Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

We are doing our best to catch up all the workers from 2012.  It takes time to receive the information that we request.  But we're almost there!  Our hearts and minds never leave the many victims of workplace fatalities and our thoughts are with their families. 


August 1 - Miamisburg, OH - 61 year old Mark Rainey of Dayton died of unknown causes while on his first day of work for A.H. Sturgill Roofing, Inc.  He was working on a roof when he began to act lethargic, loopy, slumped over and became unconscious.  

August 1 - Marshall, TX - 41 year old Michael Noel died of electrocution while in an aerial bucket trimming trees.  He was employed by Fason Tree Service.

August 2 - Fort Walton Beach, FL - 56 year old Ronnie Blackmon died on the job while working for D & B Builders, Inc.  He was taking measurements when he lost his balance, falling approximately 16 feet.

August 3 - Liberty, MO - Edward Robets (Roberts?) died of injuries he sustained while working for RR Donnelly Company.  He fell while attempting to work on an existing air line. Other details not known. 

August 3 - Dayton, OH - 58 year old William "Bill" Hounshell died after being injured on July 27 while working for ATW Automation, Inc.  He was struck by/caught between two conveyors and suffered a broken spine.

August 4 - New Albany, OH - 29 year old Fermin Hernandez died of fall injuries while working for Horacio Trejo.  He was reaching for materials when he slipped and fell from the roof of a building.

August 7 - Keithville, LA - 28 year old Derek Sonnier died of reported pulmonary congestion while working for Elite Coil Tubing Solutions, LLC.  

August 7 - Midland, TX - 20 year old Daniel Sauls died when an ATV machine he was operating flipped on top of him while he was trimming weeds.  He was employed by AAW Services. 

August 7 - Fond Du Lac, WI - 63 year old David Miller, Sr. suffered crushing injuries while working for ACH Foam Technologies, LLC.  He was crushed by a pneumatic door on a steam expander silo. 

August 7 - Broken Arrow, OK - 40 year old Francisco G. Matehuala died of heat related stress while working for Ron Davis.  Other details are unknown.

August 8 - Chicago, IL - 61 year old Joseph Malinowski died on the job while working for Ogden Avenue Materials, Inc.  He slipped on a conveyor frame, fell onto a scaffold and then to the ground.

August 8 - Palmetto, GA - 35 year old Leo L. Robinson was killed on the job while working for Exel, Inc.  He was pinned under an overturned forklift he was operating. 

August 8 - Palmetto, GA - 35 year old Leo L. Robinson died of crushing injuries when he was trapped under an overturned forklift.  He was employed by Randstad US, L.P.  

August 9 - Pembroke Pines, FL - 33 year old Marvin Vasquez died after becoming ill while working as a landscaper for National Core Services Corp., dba Grounds Group.

August 9 - Atlanta, GA - 35 year old Antonio Guzman died after being struck by lightening after picking up his lunch box from his work truck.  He was employed by AAA, National USA, Inc. 

August 10 - Conley, GA - 31 year old Jeremy Sisler was killed on the job when the elevated cab of a semi truck fell down pinning him to the frame of the truck.  He was working for DJS Tractor & Trailer Service, Inc. and Qualawash Holding, LLC. 

August 11 - York, PA - 59 year old Bernard "Bernie" Lenhardt Jr. died of blunt force injuries when brakes failed on a vehicle he was operating.  He was employed by BAE Systems.

August 11 - Commerce City, CO - 28 year old Juan Garcia died while working for MG Transportation.  He was working on the back of a truck when another worker started the truck. The truck then lurched and knocked him to the ground.

August 13 - Manchester, OK - 55 year old Byron Little Coyote of Enid died while at work for Atlas Drilling Company when he fell from a height at an oil rig.  

August 14 - Brentwood, NY - 46 year old Patricia Selegna-Maqueda was killed when a house exploded.  She was employed with State Farm Insurance and was at the home regarding a flooding claim when a propane explosion occurred.  A small child was also killed. 

