Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

To the men and women who went to work but didn't make it home, we honor them and their families. Please feel free to contact us.


Sept 1 - Harlingen, TX - 23 year old Christopher Kruger died when he choked on a piece of food while working as a restaurant server.  He was employed by Concord Neighborhood Corporation dba Applebee's Grill & Bar.  

Sept 2 - Lincoln, AL - 22 year old Richard Kenda of Pell City died of crushing injuries when a jack being used on a trailer he was working under failed.  He was employed by AJ's Transport, LLC.

Sept 4 - Carnegie, PA - 39 year old Melvin Kinsinger of Greenville died when he fell from an upper roof area to a lower portion of a building he was working on.  He was employed by Green Tek Roofing.

Sept 4 - Cut and Shoot, TX - 44 year old Ranulfo Velasquez Perez was killed while working when he was crushed under a falling 2,000 pound flange housing while working for Rangeline Tapping Services, Inc.

Sept 4 - Kyle, TX - 37 year old Christopher Carlos Reyes died of electrocution while standing on a ladder.  He was employed with Mullen Electric Co.

Sept 4 - Flushing, NY - 31 year old Ezra Black was fatally stabbed in the neck during a verbal altercation with a co-worker. He was working for the New York Dept. of Parks & Recreation Al Oreter Recreation Center. 

Sept 5 - Houston, TX - 54 year old Jaime G. Silva died of blunt force injuries when he was crushed by the bucket of an excavator.  His shirt became entangled with the machine's controls while attempting to raise the front windshield which then activated the lowering of the bucket.  He was employed with Industrial TX Corp.

Sept 5 - Double Springs, AL - 34 year old Christopher Barton of Haleyville suffered fatal crushing injuries when a truck he was working under fell off a jack.  He was employed by Tidco Transportation, Inc.

Sept 6 - Swedesboro, NJ - 36 year old Steven Leonard of Coatesville died while working for Garden State Foundation Waterproofing, Inc.  He was inside a permit required confined space spraying waterproofing material when he was overcome. 

Sept 6 - Plain City, OH - 24 year old William "Logan" Krebehenne of Richwood died when he was crushed by a bull against a steel gate.  He was employed by Select Sires, Inc.

Sept 6 - Gleason, TN - 34 year old Isaac Meeks suffered fatal fall injuries when he fell from a cell phone tower that he was attempting to climb for practice.  He was wearing fall protection. He was working for Fuse Tech Wireless, LLC.

Sept 7 - Ringgold, PA - 51 year old Edward Geist of Punxutawney died from injuries sustained in an explosion and fire.  As fluid was being pumped out of a tank, there was an explosion and flash fire.  Geist was thrown approximately 10 feet and his clothes caught on fire.

Sept 7 - Alvin, TX - 26 year old Ezequiel Martinez died while at work for Ameriwaste, Inc.  He was riding a trash truck when it rolled pinning him.  The handle on the truck pierced his heart.

Sept 9 - Moselle, MS - 39 year old Ronnie Duffy died on the job when he fell into a screw conveyor while working for Southern Hens, Inc.   

Sept 10 - Cedar Grove, WI - 38 year old Lemuel Aguirre of Sheboygan suffered fatal blunt force injuries when he was caught in a shell core molding machine.  He was working for Willman Industries, Inc.

Sept 10 - Mt. Vernon, IA - 31 year old Justin Steenhard of Elma was killed at work when the backhoe he was operating rolled off a roadway, pinning him under it.  He was employed by Concrete Foundations, Inc.

Sept 10 - Pittston, PA - 38 year old Shailesh Patel of Duryea suffered massive body trauma when he was crushed under a machine when it fell on him at a plastics and paper cup plant.  He was employed by Letica Corporation.  

Sept 10 - Amarillo, TX - 74 year old Eugene "Gene" D. Henry died of blunt force head and body trauma when he was truck by a steer.  He was hit in the ribs with sufficient force to throw him into a fence post where he struck his head.  He was working for K & S Parrott, LLC dba Amarillo Livestock Auction.  

Sept 10 - San Antonio, TX - 72 year old Eudaldo Martinez died on the job while working for Stagg, LLC.  He was mopping a floor when he slipped and fell to the floor.  

