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Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Construction Worker Falls

Feb 27, CARTHAGE, MO - 67 year old Toby Pauley died after falling about ten feet while working with others on the Carthage Masonic Lodge where he was also a member. He fell headfirst from the rafters to the concrete below.

Armored Guard Killed by Partner

Feb 28, PITTSBURGH, PA - 31 year old Michael Haines was murdered by his co-worker who stole $2 million they had picked up during the day. The co-worker drove and hid the armored truck under a bridge where authorities found Haines' body.

Postal Worker Dies of Trauma

Feb 29, COMPTON, CA - 32 year old Earl Anthony Dunn, a postal worker, has died after his legs were severed in an accident. Dunn was standing behind his postal truck when another driver veered off the road and pinned him between the vehicles.

Firefighter Struck and Killed

Feb 29, COTTONWOOD, CA - 35 year old Capt. Mark Ratledge died when he was struck by an out of control driver during a storm. Ratledge was at the scene of another vehicle spin-out when a driver lost control and slid into Ratledge and a police vehicle. He was employed by the Cottonwood Fire Protection District.

Farming Incident Causes Worker Death

March 1, WESTERN, NE - 33 year old Justin Kunc died after he was involved in a farming accident. His clothing became caught in a sweep auger of a grain bin near Crete. He was rushed to a hospital where he died.

Worker Killed in Plant Incident

March 2, BOYD, KY - 27 year old Shaun Shelton of Martin died of asphyxiation in an incident that involved a conveyor belt. He was employed by Stein, Inc., contracted to crush rock and slag for AK Steel. No other details are available.

Utility Worker Pinned by Machinery

March 2, AUSTIN, TX - 52 year old Timothy Louvier died when he became pinned by a backhoe while an Austin Water Utility crew was restoring water lines. No other details are available.

Plant Worker Killed in Explosion

March 2, HARLEM, GA - 70 year old Homer Gay suffered a fatal head injury when an air compressor he was working near exploded. He was a long time employee for Tracy-Luckey Pecan plant in Harlem.

Man Dies on Oil Rig

March 2, STANLEY, ND - 22 year old Jason McDonald of Vernal, UT died when he fell from an oil derrick near Stanley. He fell approximately 80 feet from the derrick to the platform. An investigation is underway.

Mine Foreman Killed

March 3, BLAIR, KY - 32 year old James Bailey of Loyall was killed while doing work on a mine shuttle car at the Timber Tree Mine near Blair. Bailey, a Mine Foreman, was installing a protective covering over a shuttle car, called a canopy, when the canopy collapsed on him.

Industrial Incident Kills Worker

March 3, DECATUR, AL - 50 year old Joseph Andrew Sparks was killed when a tire wheel he was working on broke apart and sent debris flying. He was working on the tire of a piece of industrial equipment when the wheel broke apart. He was employed with TCI Tire, Inc.

Water Worker Struck by Car

March 3, SYCAMORE, OH - 49 year old Gary Cooper of Sycamore, an Ohio American Water employee, was working on a valve at West Davis and Wall streets when a car driven by an 83 year old woman struck him. Police say driver inattention caused the accident.

Plant Worker Hit by Pipes

March 3, UMATILLA, OR - 31 year old Thomas "TJ" Heap died after being struck in the head by a pipe. He was working at JM Eagle Manufacturing plant in Umatilla when something caused the pipe to fall. Oregon OSHA is investigating.

Employee Killed in Robbery

March 4, NEWARK, NJ - 55 year old Calvin Johnson, a 35 year employee of the family owned Golden Pizzeria & Grill, was shot to death by robbery suspect. The suspect attempted to rob the cashier when Johnson tried to intervene. It was then he was shot twice in the chest.

Store Employee Murdered

March 4, MERRILLVILLE, IN - 48 year old Judi Simpson-Beaver was working her shift at the Lucky Food Market when a robbery suspect walked in the store. Video recording shows Simpson-Beaver complied with the suspect when he jumped the counter to get to the cash drawer. But he shot her anyway, twice.

