Friday, December 21, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

To all the families and friends of these beloved lost workers, please accept our sincerest condolences.  We feel your pain and loss......

April 2, 2012 - Claremont, MN - 40 year old Eric Rumstick died of injuries sustained in a fall from scaffolding while working for Rumstick Construction LLC. 

April 4 - Stickney, IL - 40 year old Jason Bruscato died of blunt force trauma when he was struck by a truck while working for Village of Stickney-Public Works.

 April 4 - Boyden, IA - 28 year old Chris Kannegieter of Little Rock, IA died while working for Demco Manufacturing Co. 

April 5 - Johnston, SC - 27 year old Mauricio M. Huitron died of electric shock while working for Carolina Farms and Harvesting.

April 11 - Augusta, SC - 19 year old Michael Cole Kugler died of crushing injuries when pinned between a truck and trailer while working for Southeasten Freight Lines.

April 11 - Lafayette, IN - 54 year old William Harrison died after being trapped under an overturned cement truck while working for Woody Enterprise.

April 11 - Salem, OR - 36 year old Matthew J. Barron died of what appears to be natural causes while working security for State of Oregon's Oregon State Hospital.

April 18 - Rocky Point, NC - 34 year old Gilberto Arias de Los Santos died when he was caught in a piece of machinery while working for Lewis Nursery and Farms, Inc. 

April 18 - Draper, UT - 52 year old Thayne Hansen died in an automobile-pedestrian incident while working for Hansen Design, Inc.

April 18 - Anchorage, AK - 43 year old Michael Curry was shot and killed during an attempted robbery while working for R&R Garage, LLC.

April 19 - Wilmington, CA - 51 year old Luis Emilio Zepeda died of unknown causes while working for Coastal Transport Services, Inc.

April 20 - Fellows, CA - 57 year old Gregory Thomas of Bakersfield died of fracture trauma while working for Key Energy Services, Inc. oil field. 

April 25 - Edinburg, VA - 48 year old Michael Allen Markle died of a fracture injury while working for Camp Strawderman, Inc.

April 26 - New Palestine, IN - 22 year old Oren A. Killibrew of Indianapolis died of drowning when the tractor he was on rolled into a pond and he became trapped while working for PJE Lawncare & Property Maintenance.

May 1, 2012 - Brooklyn, NY - 61 year old Gregory Jackson died of a heart attack while attending a parks department meeting with his employer Brownsville Recreation Center. 

May 1 - Marion, IA - 48 year old Scott Penrod died of a fracture injury while working for A-1 Siding, Inc.

May 2 - Indianapolis, IN - 51 year old Paul Profrock died when he was pulled into machinery while working for E&B Paving.

May 3 - Colusa, CA - 59 year old Daniel Kesterson died when a wall he was salvaging fell onto him while working for Ken's Firewood.

May 4 - Chesapeake, VA - 48 year old Joseph Attical died on the job while working for Precon Marine.

May 7 - Soquel, CA - 60 year old David Pini of Watsonville died of fracture injuries when a tractor he was operating went off a steep embankment while working for Tom Johnson Construction, Inc.

May 8 - Indianapolis, IN - 54 year old Bradley D. Arthur of Spencer died after being struck by a drunk driving while working for Milestone Contractors LP.  

May 9 - Sacramento, CA - 62 year old Abdul Saladuhuddin died of unknown injuries while working for Abdullam Salahuddin.

May 9 - Stockton, CA - 55 year old Kenneth Averette died of unknown injuries while working for Mike Campbell & Associates.

May 10 - Honolulu, HI - 42 year old Joseph "Kepa" Irvine died of unknown injuries while working for Honolulu Disposal Service, Inc.

May 11 - New Castle, IN - 55 year old Chad E. Unverzagt died of massive blood loss while working for Hoosier A1 Sanitary Sewer Service.

May 25 - Central Square, NY - 31 year old Trooper Amanda Anna of Hastings died in a single vehicle patrol car accident.  She was a New York State Trooper out of the Hastings Substation.

May 25 - Smithfield, VA - 53 year old Adile Langley died of unknown injuries while working for Smithfield Packing Company, Inc.

May 29 - Asheville, NC - 49 year old Charles James Baker of Greeneville, TN died of massive blunt force trauma after being struck by a vehicle while working for Southern Concrete Materials in Asheville, NC. 

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