Sept 10 - Brooklyn, NY - 67 year old Winston Gillette suffered fatal crushing injuries as he worked under a floor of a construction site that was overloaded with masonry materials and collapsed onto him.  He was employed by S&B Masonry Corp.

Sept 10 - Wichita, KS - 26 year old Matt Lyons died on the job when he fell approximately 12 feet from an upper level into a pit.  He was employed by Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.   He died the next day.

Sept 10 - Houston, TX - 22 year old Jamine Perez died of fall injuries when he lost his balance and fell from an elevation.  He was working for Pizzitola Guttering Co.

Sept 11 - Watkinsville, GA - 47 year old Mario A. Carranza died when the tractor he was using for mowing overturned on uneven ground.  He was working for Southeastern Growers, Inc.

Sept 11 - Las Vegas, NV - 50 year old Cayentano Solis aka Luis Lopez-Solis and Calletano Lopez drowned when a front end loader he was operating was overcome by flood waters which then swept him away.  He was employed by Par 3 Landscape & Maintenance.  

Sept 12 - Avon, OH - 63 year old Pangelli Makglis died of blunt force trauma when he was struck by a motorist in a road work zone.  He was employed by Athos Contracting, LLC and Mosser Construction, Inc.

Sept 12 - Tillamook, OR - 73 year old Robert Reinke of Florence suffered fatal crushing injuries when he was thrown from a roller machine as it rolled down a steep section of road.  He was employed by Farwest Portable Crushing, Inc.  

Sept 12 - Milan, OH - 67 year old Leon Smith of Norwalk died of blunt force injuries when he was struck by a rolling farm wagon.  He was employed with Growers Chemical Corporation dba Growers Mineral Solutions.  

Sept 12 - Lynnfield, MA - 48 year old Josais Neves died of fall injuries when a ladder he was standing on shifted against the side of a house causing him to fall from it.  He was employed by Yes! Painting dba David Crockett Carpentry.

Sept 13 - Englewood, TN - 37 year old Dale Gourley died at work while working for Nathaniel Wright dba Done Wright.  Gourley was working from a personnel platform that was elevated on the forks of a boom, when the machine tipped over.  

Sept 14 - Westerville, OH - 61 year old Larry Kostelnik of Blacklick died of crushing injuries when he became caught between two 24 ton steel coils while working for Worthington Cylinder Corporation.

Sept 14 - Jacksonville, FL - 39 year old Corey Baker died of blunt force injuries when he was crushed under the raised hopper of the machine he was operating.  He was employed with Econosweep & Maintenance Service, Inc.

Sept 14 - Mercersburg, PA - 46 year old Robert Brian Thomas of Fort Littleton was a paving construction worker when he was fatally struck by a motorist in a work zone.  He was employed with Robert D. McCulloh Excavating and Paving, Inc.

Sept 15 - Hebronville, TX - 25 year old Jeffery Ramirez of Laredo died after becoming ill due to heat stress several weeks earlier.  He was a Border Patrol Agent for the Dept. of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection. 

Sept 15 - Dalton, GA - 38 year old Brian Scotty Williams of Chatsworth was found unconscious inside the well of a tanker truck.  Details are unknown.  He was working for New South Distribution, Inc. 

Sept 17 - Menomonie, WI - 35 year old Joseph C. Janisch of Ellsworth died of electrocution when highway equipment he was working with made contact with overhead power lines.  He was employed by Highway Technologies, Inc.

Sept 17 - Peshastin, WA - 61 year old Christopher Seelye of Darby, MT was working on a wild fire in Washington state when he fell ill.  Exact cause of death is unknown.  He was employed with U.S. Timber Cutters.  

Sept 18 - Idalou, TX - 21 year old German Murguia of Amarillo died after he was struck by a truck that was transporting a trailer on a construction site.  He was struck as it passed by him.  He was employed by J. Lee Milligan, Inc. 