Firefighter Killed on the Job

March 4, COLBY, WI - 34 year old Jamison Kampmeyer died when he was trapped under debris of a roof collapse. Kampmeyer, a firefighter for the Colby Fire Department, was fighting a building fire when the roof collapsed, raining bricks and debris down on him and other firefighters.

Tragedy at the Race Track

March 4, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - 24 year old Mike Priddy died while working maintenance at Remington (horse race) Park. Reports state that Priddy was closing a track gate to keep a running horse from escaping the track when the horse struck the gate. The gate swung hard into Priddy who died of internal injuries.

School Janitor Perishes in Fire

March 5, VIDRINE, LA - 58 year old Donald Thomas was a beloved 22 year employee for Vidrine Elementary School. He was in a storage supply building when a fire broke out and he was trapped inside. An investigation to what caused the fire continues.

Man Removing Logs Struck and Killed

March 5, ARCADIA, WI - 45 year old Patrick George died after he was struck in the chest by a tree branch. He was operating a skidder in the town of Trempealeau when he was struck by the log.

Tree Trimmer Electrocuted

March 5, LAKE VIEW, IA - 63 year old Edward Paul Peters died when he was electrocuted while trimming trees. Owner of Peter's Painting and Tree Trimming, he was leaning against a boom truck when the arm of the bucket touched a power line. Another employee was inside the bucket but was uninjured.

Worker Caught in Auger

March 6, MONCKS CORNER, SC - 48 year old Lamar Ravenell died after becoming tangled in a cement auger. Ravenell was performing maintenance on the machine at Sanders Brother's asphalt plant when he was caught in the machine.

Fired Employee Murders Headmistress

March 6, JACKSONVILLE, FL - Dale Regan, Headmistress for Episcopal High School in Jacksonville, was shot and killed by a former employee when then turned the gun on himself. The fired employee returned to the school with an assault rifle in a guitar case and walked into Regan's office where he shot her.

Deputy Shot by Burglary Suspect

March 6, MELBOURNE, FL - 53 year old Deputy Barbara Pill was shot and killed when she was questioning a suspect at a local motel. Pill was requesting back-up and speaking to the suspect when the suspect pulled a gun and shot the deputy. She was a 15 year veteran of the Brevard County Sheriff Department.

Worker Struck by Equipment

March 6, MASSIES MILL, VA - 28 year old Steven Evans was killed when he was struck by a large piece of machinery. Evans was working on a track loader and when he walked behind it, it rolled backwards running over him. No employer is listed.

Fuel Tanker Hit by Train

March 7, BARTOW, FL - 51 year old Thomas O'Neal Ruff of Lake Wales was killed when the fuel tanker truck he was driving was struck by a train causing a massive fire. He was driving the tanker, full of diesel, on property owned by Mosiac phosphate company when he failed to stop for the oncoming train. He was unable to escape the truck.

Steel Beam Crushes Worker

March 7, DALLAS, TX - 57 year old Jose Villanueva died when he was crushed under a falling beam. He was helping to load steel beams onto a semi truck trailer when the beam fell onto him. He was employed by Red Steel Company.

Road Worker Struck

March 9, ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI - 26 year old Justin Vallad died as the result of being struck by a vehicle. He was a construction worker in an I-94 construction zone when a semi struck the back of an SUV which was pushed into Vallad before hitting another vehicle.

Hotel Maid Found Dead

March 11, ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Romona Montoya Leon was a maid working at the Plaza Inn when she was discovered dead inside a room. Police have a grainy video that shows a possible suspect in her death.

Cab Driver Murdered

March 11, HARRISBURG, PA - 37 year old Atlas Simpson was shot in the head during a robbery. He was a cab driver for Capital Cab Co. His murderers have been been arrested.

Truck Driver Killed in Watery Crash

March 12, SCHRIEVER, LA - 30 year old Otto F. Tello of Channelview, TX drowned when his Brammer Engineering truck rolled off a bridge and into a canal. Tello was hauling a load of pipes which shifted as he was driving over the bridge causing the rig to fall into the water.

