Monday, November 26, 2012

The Weekly Toll-Death in the American Workplace

"Because going to work should not be a grave mistake", we honor those loved and lost.

Worker Dies When Catwalk Collapses

May 7, 2012 - Chattanooga, TN - 54 year old Larry Chubbs died when a section of catwalk came loose and caused him to fall into a piece of fast moving machinery. Chubbs worked for TAG Manufacturing which was sited by OSHA.

Clerk Dies During Robbery

July 27 - Burbank, IL - Baker Farhat was shot and killed by robbers while working at a west side gas station.  No further details are provided.

Storm Damage Leads to Death

October 31 - Amberley, MD - 50 year old Santiago Lopez was killed during the removal of a tree that fell during Hurricane Sandy.  Lopez worked for W.D. Olsen Tree Care for 10 years.

Worker Dies in Fall From Height

November 1 - Salt Lake City, UT - 51 year old Jose D. Parades died when he fell through a skylight while working on the roof of Harbison-Walker Refractories Company. 

Miner Death

November 1 - Saugerties, NY - 30 year old Stephen Wickham of Greenville was killed when he became entangled in a drill auger while boring holes in the Northeast Solite Corp. shale mine in Saugerties.

Worker Suffers Fatal Injuries

November 2 - Auburn, ME - 60 year old David Brooks died while working for American Concrete. He had been stacking large blocks of concrete on a truck for transport. Reports say he was struck by a large piece of concrete.  

Worker Dies in Fall

November 4 - Middlebury, CT - 53 year old Michael J. Pranulis of Naugatuck died after falling from a tree he was working to cut down. He was working to clear trees damaged during Hurricane Sandy. 

Worker Killed Working with Bears

November 4 - Bozeman, MT - 24 year old Benjamin Cloutier died while cleaning out a pen that held two 500 pound trained brown bears. It is not clear if Cloutier was actually attacked by the bears as he had no defensive wounds nor had he used the bear repellant he was carrying. He may have fallen and struck his head before being mauled. He worked for Animals of Montana, Inc.

Construction Worker Dies in Fall

November 6 - Fort Collins, CO - 40 year old Joseph John Wiegand died when he fell from the interior roof to the floor while working on construction of a home.

Two Workers Murdered by Co-Worker

November 6 - Fresno, CA - 34 year old Manuel Verdin and 32 year old Salvador Diaz were murdered and two other employees received non fatal gunshot wounds when a co-worker went on a shooting rampage inside the Fresno Protein chicken processing plant.  Reports show the gunman shot his victims deliberately.  The gunman later shot himself.

Worker Struck by Car

November 7 - Bakersfield, CA - 25 year old James Chvalas Jr, an war veteran, died after being struck by a vehicle while working on a trench crew.  Chvalas had crossed the highway to get a shovel and when he attempted to again cross the lanes, he was struck. It is unclear who his employer was.  

Man Dies in Industrial Incident

November 7 - Dodgeville, WI - 54 year old Marc Nondorf died in an incident involving a forklift while working for Wick Homes. It appears a load he was moving with the lift collapsed and fell onto him.

Worker Dies of Unknown Causes

November 8 - Muskogee, OK - 33 year old Clint Woods was killed while working at the Georgia-Pacific paper plant in Muskogee. Woods worked as an electrical contractor who was subcontracted through Industrial Controls of Oklahoma. Details of the incident are not given. 

Captain Dies in Fire

November 9 - Chicago, IL - 54 year old Herbert "Herbie" Johnson, a Chicago Fire Dept. Captain, died while battling a blaze on the south side. Fire officials say a possible 'flash over' killed Johnson while he was helping to fight a two-story house fire.  

Worker Crushed Under Beam

November 10 - Sioux City, IA - 26 year old Cesar Balderama-Estrada was crushed under a heavy beam while working at the Sabre Industries site in Southbridge Business Park. It is unclear who his employer was.  

Highway Worker Killed

November 11 - Rodanthe, NC - 36 year old Michael Brad Stevenson of Hertford was killed when the dumptruck he was driving rear ended the back of another dump truck, causing his truck to catch fire.  Stevenson was a Dept. of Transportation employee working on a storm damaged section of highway.

Cell Tower Collapse Kills Worker

November 11 - Farmington, NM - 51 year old Sammy Pacheco was killed during construction of a cell phone tower. He was employed by L&B Telecommunication, LLC.  Pacheco was on an already-placed section of the tower but was knocked off and to the ground after a crane failed to fully lift another piece of the tower over the other section.  

Officer Struck byTruck

November 12 - Henry County, GA - 53 year old Officer Elgin L. Daniel was struck and killed while he was assisting a motorist.  A roadside assistance worker was also struck by survived. Both were struck when another vehicle hit swerved into them.

Snapped Cable Causes Death

November 12 - Fontana, CA - Fernando Quezada died of blunt force trauma and another worker was injured while working for Oldcastle Precast when a cable snapped; striking them.  The cable was being wrapped on an industrial sized spool to keep it taut.

Man Dies at Loading Dock

November 12 - Malad, ID - 65 year old F. Dennis Thomas died when he fell from a loading dock and then was hit by the wheels of a big rig trailer. Thomas was using a power lift loaded with food but fell off backwards when he got too close to the edge.   

Worker Struck by Train

November 12 - Miami, FL - 48 year old George Andrews was killed while working on the tracks of a Miami-Dade Transit Metrorail train. It is unclear how or why Andrews was struck by the train.

Forklift Operator Killed

November 15 - Oakland, CA - 34 year old Eduardo Martinez Barajas suffered fatal head injuries when he was crushed under a forklift he was going to work on. Barajas worked for Super Link Plastics, a recycling company.

Dry Dock Worker Killed

November 15 - Hartford, CT - 23 year old Jason T. Sagez of Hardin was killed while working at National Maintenance & Repair in Hartford. He was a welder and maintenance worker.  He died after a chain that was holding a 4-ton tugboat propeller broke under the tension and struck him, knocking him into the Mississippi River.

Helicopter Pilot Dies in Crash

November 15 - Corning, NY - 24 year old Mackenzie Bleth of Grand Ronde was killed when the helicopter he was piloting became entangled in wires and crashed.  He was employed by Haverfield International inspecting transmission lines for New York State Electric & Gas Corp in upstate NY.

Tree Crushes Worker

November 16 - California City, CA - 55 year old Richard Dobrozdravic of Tehachapi was killed when a tree fell on him at the Hyundai Test track in California City.  Dobrozdravic was employed by Kett Engineering of Van Nuys and it appears the tree fell as it was being moved or carried by a backhoe operator.  

Deadly Oil Rig Explosion and Fire

November 16 - Grand Isle, LA - An oil rig explosion and fire on the Houston based Black Elk Energy platform killed two, injured many and one is still missing. According to this report, 42 year old Ellroy Corporal was killed, 28 year old Jerome Malagapo is missing and 49 year old Avelino L. Tajonera was among the injured but died on November 23rd. 

Mine Worker Crushed

November 17 - Equality, IL - 30 year old Chad Wayne Meyers of Goreville was killed when he was pinned by machinery he was operating and the coal rib. He was working for Peabody Energy's Willow Lake Mine near Equality.

Trench Collapse Kills Worker

November 20 - Raleigh, NC - 39 year old Luis Javier Martinez was killed when a trench he was working in collapsed. Martinez was working for J F Wilkerson Contracting installing a water line for the city. He was buried in about three feet of dirt. 

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