Friday, December 28, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

USMWF give honor and remembrance to those workers who have died on the job.

June 1, 2012 - Nashville, IN - 20 year old Chelsea Ann Lovett of Granger died of blunt force trauma when a tree fell onto her while leading a horse-guided tour for Brown County Guided Trail Ride.

June 5 - Bloomington, MN - 37 year old Shawn Sprinkles of Harris died of head trauma injuries while working for Veit Companies, LLC.

June 5 - Oroville, CA - 45 year old Peter Scott Monti died in a logging incident of a fracture injury while working for Bamford Timber.

June 7 - Watsonville, CA - 37 year old Alberto Reyes died of unknown injuries while working for Vision Farms.

June 12 - Henderson, NV - 54 year old Daniel Emerson died of unknown causes while working for Harber Company, Inc.

June 13 - Buffalo, NY - 33 year old Jacqueline (Jackie) Wisniewski was murdered by her doctor ex-boyfriend while working at Erie County Medical Center.

June 15 - Albany, NY - 55 year old Michael Cook of Selkirk died suddenly while working at the Albany City Schools Main Office.

June 18 - Parsonsburg, MD - 34 year old Shawn William Malone of Salisbury, was crushed under several hundred pounds of drywall sheets while working on a home for Cooper Road LLC.

June 21 - Brentwood, CA - 69 year old Jim D. Odom of Antioch, died in a construction site incident while working for Jimmy A. Odom General Building.  

June 26 - Norfolk, VA - 58 year old John Frederisy died of unknown causes or injuries while working for Crown Corr, Inc.

July 2, 2012 - Oakland, CA - 47 year old Randy Wayne Sisler died of head injuries when his harness broke and he fell to the ground while cutting a tree.  He was owner of Oakland Timberjax, LLC.

July  13 - Irvine, CA - 59 year old Soledad Randon died of unknown injuries or cause while working for Dupont Residential Care.

July 16 - Quincy, CA - 47 year old Todd Raymond Walker of Red Bluff died after he was struck by logs rolling off his logging truck while working at Sierra Pacific Industries lumber.  He was owner of Todd Walker dba Todd Walker Trucking.

July 27 - Normal, IL - 50 year old Paul Collins died of unknown injuries or cause while working for IL State University.

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