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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Continuing with our list of worker's we did not find previously.  As always, our hearts go out to the families of these hard workers.

JUNE 2012 

June 5 - Otsego, MI - 28 year old Matt McKee was killed on the job when he became caught in the running belt of a conveyor.  He was employed with Renewed Earth, Inc.

June 5 - San Pedro, CA - 52 year old William Ojers III died of a medical event while working for Abhe & Svoboda.

June 7 - Catano, Puerto Rico - 30 year old Manuel A. Fernandez was killed on the job when the driver of a garbage truck backed over Fernandez causing head trauma.  He was employed by Andres Reyes Burgos, Inc.

June 7 - Virginia Beach, VA - 30 year old Jose Bustamante died when he fell into an elevator shaft while at lunch.  He was employed by Carlos Ramirez.

June 13 - Raleigh, NC - 50 year old Randy Wilson died when he was struck from behind by a car while he was testing fuel at a gas station manhole.  He was employed by Clean Fuels of Indiana, Inc.

June 13 - Memphis, TN - 40 year old Dionicio Beltran died when he was caught by a loading arm of a garbage truck while working on the packing mechanism.  He was employed by Scruggs Equipment Co, Inc.

June 15 - Olive Hill, KY - 55 year old Paul Michael Walters died on the job of heat exhaustion while working on the roof of a local school.  He was employed by Fairfax, Inc.

June 15 - Tenmile, OR - 30 year old Daniel Garcia was killed when a choked log broke loose and flew directly at him while working for Millicoma Logging, LLC.

June 18 - Nashville, TN - 47 year old Jay Luther died of asphyxia when he became trapped inside a cooler unit that lost power when the door closed behind him which had a missing lock release mechanism.  Workers were using dry ice to keep the unit cold which he was exposed to. He was found the following day.  He was employed by Food Business, Inc.

June 19 - Leesburg, VA - 65 year old Sanford H. Gulick died when he was struck on the head by an excavator bucket that he was working on.  He was employed by Gulick Excavating, Inc.

June 19 - Tucson, AZ - 44 year old Mark Geise died of heat exhaustion while working for Seese Construction & Management.

June 20 - Deming, NM - 29 year old Adam Cabrera died when he fell through a hole while repairing an air conditioner unit.  He was employed by South Plains Implement, Ltd.

June 21 - Lake Orion, MI - 62 year old David Mastny was killed on the job while working as a refueling porter for Powers Distributing Co.  He was found crushed under multiple kegs that had fallen from the back of a semi truck.

June 22 - Central City, IL - 55 year old Michael Fontaine was killed on the job when the limb of tree that was on fire fell onto him.  He was awaiting the arrival of a fire truck. He was employed with Village of Central City.

June 22 - Hollister, CA - 35 year old Jose Gonzales died while working in a field after he passed out. He was employed by Swank Farms.

June 27 - Sheridan, NY - 64 year old Ronald J. Keddie died of a heart attack after responding to his station for a call.  He was employed by Sheridan Fire Department.

June 27 - Dandridge, TN - 74 year old Hulet Lee Ducker was killed when he fell from a mezzanine in a storage barn while working for Dandridge Golf and Country Club.

June 29 - Baxter, KY - 42 year old Bobby A. King, Jr. died of crushing injuries when the forklift he was operating overturned onto him.  He was employed by Bluegrass Materials Co.

June 30 - Fresno, CA - 47 year old Jesus Carrillo died after he was found unresponsive inside a walk-in refrigerator stocking shelves.  He was employed by Vallarta Food Enterprises, Inc.

JULY 2012

July 2 - Jessup, MD - 50 year old Kevin Diggs died of crushing injuries when he reached through the space between the top of a forklift mast and edge of cab and was pinned.  He was employed by Elite Spice, Inc. (recycling)

July 9 - Watsonville, CA - 45 year old Liborio Garcia collapsed and died while picking fruit due to an aneurysm that was not work or heat related.  He was employed by Oasis Berry Farms, Inc.

