Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our hearts knit with those who are suffering through the grief that comes with the loss of their loved one......

Worker Suffers Fatal Injuries

March 3, 2012, Flowery Branch, GA - 30 year old Adam Wingo died when he became caught in moving wire and was pulled into rotating rolls while working for Koswire. Koswire manufactures wires and cables. The linked article lists the violations the company received from OSHA. 

Man Struck and Killed by Truck

August 21, Upper Macungie, MA - 34 year old Fred Hossler of Northamption was killed after being struck by a tractor-trailer in a parking lot. He died of blunt force trauma to the pelvis and abdomen. Hossler was employed by Ehrlich Pest Control but no details are given as to how or why he was hit. 

Worker Strikes Head and Dies

August 23, Barre Town, VT - 61 year old Jerry Fisher of St. Johnsburg died of head injuries while on a trash collection route. It appears he fell off the truck and hit his head. He was employed with Myers Container Service Corp. 

EMT Dies in Crash

August 27, Staten Island, NY - 58 year old David Restuccio died when a car crashed into the ambulance he was driving.  He was a paramedic for Staten Island University Hospital. 

Logger Dies as Tree Falls 

August 27, Moscow, KY - 43 year old Rusty Jones of Springfield was killed when a tree fell onto him. He was logging with his father and brother when the tree fell, striking him.  

Construction Worker Dies on Site

August 28, Williston, ND - 23 year old Brandon Woodard of Mississippi died while working at a Weatherford Lodge construction site. No details are given as to how he died but says he was crushed under roof rafters. 

Worker Crushed Under Machinery

August 29, Loyalhanna, PA - 55 year old Robert Buskey Jr. was killed while working as a mechanic for Export Fuel Company. Buskey was a mechanic and was killed when he was repairing a paving roller that pinned him while he was working on the device.

Worker Crushed Under Heavy Hoist

August 29, McDuffie County, GA - 61 year old Edward Chamber Jr. was killed when a hoist fell on top of him. He was working in a workshop of Two-State Construction when the bridge crain hoist that was mounted on an I-beam near the ceiling of the workshop fell, crushing Chamber.  

Man Dies in Incident at Boat Dock

August 29, Bethel Island, CA - 59 year old Joshua Silva was crushed under a concrete staircase at a boat dock. Silva was a hired contractor who was working to fix the dock area when he became trapped near a levee.  

Bridge Worker Falls to Death

August 29, Springfield, MA - 46 year old Robert Parrott of Fitchburg died when he fell 60 feet through a gap on an interstate bridge while working. Parrott worked for Liddell Brothers, who provide traffic services and highway construction. 

Traffic Stop Proves Fatal

August 31, Winona, MN - 35 year old Corporal Theodore Foss was initiating a traffic stop on Interstate 90 when he was struck and killed by a semi truck collided with his vehicle and the van he had stopped, killing him instantly. 

Disgruntled Employee Murders Co-Workers

August 31, Old Bridge, NY - 24 year old Bryan Breen and 18 year old Christina LoBrutto were shot and killed by a disgruntled worker at the Pathmark Supermarket in Old Bridge. The gunman/employee left the market in the early morning hours and returned dressed in camo and opened fire on Breen and LoBrutto before killing himself. 

Worker Suffers Fatal Burns

August 31, Lake Elsinore, CA - 20 year old William Calabrese of Pacific Beach died from thermal burns after an incident involving fireworks at a baseball game at Lake Elsinore. He was employed part time for Fireworks America. 

Incident at Mine Causes Miner's Death

August 31, Elko, NV - 49 year old Allen Campbell of Spring Creek died while working at Newmont Mining Corp's Exodus Mine near Carlin. Reports state that he slipped and fell in the mine but no further details are given.

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