Friday, September 28, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Please know that we, as family members of other workers who have died on the job, are with you and for you. Please let us know if we can be of help to you in any way.

Air Show Pilot Dies in Crash

September 1, 2012 - Davenport, IA - 59 year old Glenn Smith of Texas was flying in formation with other members of the HopperFlight team at the Quad-City Air Show in Davenport when his plane nose dived and crashed into a field.  After taking an early retirement Smith spent his time restoring Soviet fighter jets and flying to exhibitions across the country.

 Worker May Have Been Electrocuted

September 1, Yukon, OK - 22 year old Ronnie "Chance" Hobson of Lexington, died while working for Oklahoma Gas and Electric.  Details are not clear but one report states he may have been electrocuted.

Carnival Workers Suffers Fatal Head Injury

September 2, Brentwood, NY - 22 year old Michael Austin of Mastic, died after being struck in the head by a spinning carnival ride on New York's Long Island.  Reports state Austin ducked under a ride to fix the music and as he stood up under the ride he was knocked to the ground. Austin was employed with Zorlenzan Amusements.

 Forklift Driver Dies of Head Injuries

September 3, Hanover, PA - 33 year old Charles Kratz of Plymouth died while operating a forklift at Core-Mark warehouse in Hanover Township. Kratz was found on the floor with a head injury.

Employee Caught in Machinery Dies

September 3, Hartsville, SC - 35 year old Jeffrey Scott Brown died as the result of an industrial incident at Sonoco's Paper Mill complex.  He was reportedly caught in a machine used to make paper. Three of Brown's family members also work at the plant. It is unclear how the incident happened. 

Worker Dies in Oil Rig Explosion

September 4, Williston, ND - 29 year old Jeffery Kinkaid of Nephi, UT, died of injuries suffered in an oil rig explosion in North Dakota. Kinkaid was transferring drilling fluid out of a 400-barrel tank when the blast happened.  Kinkaid worked for Denver-based Frontier Drilling at the rig site owned by Kansas-based Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. 

Man Dies of Fall From Roof

September 4, Pittsburg, PA - 38 year old Melvin Kissinger of Greenville died when he fell from the roof of a building he was working on in Scott Township. He apparently tried to jump from one part of the roof to another when he fell about 30 feet. He was employed by a contractor out of Sandy Creek.

Station Attendant Shot 

September 4, Bronx, NY - 28 year old Lamin Sellah, a gas station attendant for only a week, was shot to death during a robbery attempt. Several customers and co-workers were at the station when two men attempted the robbery although no money was taken.

Father and Son Die From Toxic Exposure

September 4, Gettysburg, SD -  20 year old son Erik Hansen died when he and his father (see below) were overcome by methane gas at the West Whitlock Resort area. According to the sheriff, father and son were working on a lift station repair. The elder Hansen attempted to rescue his son before being overcome. Both men worked for the family business, Hansen Septic Service.

September 5, Gettysburg, SD - 50 year old Kirk Hansen died as he attempted to rescue his son Erik (above) while working on a lift station. Both men were overcome by a toxic exposure to methane gases.


Highway Construction Worker Killed

September 5, South Bethlehem, PA - 29 year old Chris Burch of West Berlin was killed while working on a highway expansion project through South Bethlehem. Reports say he was crushed by a 2,000 concrete barrier but no details as to how the incident happened.  He was an employee for HRI, Inc.

Power Company Worker Killed

September 5, Union, SC - 47 year old Thomas Brian Gibson was electrocuted while he was working on a power line. He worked for the local power company.

Two Men Electrocuted

September 7 -  37 year old Juan Bocanegra of Fort Myers, FL and 30 year old Dustin Manning of Bradenton, FL were in an elevated "cherry picker" basket when it struck power lines overhead.  The men were performing maintenance on a Fort Myers Beach Condo. Bocanegra was working for J Baller Construction; Manning was working for Cutting Edge Moldings.