July 10 - Buffalo, NY - 61 year old Carl Yost died when he struck a concrete barrier while driving a work vehicle.  He may have had a heart attack.  He was employed with the Buffalo City DPW Office.

July 10 - Canby, OR - 48 year old Gregory Priest was killed while performing road construction when he was struck by the driver of a vehicle.  He was employed with Knife River Corp.

July 11 - Fresno, CA - 24 year old Regan Johnson died when he was struck by a vehicle while working on a highway resurfacing project for Windsor Fuel Co.

July 13 - Albany, NY - 77 year old Esterina Trichilio fell while cleaning and broke his leg. He died of surgery complications.  He was employed with NYS Office of General Services.

July 19 - Germantown, TN - 52 year old Jose Guadalupe Hernandez was killed when he fell from a roof that he was helping clean off old materials, throwing them to the ground. He was working for Rafael Esparza Lopez.

July 23 - Locust Valley, NY - 45 year old Jorge Guevara was killed when the over sized cement mixer he was driving struck an bridge overpass, causing it to go out of control and strike another vehicle. He was working for Locust Valley CSD.

July 30 - Galt, CA - 69 year old William Portillo was unloading a rack of baked goods from the rear of a delivery truck when the rack tipped over and pinned him under it.  He was employed by Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.


Aug 1 - Indianapolis, IN - 58 year old Anthony Graves died on the job of blunt force head trauma while working for Henry Schein, Inc.

Aug 1 - Henderson, NV - 49 year old Lou Lucido died of injuries he sustained from being cut by pressurized spewing fluid from a cracked hydraulic cylinder. He was employed by ROC Equipment, LLC.

Aug 1 - Malone, NY - 61 year old George C. Joyal died as the result of a tragic set of circumstances while working for NYSDOCCS Franklin Correctional Facility. It appears Mr. Joyal slipped from a chair and as he hit the floor it caused a bone spur in his neck to dislodge. It caused paralysis and when told he would be permanently paralyzed he asked to be removed from life support.

Aug 5 - Las Vegas, NV - 57 year old Steve Mason died of heat exhaustion while working at a stadium event for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Aug 6 - Pasco, WA - 63 year old Jose Jara Enriquez died from unknown causes after collapsing at work. He was employed by Twin City Foods.

Aug 8 - Buffalo, NY - 48 year old Christopher Taczak was found unresponsive at his desk and later died of unknown causes. He was employed with Erie County Medical Center (ECMCC).

Aug 21 - Beverly Hills, MI - 58 year old Kevin Patterson died of positional asphyxia when he was trapped inside his overturned dump truck.  He was employed with Oakland County Road Commission.

Aug 23 - Charleston, IL - 59 year old Doug Lawhead died of heart attack while in a meeting on the Eastern IL University-College campus.  He was a photojournalist instructor.

Aug 25 - Louisville, KY - 39 year old Sergio Perez "Poncho" De La Cruz died on the job when he fell from a ladder, and then the ladder fell onto his head. He was employed with Jorge Vargas Martinez.


Sept 13 - Manteca, CA - 54 year old Calvin Pitto died while on the job when he was struck by a truck driven by a co-worker.  He was employed by Delicato Winery.

Sept 15 - Modesto, CA - 52 year old Clemente C. Galan died on Sept 17 after being removed from lift support. He was working in a guard shack when he collapsed while working for Panella Trucking.

Sept 21 - Bayamon, Puerto Rico - 70 year old Ramon Vazquez died when he fainting walking down stairs while working on school construction for Bermudez Longo Diaz Masso Se.  It was determined he suffered a stroke.

Sept 24 - Indianapolis, IN - 55 year old Ken Wiltsie died of a gunshot wound to the chest under unknown circumstances.    He was working for Indiana Women's Prison.

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