August 14 - Dalhart, TX - 50 year old Louis Kelly was electrocuted when copper ground wire he was wrapping around a vehicle fell across high voltage lines.  He was employed by Complete Power Pole Inspection, Inc.  

August 14 - Fort Worth, TX - 34 year old Keith Cook died of blunt force injuries when he fell from a ladder that became unstable.  He was employed by Frontline Property Management, Inc., dba Candle Chase Apartments.

August 15 - Aspermont, TX - 58 year old James Green died of a heart attack while working for GEM Drilling. 

August 15 - Williston, ND - 39 year old Jason Pinasco of Higden, AZ died of blunt force injuries when he was struck on foot by a vehicle that was being moved during an oil rig blow-out. He was working for Zavanna LLC. 

August 15 - Pangburn, AR - 40 year old Ronnie Youngblood of Adona died while working for Millsap Construction, Inc. when he fell ill working in a remote location. 

August 16 - Wooster, AR - 21 year old Justin Robinson was electrocuted when he inadvertently touched a live wire while stripping wires on a job site.  He was employed by Hammett Electric, Inc.

August 16 - Atlanta, TX - 19 year old Joshua Alexander died on the job when he was buried in an unprotected trench collapsed. At the time he was working for John Hathcock Construction.

August 16 - Houston, TX - 59 year old Simon Coverson III died while working for Andrews Transport, LP.  He died of a probable, unwitnessed, fall from a trailer. 

August 16 - Ridgewood, NY - 43 year old Anthony Consalvo died of blunt force injuries when the ladder he was using on a warehouse rack became unstable and as it fell, caused Consalvo to fall backwards. He was employed by M&V Provisions Co., Inc. 

August 17 - Deer Park, TX - 45 year old Brian Johns was injured on July 16 when he was sprayed with a hot condensate during equipment operation while working for Dow Chemical, Texas, Inc.  He died on August 17 from his injuries.

August 17 - Loxahatchee, FL - 50 year old Charles Sears of Riviera Beach was killed when, as a passenger in a garbage truck, was crushed under the truck as it overturned.  He was employed with Waste Pro USA, Inc.

August 19 - Hockley, TX - 36 year old Arturo Pineda was killed on the job when he was caught in a dust explosion caused by a cutting torch.  He was working for Jordan General Contractors, Inc.

August 19 - Hockley, TX -  27 year old Alejandro Limon was killed on the job when he was caught in a dust explosion caused by a cutting torch.  He was working for Jordan General Contractors, Inc.

August 20 - Theodore, AL - 55 year old Paul Hodgson was killed on the job when he was struck by falling pipes as he loosened the straps on a flatbed trailer. He was employed with Hertz Energy & Pump Services, Inc. 

August 20 - Harvey, LA - 46 year old Olen R. Duplessis Sr. died almost two weeks after being struck by a motorist while working in a work zone.  He was employed by Fleming Construction Company. 

August 21 - Allentown, PA - 34 year old Frederick Hossler died of crushing injuries when he was trapped by a tractor-trailer truck against a loading dock.  He was employed with J.C. Ehrlich Co., Inc., dba Ehrlich Pest Control.   Also listed is Amcor Rigid Plastics USA, Inc. and TransVantage Transportation, Inc.

August 22 - San Antonio, TX - 31 year old Victor Diaz died on the job when he fell 20 feet to the floor of a giant smokestack on his first day of work at the Pearl Brewery.  His employer, Celestino Cervantes, head roofer, cannot explain why Diaz was at or near the area where he fell. His body was discovered several days later.

August 22 - Peoria, IL - 54 year old Stanley Musgrave Jr., of Norwood was killed on the job when pressurized hydraulic fluid was released, striking Musgrave.  The high-powered stream cut off his arm and sliced into his abdomen.  He was working for Komatsu America Corp.

August 22 - El Campo, TX - 21 year old Abraham "Fat Boy" Bustamante suffered fatal blunt force head trauma when he was struck in the head by Gin-Poles while working for Pioneer Energy Services, Inc.  