Worker Struck by Equipment

September 9, Bismark, SD -  36 year old Lucas Voker of Sartell, MN was killed while working on a jobsite in Bismark.  Voker was working on an intake water project installing pipe when he was struck by the bucket of a backhoe. Voker worked for S and J Louis Construction out of Minnesota. 

Roof Collapse Kills One

September 10, Brooklyn, NY - 67 year old Winston Gillett of Bushwick was killed when the roof he was working on at the Carlton Mews Townhouses collapsed. It is not clear who Gillett worked for.

Toxic Exposure Kills Winery Worker

September 11, Sanger, CA - Robert Munoz of Sanger died at a central California winery when he, along with five other workers, were exposed to ammonia. Munoz and the other workers were employed by Gibson Wine Company. It is unclear how the ammonia was released.  Reports say the other workers tried to rescue Munoz but could not because of the fumes. 

Industrial Incident Kills One

September 12, Bossier City, LA - 55 year old Edward D. Bardwell of Keithville was killed when his shirt became caught in a lathe he was operating at River Cities Machine.

Vehicles Collide, Strike Worker

September 12, Avon, OH - 63 year old Peter Maglis of Campbell was struck and killed as he worked along I-90 near Avon. He was putting up tarps for structural painting when two vehicles collided sending one into a spin and into Maglis. Maglis was employed by Athos Painting.  

Husband & Father Killed During Robbery

September 13, Newark, NJ - 19 year old Jamil Bader, Jr. working behind the counter of his family's bodega, Family Deli, when two men, wearing masks, hoodies and armed with guns, charged into the store, threatening Bader and demanding money, police said. As Bader grabbed one of the suspects he was shot to death.

Worker Struck by Large Machinery

September 14, Belton, SC - 47 year old Gamaliel Enriquez-Salzador was crushed to death when he was unintentionally run over by the operator of a trackhoe while working at Belton Metal Company.  Belton Metal is a scrap metal plant.  

Wind Causes Fall From Roof

September 14, Cedar Bluffs, NE - 61 year old Charles Bridge of Colon died, and another worker injured, when they were essentially blown off the roof of a building they were working on. The men were handling a piece of sheet metal on a building's roof when a gust of wind caught the metal and caused them to fall off the roof. 

Worker Dies in Fall

September 17, Ottawa, OH -  49 year old Timothy Bockrath died after he feel from scaffolding while finishing drywall at an outbuilding in Ottawa. It is not clear how or why but he fell onto the concrete floor below him.  He was employed by Lauth Drywall of Ottawa.

Driver Ignores Warnings and Hits Flagger

September 18, Morton, IN - 27 year old Steven Overbay of Roachdale was killed when a motorist ignored all safety warnings and swerved into him.  Officials said there were five INDOT signs warning motorists of the work being done and that there was a flagger ahead. The driver didn’t stop where the flagger was and appeared to veer to avoid a rear-end crash causing him to struck the INDOT flagger Overbay.

Worker Dies of Crushing Injuries

September 18, Payallup, WA - 23 year old Ryan W. Veysey of Vancouver died of internal injuries while working for Roof Toppers, Inc.  Veysey and another worker were in a scissor lift doing work as subcontractors when he became pinned between the lift railing and building frame for several minutes.  

Technician Murdered in Robbery

September 19, Gladstone, MO - 58 year old Kevin Mashburn was murdered when he was struck in the head by a man wielding a crowbar who attempted to take his wallet.  Mashburn, an AT&T technician working on repairs to a tower when he was approached by an ex-con.  After being struck, Mashburn was able to get to his truck and call for help but died after being taken to a hospital.  The ex-con has been arrested for his murder.  

Two Road Workers Struck and Killed

September 19, Albuquerque, NM - Jonah Marioni and Hemelindo Autunez were struck and killed by the driver of an RV as they worked along I-40 near Gallup. Another worker was injured and released from the hospital.  The Valley Fence Co. employees were preparing to install fencing along the interstate when the driver swerved into the median and struck them.    

