Monday, January 14, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

As always, our hearts and thoughts are with the families and friends of these good workers who lost their lives on the job.

Worker Dies of Natural Causes

March 14, 2012 - Ashburn, VA - 74 year old Nicolas Giampietro died of natural causes while on his lunch break. He did sustain a few minor injuries during his fall and died on the 18th at a hospital. He was working for L-3 Unmanned Systems, Inc.

 Man Suffers Electrocution

March 21 - Goldsboro, NC - 58 year old Roland Harlow died on the job while working for SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.  He was working on a transformer when he touched an object and he became the path to ground and was electrocuted.  He died on June 1, 2012.

 Woman Suffers Fatal Fall

March 22 - Woodbridge, NJ - 73 year old Jean Donato died from injuries sustained in a fall while participating in the mayor's exercise event.  She fell down several concrete steps and hit her head.  She was working for Woodbridge Township Board of Education. 

Medical Event Causes Worker's Death

March 26 - Chesapeake, VA - 57 year old Gary L. Parris died of a probable medical event while he was operating a front end loader.  He was employed by Allied Concrete Products, LLC.

 Worker Dies of Toxic Ingestion

March 30 - Nanjemoy, MD - 35 year old Roger Townsend died under tragic circumstances while working for Melwood Horticultural Training.  Having a history of seizures he was disoriented and instead of drinking water he mistakenly swallowed a gas/oil mixture that was contained in a plastic container. 

Fall From Height Causes Workers Death

April 2, 2012 - Doral, FL - 55 year old Edelberto Escalera died on the job when he fell approximately 35 feet when he fell through a roof skylight at the end of his work day. He owned Edelesca Service, Inc.

Head Trauma Causes Death

April 2 - Gulfport, MS - 43 year old Shannon P. Reeves died of head trauma after falling from a yacht to the ground below.  He was employed by Progressive Products & Service, a subcontractor for Premium Windows & Siding.

Crushing Injuries Causes Worker Death

April 6 - Sumrall, MS - 23 year old Thomas White died after being crushed under a falling tree he was helping cut.  He was employed by Looks Great Services of MS, Inc.

Tow Truck Driver Struck by Motorist

April 7 - Florence, SC - 24 year old James Coffey of Timmonsville died on the job when he was struck by a motorist while assisting another tow truck driver. He was employed by Millers Foreign Car.  

Worker Suffers Crushing Injuries

April 9 - Winchester, VA - 54 year old Jack Taylor was killed on the job while working for Rubbermaid Commercial Products.  He was operating a stand-up forklift and struck a horizontal beam. He was ejected from the lift and the 8,500 lb beam fell onto him. 

Man Struck by Vehicle

April 9 - San Juan, Puerto Rico - 60 year old Gaspar Hernandez died on the job when he was struck by a client's vehicle at a shipping location.  He was employed by Maderas 3C, Inc.

Possible Stroke Causes Man's Death

April 10 - Irvine, CA - 55 year old Steve Miller died while he was working for Dino's Masonry, Inc.  Miller felt dizzy and he died of a probable stroke.

Sanitation Worker Dies From Fall

April 13 - Peekskill, NY - 40 year old John Fischer II, a maintenance worker, died April 23rd of head injuries he sustained while working for Peekskill City DPW.  He was working on a garbage truck when he was ejected from the truck, falling head first onto the ground.

Man on Mower Struck by Motorist

April 17 - Collinsville, VA - 75 year old George Lee Marlowe of Martinsville was killed on the job while working for Patrick Henry Community College. He was operating a riding lawn mower when it collided with a vehicle and he was knocked off.

Dump Truck Backs Over Worker

April 17 - Deerfield Beach, FL - 53 year old Ricardo Corrales of Hialeah suffered fatal head trauma when he was struck and run over by a dump truck driver who was backing up the truck.  

Transportation Worker Killed

April 24 - Red Oak, IA - 54 year old Wallace G. Lerebvre of Callaway died on April 26 while working in Omaha, NE.  He suffered fatal spine and head trauma when he fell from the top of a tanker trailer.

Utility Worker Electrocuted

April 25 - Middletown Springs, VT - 53 year old Russell Callahan suffered a fatal electric shock while working for Adirondack Utility Construction.  Callahan was installing internet service when the part of his bucket truck came into contact with hit a power line. 

Worker Dies of Unknown Cause

April 26 - Chicago, IL - 62 year old Thomas Osborne died June 12 of unknown injuries while working for the City of Chicago.  He had just inspected a building and was struck by a car while walking across the street.

USP Driver Struck by Vehicle

April 27 - Lower Manhattan, NY - Michael Rogalle was killed while working for United Parcel Service when an SUV driver jumped the curb striking Rogalle. He died at an area hospital on April 29.  

Worker Dies From Fall Injuries

May 5, 2012 - Tacoma, WA - 59 year old Robert Brown died May 18 after he suffered injuries due to a fall while working for Americold Logistics, LLC.  After becoming stranded on a boom lift another worker attempted to use his forklift with pallets to help him down.  Unfortunately the pallets shifted under Brown and he fell 35 feet. 

Employee Collapses While Working

April 8 - Virginia Beach, VA - 60 year old Nenita Aquino died of probable natural causes when she collapsed while sweeping floors.  She was employee by WalMart. 

Heart Attack Claims Worker

May 18 - Wilton, CA - 62 year old Fidel Ramirez died May 22 after suffering a heart attack as he was leaving work after trimming in a vineyard. He was employed with Martin H. Aldana.

Marine Worker Dies of Crushing Injuries

May 17 - Seattle, WA - 61 year old Paul Stewart died of injuries received while working at SSA Marine Inc. Reports state he was caught between the mast of a forklift and overhead protection.  He apparently climbed over the steering wheel and inadvertently activated the controls with his foot tilting the mast back onto his body.

Medical Issue Causes Death

May 19 - Livermore, CA - 35 year old Colin Jude Klausner of Castro Valley died of a heart attack as he was leaving an event he was working as caterer.  He was employed by Wente Bros/Wente Family Estates.   

Worker Dead of Head Trauma

May 21 - Bardstown, KY - 37 year old Benito Cruz Moreno of Bloomfield died of head trauma due to a fall while working for Raisor Construction, LLC.  He fell from a walkboard to the ground.  

Man Dies in Fall From Grain Elevator

May 30 - Crawfordsville, IN - 72 year old Richard "Dick" Lowe of Darlington died in a fall while working on a grain bin.  He was self employed with Lowe Construction and was using a crane to remove a filter box. The box swung one direction but as it swung back it struck Mr. Lowe, causing him to fall to the ground.  


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