Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Coal and Metals Miners 2012 that have come to our attention:


Jan 18 - 44 year old Joe E. Saunders died from and exploding vessel under pressure. He was employed by Consolidated Coal Co. at Buchanan Mine 1 in Mavisdale, VA, Consol Energy.

Feb 26 - 52 year old Kevin Myers of Louisville, KY died while working as a deckhand at SCH Terminal Co/Calvert City Terminal in Calvert City, KY

Mar 3 - 32 year old James A. Bailey died in an incident involving materials at Parton Brothers Contracting Timber Tree #9 in Cumberland, KY owned by John H. Parton.

Mar 10 - 34 year old Jeremy Sigler died in a wall collapse at Kingston Mining's Kingston #2 mine in Fayette, WV owned by Alpha National Resources Inc.

Mar 17 - 55 year old Walter R. McAfee was killed in an incident involving machinery at American Energy Inc. Salt Run Mine #1 in Rayland, OH. Owner Robert E. Murray

Mar 23 - an unnamed electrician was killed in Drummond Co. Inc. Shoal Creek Mine in Oakman, AL. Owner Drummond Co. Inc.


Jan 27 - 69 year old Herman L. Weaver died while operating power equipment working for Holcim US Security Quarry in Hagerstown, MD

Feb 14 - 40 year old William N. Fuller died during a wall collapse at Rare Red Rock mine in Graysville, AL. Owned by Neil Fuller

Feb 22 - 46 year old Humberto Guerro died in a slip and fall incident at White Rock Quarries in Hialeah, FL. Owned by Vecellio Group Inc.

Mar 20 - 54 year old Michael D. Roberts died in a collapse at Mike Roberts' Vortex Mine in Great Falls, MT. Owner Mike D. Roberts

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