Friday, April 06, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

This week's post catches up all of 2011 for worker's that we had not previously found. We are now combining search methods so you will once again see a change in The Weekly Toll. Some workers we have more information on than others, so please understand some will have minimal information compared to others. Later today the first post for 2012 will come online.


Dec 1 - 24 year old Luis Davla Escareno. Employer: Leonardo Logging and Trucking of Eureka, CA

Dec 2 - 35 year old Charles Herman Ducke. Employer: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission of Brookeville, MD

Dec 2 - 68 year old James Rajacich. Employer: Barstow Truck Parts and Equipment of Indian Springs, NV

Dec 6 - 25 year old Arturo Martinez. Employer: Arnold Castro dba Noza Construction of Pinehurst, NC

Dec 9 - 55 year old Kenneth G. Funderburk. Employer: Kraft Foods North America in Farmington Hills, MI

Dec 13 - 62 year old Catalina Cordero. Employer: LA County Public Social Services in Los Angeles, CA

Dec 15 - 63 year old Stanley McCall. Employer: Umatilla County in Hermiston, OR

Dec 28 - 61 year old Leslie E. Taylor Jr.. Employer: Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany, NY

Dec 30 - 50 year old Guy Gresham. Employer: Young Life dba Young Life Wood, Challenge, CA

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