Employee Dies at Plant Loading Dock

September 19, Columbia, SC - 47 year old Susan Henley was found dead by the loading dock of the Otis Spunkmeyer bakery plant. A report states she went to the loading dock to unload a truck but was found beneath the loading dock plate. She died at the scene.  

Tree Service Employee Dies

September 20, Chaumont, NY - 39 year old Ronald Chance Watson of Gouverneur died while working to remove a tree stump in the Village of Chaumont.  Watson was alone when grinding a stump and apparently became pinned between the grinder's protective shield and an adjacent building. He was an employee for Ryan's Tree Service. He died at the scene.

Equipment Incident Kills Worker

September 20, Hankinson, ND - 55 year old Dean Louis Marschel of Annandale, MN died when he became entangled in a piece of equipment.  He was found dead when the Sheriff's Office responded to a gravel pit area about three miles southwest of Hankinson.  He was employed with Bituminous Paving Company.

 Heavy Equipment Operator Killed in Incident

September 20, Elko, NV - 53 year old Pamela Hunt of Monticello, UT was killed while working on a construction project on Interstate 80 in Nevada.   She died when she was pinned between a rubber wheel roller and another metal roller.  Hunt was a heavy equipment operator for the Fisher Sand & Gravel Company on contract with the Nevada Department of Transportation's Silver Zone project. 

Man Dies at Work Site

September 20, Atlanta, IL - 53 year old James A. "Beamer" Davis suffered massive injuries while working at a road construction site near Washington. The coroner reports that Mr. Davis died as the result of being run over by an operated bulldozer. It is unclear how the incident happened.  Davis was employed by Stark Excavating.

MoDOT Worker Killed in the Line of Duty

September 20, Kansas City, MO - 50 year old Clifton J. Scott was killed when he was struck by a vehicle on I-70.  Scott had responded to a crash scene and was placing cones along the road when he was killed. Scott celebrated 15 years with MoDOT on the 17th and was the first employee to be killed after Missouri expanded its Move Over Law last month to include DOT employees and vehicles. 

Movie Set Crew Member Dies

September 21, California - 48 year old Mike A. Bridger died of a probable heart attack while working on the set of Disney's "Lone Ranger" movie.  Bridger was a welder/water safety expert who had worked on many movies including all of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies with Johnny Depp.  Reports state he may have suffered a heart attack while inside one of the large water tanks.

Bouncer Stabbed to Death at Night Club

September 23, Detroit, MI - 40 year old Lou Ferrin died after he sustained stab wounds at Club Pandemonium where he worked.  He was attempting to eject a male patron from the club when he was stabbed in the neck by the man.

Two Killed in Construction Zone Incident

September 24, Chattanooga, TN - 28 year old Nicolas Feller of Shandon, OH (pictured) was killed when his truck was struck by a semi which then struck him as he was putting reflective lenses on pavement markers. Feller was working for Traffic Specialists, Inc contracted through TDOT. In the same incident, 53 year old Charles Morgan of Grainger Co, TN was driving the semi that struck the TDOT truck.  Reports say Morgan was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Utility Worker Dies in Fall

September 25, Las Vegas, NV - 29 year old Herbie Dempsey Goforth III died when he fell approximately 100 feet from a utility tower near Apex Industrial Park.  Goforth recently had completed his apprenticeship to become a journeyman lineman.  He would have celebrated his birthday on Sept. 26th and was planning to be married Oct. 6th. 

Equipment Failure Causes Death

September 26, Flomaton, FL -  55 year old Joseph Wayne Odom of Perdido, FL was crushed by a piece of equipment while working at Advanced Recycling Center in Flomaton.  Odom was working on a skid steer loader when hydraulic lines lost pressure causing the bucket to fall, pinning him underneath.

Miner Killed in Mine Ceiling Collapse

September 26, Tazewell, TN - 32 year old Jeremy Perkins of Wallins Creek, KY  was killed after part of the ceiling fell in on him inside a Kopper Glo Fuel mine in TN.  He was the only person involved in the incident in the company's deep mine. 


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