School Bus Crash Kills Two

March 12, INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 60 year old Thomas Spencer II died when the Lighthouse Charter School Bus he was driving crashed. A 5 year old student also died. It is unclear if a medical condition contributed to the crash.

Semi Truck Driver Killed in Wreck

March 13, CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN - 48 year old Steven C. Wright of Greenback died of blunt force trauma when the tractor trailer he was driving slammed into the back of another big rig. Wright may not have realized that two other tractor trailer trucks were slowing down on Interstate 75 and he ran into the back of one, causing a chain reaction. The other drivers were hurt.

Construction Worker Dies From Fall

March 14, HANOVER, NH - 53 year old Dana Lowe of Morrisville, VT died as the result of a fall at a construction site. A hook block of a crane inadvertently made contact with a scissor lift Lowe was working on which caused the lift to topple over, and he landed on a concrete deck. He was employed by CSE, Inc.

Truck Driver Dies in Violent Crash

March 14, TURKEYFOOT, PA - 31 year old Robert Dodson Jr of Duncansville was driving a large Pepsi truck when for an unknown reason he veered across the lane and struck a school bus head on. Dodson died at the scene and several students were transported to a hospital.

Logging Incident Claims Life

March 14, HOPE, IN - 71 year old Lowell Miller died of blunt force trauma to his head when a falling tree branch struck him . Miller was working with two sons and another man to clear timber. Miller was wearing a safety hard hat, face guard and ear protection at the time. He was owner of Hope Hardwoods and Hope Warehouse.

Contract Worker Electrocuted

March 14, PINE BLUFF, AR - 28 year old Ryan Bullard of Mayflower was electrocuted when a pipe he was working with accidentally came into contact with a power line. He was employed with Snyder Environmental doing work for Pine Bluff Arsenal.

Employee Shot During Altercation

March 14, SALT LAKE CITY, UT - 26 year old Steven Guadalupe Chavez, the son of C J's Smoke Shop was shot and killed during an altercation at the shop. An individual involved in a disturbance left but later returned with a gun. Police are pursuing leads.

Mechanical Failure Causes Death

March 14, MT. PLEASANT, TN - 67 year old Jerry Nance died when the lift bucket he was in fell to the ground. Nance was in the lift when mechanical issues caused the hydraulic arms failed and buckled, causing the lift to drop to the ground. Nance was an employee for Maury County Highway Department.

Fire Captain Suffers Medical Issue on Duty

March 14, HOUSTON, TX - 49 year old Sr. Captain Thomas "Bill" Dillion died after collapsing on a fire call. After extinguishing a kitchen fire in an apartment complex he began suffering chest pain.

Counselor Killed by Student

March 14, LOS ANGELES, CA - 49 year old Dwayne Alexander was allegedly stabbed to death by a student who was then restrained by another student while awaiting police. Alexander was a counselor for Job Corp. Authorities have not released a reason for the murder but the student has been arrested.

Ambulance Driver, Patient Die in Crash

March 14, CHILLICOTHE, OH - 21 year old Cody A. King and his patient were killed when his Life Ambulance collided with a lumber hauling truck. The force of the impact caused some of the lumber to propel forward, smashing through the front windshield of the ambulance.

Food Plant Worker Dies

March 15, DAKOTA CITY, NE - 37 year old Rodney Bridgett, an employee for Tyson Foods, died when a piece of machinery he was working on collapsed onto him.

Electrician Dies in Fall

March 15, CHICAGO, IL - 47 year old Jim Weinberg of McHenry was found on the ground beside his ladder at a downtown high-rise Thursday by a co-worker returning from lunch. The worker immediately called police. It is unclear if Weinberg suffered any type of medical issue that may have caused his fall.

Worker Suffocates

March 15, BRUSH, CO - 56 year old Raymond "Kat" Segura died he was buried under a mountain of pinto beans. Segura worked for Kelley Bean Co., and was working in a warehouse with a conveyor belt. It is unclear how he came to be buried.

Worker Suffers Fatal Head Injury

March 15, BERKELEY, CA - 30 year old Ariel Munoz-Garcia of San Pablo suffered a fatal head injury when the pneumatic hand grinder he was using broke apart and sent shrapnel flying. He was struck in the left side of his head.

