Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following are workers who died in September of 2011. If you have any further information or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Sept 1 - 60 year old Michael Selby. Employer: SKF USA Inc., Hanover, PA

Sept 2 - 48 year old Joseph Bates. Employer: A-1 Services of Sarasota, Inc. of Bradenton, FL

Sept 1 - 25 year old Murray Perdue. Employer: The Davey Tree Expert Company in St. Peter, MN

Sept 1 - 22 year old Travis Hobbs. Employer: Titan Drilling, LLC of Channing, TX

Sept 1 - 59 year old William De Saga. Employer: Architectural Metals, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ

Sept 1 - 65 year old Bong Miau Tjin. Employer: Maureen Guest Home Board & Care of Garden Grove, CA

Sept 2 - 27 year old Daniel Mendez. Employer: Fluor-Lane LLC of Springville, VA

Sept 2 - 53 year old Carlos Conde. Employer: Sysco South Florida, Inc. in Medley, FL

Sept 2 - 55 year old Brent Robinson. Employer: Verizon Communications, Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Sept 3 - 21 year old Anibal Martinez. Employer: WM Contractor in Houston, TX

Sept 3 - 50 year old Robert Hannah. Employer: J Thomas Tree Service of Erie, PA

Sept 3 - 59 year old Victor Castillo. Employer: Shultz Steel Company of South Gate, CA

Sept 5 - 19 year old Ernesto Ordenez. Employer: Jessica Rodriguez of Patterson, CA

Sept 6 - 35 year old Alan Andrew Pence. Employer: Window Masters, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV

Sept 6 - 48 year old Terry Milbrad. Employer: American Landscape of Mercer Island, WA

Sept 7 - 31 year old Angelico Cruz. Employer: Angelico Cruz of Midway, KY

Sept 7 - 51 year old Ricardo Benavidez. Employer: BHL International, Inc. of Houston, TX

Sept 7 - 58 year old Frank Pedro. Employer: Southern California Edison, Co. in Bishop, CA

Sept 7 - 55 year old Robin J. McCalister. Employer: Frank Swiger Trucking Inc. of Valley, WA

Sept 8 - 39 year old Teodoro Reyes. Employer: Williams Brothers Construction of Lake Jackson, TX

Sept 8 - 39 year old Luis Antonio Ruiz. Employer: Agave Lawn Maintenance of Las Vegas, NV

Sept 9 - 21 year old Christopher Parker. Employer: Dan Williams dba Dan Williams of Whitakers, NC

Sept 9 - 47 year old Ty Richard Outzen. Employer: Walsh & Kelly, Inc. of Valparaiso, IN

Sept 9 - 33 year old David Carrillo. Employer: Express Glass & Mirror Inc. of Los Angeles, CA

Sept 10 - 52 year old Ronald Hellaver. Employer: Rejuvnir Vitality Institute in Boca Raton, FL

Sept 10 - 28 year old Andrew Wilson. Employer: Ross Distribution Center of Moreno Valley, CA

Sept 10 - 23 year old Robert Townsend. Employer: Sandwich SC LLC of Seattle, WA

Sept 12 - 74 year old Tommy Levi Crawley. Employer: Wendells Woodwork of Chesterfield, SC

Sept 13 - 35 year old John Downes. Employer: Foxworth Forestry Consultants of Coffeeville, AL

Sept 13 - 46 year old Maitland Kirk. Employer: Sam Critchelow dba Critchelow of Hardinsburg, KY

Sept 13 - 60 year old Dalton Earl Smith. Employer: Barnhill Farms of North Carolina in Stockes, NC

Sept 13 - 64 year old Raymundo Medrano. Employer: D M Petroleum Operations Co., in Freeport, TX

Sept 14 - 50 year old Edward Elphee. Employer: J C Masonry and Concrete Pumping of LaFollette, TN

Sept 15 - 41 year old Artemio Figueroa-Godinez. Employer: LVI Environmental Services in Seattle, WA

Sept 16 - 36 year old Randy Collins. Employer: Land Air Distribution Services of Greeneville, TN

Sept 17 - 55 year old Ceil Tyner. Employer: TDG Genderal Contractor, Inc. of Cleveland, TX

Sept 19 - 44 year old Cesar Cespedes. Employer: EGG Electric Inc. of Jamaica, NY

Sept 19 - 61 year old Rodney Hayes. Employer: Tread Corporation of Roanoke, VA

Sept 19 - 57 year old Gary M. Donohue. Employer: The Indian Club of Irons, MI

Sept 19 - 23 year old Rosalino Cruz-Suazo. Employer: Faria Brothers Dairy, LLC of Dumas, TX

Sept 19 - 34 year old Michael A. Clark. Employer: Johnson Refrigeration, Inc. of Chandler, AZ

Sept 20 - 48 year old Miguel Marte. Employer: Al and John Inc. T/A Glen Rock of Peterson, NJ

Sept 20 - 33 year old Jose Lemus Aguilar. Employer: Gedek Trailer Sales, Inc. of Indianapolis, IN

Sept 20 - 24 year old Jose Alfredo Cabrera. Employer: Riverview LLP of Hancock, MN

Sept 21 - 60 year old Harold Ross. Employer: Rick Robertson Logging, Inc. of Grants Pass, OR

Sept 22 - 47 year old Gary Scott Young. Employer: Glod Construction Company of Wirtz, VA

Sept 22 - 52 year old Bruce Blakely. Employer: Reproduction Enterprises, Inc. of Stillwater, OK

Sept 22 - 71 year old Fifita Fauoanuku Misi. Employer: Tafe-Aloha Tree Experts of Kailua, HI

Sept 23 - 55 year old Christopher Dutile. Employer: John J. Biagiotti Asphalt Paving of Lexington, MA

Sept 23 - 35 year old Timoteo Castro Cruz. Employer: George Masih Pagany (Sole owner) of West Sacramento, CA

Sept 23 - 47 year old Gregory Carr. Employer: California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA

Sept 26 - 43 year old Kevin Girard. Employer: Greenleaf's Tree Service, Inc. of Chelmsford, MA

Sept 27 - 62 year old Garry Allen Wigham. Employer: Blooming Prairie Well Co., Blooming Prairie, MN

Sept 28 - 41 year old Ronald Hinojosa. Employer: Allan Edwards, Inc. of El Campo, TX

Sept 28 - 52 year old Leonard Esquivel. Employer: Performance Welding & Machine of Fresno, CA

Sept 28 - 51 year old David Tourangeau. Employer: Methow Valley Drywall in Winthrop, WA

Sept 29 - 32 year old Harold Miller. Employer: Integral Builders, LLC of Dewitt, MI

Sept 29 - 60 year old Phyllis Wescott. Employer: University of California, Davis in Davis, CA

Sept 30 - 53 year old Rodger Vonk. Employer: Art Rodriguez of Colfax, IA

Sept 30 - 25 year old Juan Jose Ornelas. Employer: F & T Farms of Caruthers, CA

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Dania Gutierrez said...

Hi, my name is Dania and my stepfather, Carlos Conde, is listed in this post. I was wondering how you learned about his death and if you could give me more information about your blog. Thanks.

heather locke said...

sept 3 Robert "bob" hannah my step father ...greatly missed! one year ago today was his accident

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