuentes. Employer: Associated Marine & Industrial of Houston, TX

June 16 - 35 year old Martiniano Zavala-La. Employer: Sabino Landaverde of Olathe, KS

June 16 - 58 year old David A. Fitzgerald. Employer: Sunrise Farms of Pixley, CA

June 17 - 22 year old Corey Shaw. Employer: City of Duquoin-Fire Department of Pinckneyville, IL

June 17 - 59 year old Robert Bower. Employer: Labor Ready Southwest Inc. #156 in Imperial, CA

June 18 - 50 year old Mykhailo Sereda. Employer: SJ Stucco and Stone of Elmwood Park, NJ

June 18 - 55 year old Robin Erlin West. Employer: Startex Fire Department in Wellford, SC

June 20 - 49 year old Kevin Cosner. Employer: Carter Lumber of Franklin, IN

June 20 - 24 year old Jonathan Garner. Employer: Fiberspar Linepipe LLC of Houston, TX

June 20 - 53 year old Mario Hernandez. Employer: American Assets Trust LP of San Diego, CA

June 20 - 52 year old Salvador Franco. Employer: Chamberlin Building Services of Hollywood, CA

June 21 - 42 year old Raymond David Haynes. Employer: Clean Harbors Industrial Service of Westlake, LA

June 21 - 30 year old Jonathan Christensen. Employer: Pacific Gas & Electric Company in Tracy, CA

June 21 - 38 year old Moises Juarez. Employer: Executive Landscape Inc. in Imperial, CA

June 21 - 55 year old Robert Taylor. Employer: Chevron North American Exploration in Taft, CA

June 21 - 65 year old Orville Cantrell. Employer: Portland Mechanical Construction of Hubbard, OR

June 22 - 61 year old Thomas Jacobs. Employer: Gilbane, Inc. dba Gilbane Cat- (unsure of full name) of Sanford, NC

June 22 - 55 year old Greg Wallace. Employer: Best Buy Tire 11 Inc. in Charlotte, NC

June 22 - 50 year old J. Gonzalez. Employer: Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. of Carson, CA

June 23 - 31 year old Joe Jackson. Employer: Tri-State Plating & Polishing of Huntington, WV

June 23 - 54 year old Samuel Bennett. Employer: Marone Contractors, Inc. of Chadds Ford, PA

June 23 - 45 year old Adam Nowak. Employer: Matrix Service Industrial Cont. in Philadelphia, PA

June 23 - 46 year old James Whitman. Employer: Complete Home Services, Inc. of Frederick, MD

June 23 - 36 year old Jonathan McIntyre. Employer: University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY

June 23 - 51 year old Ronald T. Rash. Employer: Robert D. Marshall Inc. of Morristown, IN

June 23 - 45 year old Michael Still. Employer: St. James Leasing in Romulus, MI

June 23 - 62 year old Rex R.Ward. Employer: PNM Service Center of Santa Fe, NM

June 24 - 36 year old Juan Garcia. Employer: Wayne Steel Erectors, LLC of Cameron, LA

June 24 - 45 year old Bill Handy. Employer: Abayla Contracting Services of Conway, AR

June 24 - 36 year old Shon Watson. Employer: ADA Energy Serices LLC of Stonewall, OK

June 25 - 43 year old Kirk Key. Employer: KMK Truck and Equipment Repair of Indianapolis, IN

June 25 - 31 year old Angel Cuevas. Employer: Acme Energy Services Inc. of Midland, TX

June 26 - 21 year old Daniel Andrade. Employer: Little River Boat Yard, Inc. of Mashpee, MA

June 27 - 40 year old Efrain Rivera Cruz. Employer: Sepulveda Air Conditioning in San Juan, PR

June 27 - 51 year old Alberto Hernandez. Employer: Hill's Tree & Stump Grinding in Durham, NC

June 27 - 28 year old Brian Barron. Employer: United Telephone Southeast LLC in Erwin, TN

June 27 - 54 year old Robert Young. Employer: Oklahoma Roofing & Sheet Metal of Poteau, OK

June 27 - 36 year old Guadalupe Morales. Employer: Benjamin Yeung in San Mateo, CA

June 28 - 39 year old Carlos Cordero Garcia. Employer: Aee Oficina Tecnica Humacao of Humacao, PR

June 28 - 37 year old Pedro Vasquez. Employer: Herzing Roofing, LLC of Universal City, TX

June 28 - 42 year old Mike Bass. Employer: Hardware Resources, Inc. of Bossier City, LA

June 28 - 30 year old Eliseo Ramirez. Employer: Granbury Contracting & Utilities of Gordon, TX

June 28 - 46 year old Mark Chapman. Employer: D.C.G. Peterson Brothers, Inc. of Manson, IA

June 28 - 52 year old Chan Teem Tern. Employer: Wild Bryde Jewelry of El Sobrante, CA

June 29 - 55 year old Ramon Alvarez. Employer: Green Thumb Landscape Design of Miami, FL

June 29 - 43 year old Arturo Ramirez. Employer: Coral Construction Co., Mount Clemens, MI

June 30 - 57 year old James W. Keith, Jr. Employer: Consolidated Electrical District of Johnson City, TN

June 30 - 46 year old Don Kampa. Employer: Precision Tree & Landscape of Apple Valley, MN

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