Highway Worker Struck

March 22, WATERBURY, CT - Daniel Dinardi of Rocky Hill, was struck by a vehicle while working along I-84. He was a CT DOT employee.

Worker Killed in Robbery Attempt

March 23, DURHAM, NC - 65 year old Naomi White was working at J.T. Tire store when a robbery suspect came into the store and shot and killed her and a patron and injured two other employees.

Worker Crushed in Machine

March 27, SYCAMORE, IL - 56 year old Evaristo Alvarado of Sandwich died after he was crushed in the lifting mechanism of a forklift he was servicing. He was employed by Menards.

Death on Construction Site

March 27, KENT, OH - 49 year old Russell Hirschfelt of Barberton died on a construction site when he was pinned between a backhoe and stack of concrete slabs. He died later at a local hospital.

Worker Dies of Natural Causes

March 28, DALTON, GA - 51 year old Pascual Apodaca died of a reported heart attack while working to clean out a tank of latex at Global Textile's plant in Dalton.

Farmer Killed in Tractor Mishap

March 28, CENTERVIEW, MO - 71 year old John E. Lee was killed when he was run over by his farm tractor. A mechanical issue caused the tractor to swerve into a tree when Mr. Lee was thrown off but them the tractor rolled over him.

Painter Falls From Bridge

March 30, BRONX, NY - 35 year old John Massas died after falling from Throgs Neck Bridge into the Long Island Sound. He was adjusting his safety harness when something went wrong and he fell into the water and presumed drowned. He was employed by Nuco Painting Corp. of Long Island.

Worker Drowns in Fall From Bridge

March 28, ST. LOUIS, MO - 35 year old Andy Gammon of Park Hills, MO died when a piece of equipment he was operating toppled into the Mississippi River while working on a bridge project. He was employed by Massman Taylor Alverici, a Joint Venture.

Port Worker Killed

March 28, SAVANNAH, GA - 57 year old Dianne Pinckney Cobb was killed when she was struck by a forklift at Georgia Ports' Ocean Terminal. She was a member of the International Longshoreman's Association Local 1475.

Recycling Worker Crushed

March 29, TERREBONNE, LA - 54 year old Anthony Giles of Rockford, AL died while working at Mars Modern American Recycling Services in Terrebonne. He was using a cutting torch on the structure when it fell and trapped his lower body. He died after arriving at an area hospital.

Tree Trimmer Electrocuted

March 29, PHILADELPHIA, PA - 47 year old David Ruiz was electrocuted when he came into contact with a high tension electric line. Ruiz was trimming trees in Huntingdon Valley when he came into contact with the line.

Skydive Instructor Dies

March 30, SEBASTIAN, FL - 30 year old Jason Eisenzopf, originally from Fitchburg, MA, died after a hard landing while working for Skydive Sebastian. He is reported to have come in too fast for landing and his foot clipped a ditch and he suffered severe head trauma on landing.

Volunteer Crushed Under Tractor

March 30, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA - 73 year old Ramon Arthur Gibson died after he was crushed under a tractor that overturned onto him. He was a long time volunteer at Hathaway Ranch and Museum.

Restaurant Employee Murdered

March 31, DELAND, FL - 43 year old Tom Walsh was shot and killed in an apparent robbery attempt while working at the Mainstreet Grill in Deland.

Ski Area Worker Suffocates

March 31, YAKIMA, WA - 22 year old KyOna Hoff, an experienced skier, died after she reportedly fell head first into a piled up section of snow called a tree well and apparently suffocated. She worked for the White Pass Ski area outside of Yakama.

Semi Truck Collides With Train

March 31, PLUMMER, MN - 65 year old Dale J. Buzzell of Isanti, MN was killed when his tractor trailer rig somehow collided with a train crossing the roadway. No other details are given.

Deputy Dies in Car Crash

March 31, CHARLES CITY, VA - 36 year old Michael Walizer was responding as back up to a traffic stop when he lost control of his vehicle, going off the roadside and back on, before crashing into a tree. He was a deputy for Charles City Sheriff Dept.

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