August 23 - Philadelphia, PA - 22 year old Keith Amos died of crushing injuries while at work for Trico Lift.  He was laying behind the right rear wheel of a flatbed truck when for some reason the truck went into reverse, rolling onto Amos.

August 24 - Durant, OK - 57 year old Sammy Clay Schultz of Kenefic died while at work when an explosion of plasma cutting heads threw metal parts into him.  He was employed by Roll Offs USA, Inc.  

August 24 - Harvey, LA - 37 year old Wali Muhammad died in an explosion and fire while working for Golden Leaf Energy, Inc.  It is reported that he was using an inappropriate tool from an ungrounded cage tote which caused a chemical explosion causing a fire. 

August 24 - Philadelphia, PA - 39 year old Joseph Curcio died while working after he fell approximately 114 feet while working for Palmer Waterproofing, Inc.  

August 25 - Cocoa, FL - 63 year old Thomas Pesaturo was killed on the job when a 1,000 pound slab of granite fell from a truck and onto him.  He was employed by Stone and Surface Designers, Inc. 

August 25 - Jonesboro, AR - 34 year old Javier Valverde died of unknown causes while working for David Inman Construction.  Reports state he had just finished cutting a joist when he stood up, stiffened and fell 11.5 feet to the ground.  Another employer listed is J. Cook Enterprises, Inc.

August 26 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - 31 year old Jorge Carrera-Zarate died of electrocution when he touched a live wire while trimming trees for All Florida Tree & Landscape, Inc.

August 27 - Dover, NJ - 52 year old Wayne Mong of Egg Harbor Township was killed at work when a top heavy forklift he was operating began to overturn. When he attempted to exit the machine, it tipped over, crushing him.  He was employed by AWG Painting/National Maintenance & Build Out Design.  

August 27 - Medley, FL - 19 year old Alexander Lubian suffered fatal head injuries when he struck his head on the floor after losing his balance on a conveyor and falling approximately 3 feet. He was employed by Forward Air Solutions, Inc.

August 27 - Loyal, OK - 32 year old Martin Melecio-Israel Banuelos Nevarez died of crushing injuries when a 20 foot tall heater fell onto him.  He was employed with Southwest Oilfield Construction Company.

August 27 - San Juan, Puerto Rico -  55 year old Tomas Pacheco-Rodriguez was killed while working when he was struck by and became trapped between two trucks while working for Crowley Puerto Rico Services, Inc.

August 27 - Kooskia, ID - 52 year old Vernie R. Sinclair of Weippe suffered fatal blunt force injuries when he was struck by a tree that had been felled by another logger.  He was employed by Finke Logging Company, Inc. 

August 29 - Honolulu, HI - 74 year old Chang Hwan Kim drowned while working under a floating dock.  He was employed with Kuapa Isle Association of Apartment Owners.

August 30 - Thomson, GA - 61 year old Edward Chambers, Jr. suffered massive blunt force trauma when a five-ton overhead crane came off the beams it sat on, falling to the ground and striking Chambers.  He was employed by Two State Construction Company, Inc. 

August 30 - Rye, NY - 34 year old Ceasar Magana died of fall injuries while working for Werkheiser Roofing, Inc.  He apparently disconnected his fall protection harness and began to descend the ladder.  His foot got caught and he fell approximately 20 feet to the ground.

August 30 - Watertown, NY - 24 year old Travis E. Fuller was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist as he was performing his flagman duties.  He was employed with Jefferson Concrete Corp. 

August 30 - Lithia Springs, GA - 40 year old Calvin Carter suffered fatal crushing injuries when a forklift he was working under fell onto him.  He was employed with Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta.

August 31 - Stonewall, TX - 30 year old Billy Walker died on the job when he fell approximately 200 feet.  He was employed with Ransor, Inc.  No other details are known.  

August 31 - Milton, MA - 28 year old Mark MacDougall died of possible electrocution while working for MacDougall Plumbing & Mechanical LLC.  No other details are known.

August 31 - Corpus Christi, TX - 67 year old Ricardo Alegria Guzman died after receiving thermal burns while working for Sam Kane Beef Processors, Inc.  Details are unknown. 

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