Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following are the workers who died in October of 2011.


Oct 2 - 61 year old Frederick Halterman. Employer: Father & Sons Pizza, Philadelphia, PA

Oct 3 - 44 year old Jesus Carrilo. Employer: T&K Services, Inc. of Sonora, TX

Oct 3 - 38 year old Guan Sheng Chen. Employer: Landmark Pacific Builders, Inc. of Honolulu, HI

Oct 4 - 24 year old Chris Reese. Employer: Kiln Drying Systems and Components, Inc. of Etowah, NC

Oct 5 - 55 year old Philip Green. Employer: Streamline Constructors in Munnsville, NY

Oct 5 - 54 year old Bonnie Salomon. Employer: Wayne Farms, LLC of Decatur, AL

Oct 5 - 38 year old Jose Gonzalez. Employer: All Tree Services of Brenham, TX

Oct 5 - 73 year old Mun K. Yim. Employer: Walmart in Houston, TX

Oct 6 - 28 year old Nathan Hooper. Employer: Irby Construction Co., Sandersville, GA

Oct 7 - 35 year old Dennis J. Mast. Employer: Airtite Insulation, Inc. of Shipshewana, IN

Oct 10 - 58 year old Johnathan Blain. Employer: D&H Pump Service dba D & H P of Albuquerque, NM

Oct 10 - 21 year old Trevor Litra. Employer: SMG of Alaska, Inc. in Anchorage, AK

Oct 12 - 31 year old Raul Rodriguez. Employer: Sam's Distribution Center 8235 in Desoto, TX

Oct 12 - 26 year old James Escobedo. Employer: Interceramic Tile & Stone Gall of Houston, TX

Oct 12 - 48 year old Frederick Eisenstadt. Employer: Granite Rock Company of LaHonda, CA

Oct 13 - 33 year old Janusz W. Zdybel. Employer: West New York Restoration of CT, Inc. in New York, NY

Oct 13 - 53 year old Carl M. Varkett. Employer: Grove River Mills, Inc. of Monroe, GA

Oct 14 - 48 year old Toney Swiger. Employer: Vision Telecommunications, Inc. of Pinch, WV

Oct 14 - 61 year old Mark Neigum. Employer: Six Forks Cinemas, LLC, Raleigh, NC

Oct 15 - 61 year old Gregory Piper. Employer: The Boat Grotto of San Diego, CA

Oct 16 - 33 year old Mejia Felipe. Employer: Angel Brothers Enterprises of Houston, TX

Oct 17 - 43 year old Brian Nelson. Employer: PCH Hotels and Resorts, Inc. of Mobile, AL

Oct 17 - 59 year old Consuelo Rodriguez. Employer: Maui Harvesting in Calexico, CA

Oct 17 - 78 year old Ralph Garcia. Employer: Cherokee Freight Lines Stockton, St. Helena, CA

Oct 18 - 55 year old Roger Owens. Employer: E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., of Wurtland, TX

Oct 18 - 60 year old Gary Stover. Employer: Cottonwood Inn Motel Corp., Marlin, TX

Oct 20 - 35 year old Rene Guiterriz. Employer: Mark Dewsnup of Marysville, CA

Oct 21 - 42 year old Ronald Collins. Employer: Lawrence Construction and Leasing of Florence, KY

Oct 22 - 38 year old Mario E. Cisneros. Employer: Port of Miami River Terminal of Miami, FL

Oct 22 - 84 year old Ernest Tullis. Employer: A-1 Self Storage LLC of Seattle, WA

Oct 24 - 37 year old Ricardo Luna Livas. Employer: R.L. Mitchell Family, LLLP of Lyons, GA

Oct 24 - 40 year old Francisco Gonzalez. Employer: Hilario Valero of Leon Valley, TX

Oct 24 - 33 year old Bryan Wingo. Employer: Wayne Holden & Company of Damascus, AR

Oct 25 - 68 year old Orestes Lescano. Employer: Orestes Lescano in Miami, FL

Oct 25 - 35 year old Jorge Mereno-Gratida. Employer: Rectec, LLC of Garyville, LA

Oct 26 - 46 year old Jose S. Ramirez. Employer: Simon Roofing and Sheet Metal of Charlotte, NC

Oct 26 - 46 year old Jorge Ramirez Cervantes. Employer: Pedro J. Gonzalez dba Pedro J G of Capay, CA

Oct 27 - 56 year old Chester Mowry. Employer: Walter R. Lindenmuth Lumber Co., Jonestown, PA

Oct 28 - 26 year old Stephen Larose. Employer: Renovation Services, Inc. of St. Louis, MO

Oct 28 - 68 year old Mario Casillas(-Arreola). Employer: Dependable Highway Express, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA

Oct 29 - 20 year old Jorge Peres. Employer: Anibal Landscaping Corp., Jamaica, NY

Oct 29 - 51 year old Muhamed Kebbeh. Employer: M.E.H. Construction, Inc. of Bronx, NY

Oct 30 - 57 year old Johnny Hendricks. Employer: Yorkville Cotton LLC in Yorkville, TN

Oct 31 - 55 year old Michael Burgess. Employer: Southeastern Public Service of Suffolk, VA

Oct 31 - 70 year old Victor Pelayo. Employer: Victor Pelayo-Home Owner of Baldwin Park, CA

Oct ? - Elwin Keith "Keith" Kibler. Employer: Skyline Improvements, Inc. of Washington, DC

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