Sept 18 - Elm Mott, TX - 43 year old Manuel Rivas died of blunt force injuries when he was struck by a semi truck while installing a road sign.  He was employed by Williams Brothers Construction Co., Inc.  (see towards end of linked article)

Sept 18 - Houston, TX - 52 year old Juvencio Perez died of fall injuries when he fell from a tree branch that he was tied off to.  Details are unknown.  He was employed by Moss Landscaping, Inc.

Sept 18 - Cotulla, TX - 42 year old Undre Deon Jones died of blunt force injuries when he was struck by a valve and other hardware from a fracking manifold system that he was working on.  He was employed by FTS International, Inc.  His hometown is unknown.

Sept 20 - Ardmore, OK - 41 year old Gregory Lornes died while working when he was crushed under the overturned forklift he was operating.  He was employed by Atlantic Corporation of Wilmington, Inc.  

Sept 21 - Channelview, TX - 41 year old Paulino Garay died of crushing injuries when the trench compactor he was operating caused him to be caught between the roller and a house wall, forcefully pinning him by the machine.  He was employed by G.R. Birdwell Construction, LP.

Sept 21 - Soledad, CA - 40 year old Miguel Angeles died at work after suffering from a subdural hematoma (a form of traumatic brain injury) while hand-digging a trench.  He was employed with Constellations Wines US.  

Sept 21 - Issaquah, WA - Roger Adkins died when the Fed Ex truck he was driving drove off the roadway and crashed into a tree, then catching on fire.  A probably medical condition may have caused the crash.  He was employed by MJM Trucking, Inc. of Bonney Lake, WA.

Sept 21 - Waldport, OR - 69 year old John Thomas "Tom" Vanderbeek of Kirkland, AZ and Waldport died of blunt force injuries when he was struck by a boat.  He was operating a boat in a circle when the boat hit its own wake, ejecting Vanderbeek.  The boat came back around, striking him.  He was working for Alsea Bay Products. 

Sept 22 - Thomasville, GA - 42 year old Brent C. Coleman died when a ladder he was standing on became unstable, touching a power line, electrocuting him.  He was employed by Brian Cromer dba Brian Cormer.

Sept 22 - San Francisco, CA - 60 year old U Zaw Aung of Daly City died of blunt force injuries when, for an unknown reason, drove his service truck off the roadway and into a parked private jet at San Francisco International Airport.  He was employed by Prime Flight Aviation Services.  

Sept 23 - Boys Ranch, TX - 47 year old David Greenlee (hometown unknown) died when he was struck by shrapnel while working for Archer Underbalanced, LLC.  He was working with a piece of equipment when its booster exploded, sending shrapnel outward striking Greenlee who was standing in front of the equipment.

Sept 24 - Sugar Hill, GA - 28 year old Miguel Sanchez died on the job when he fell from an unsecured metal deck that shifted, allowing him to fall.  His lanyard was not secured.  He was employed by Kayco Erector, Inc.

Sept 24 - Rayne, LA - 36 year old Johnny Gammage died while working for SITI, LLC.  He was lying on the ground reaching into a storm water drain in order to trowel cement when he was run over by a truck driven by another employee.

Sept 24 - Windsor Locks, CT - 57 year old Joel Dehm of Somers suffered fatal head trauma when a wooden stake on a dump truck broke, causing the tailgate to fall, hitting Dehm.  He was employed by Galasso Materials, LLC. 

Sept 24 - Minot, ND - 50 year old Scott Staeck of WI died of fall injuries while working for S&S Flooring and Kinney Construction.  Supports for stairs had been removed and collapsed with Staeck stepped on them.  He fell approximately 21 feet.

Sept 24 - Houston, TX - 31 year old Louis Padilla died of electrocution when he made contact with energized wiring and fell from a ladder.  He was working for Justin & Hennifer Solares. 

Sept 25 - Pointe a la Hache, LA - 50 year old James Reid died while working when he apparently suffered a heart attack while operating a bulldozer.  The dozer then went into a pond and he drowned.  He was employed by Holliday Construction Company, LLC.

Sept 25 - Brooklyn, NY - 46 year old Mario Arana suffered fatal fall injuries when he fell approximately 50 feet while attempting to hoist materials to a roof.  He was not wearing fall protection.  He was employed by New Haven Maintenance, LLC.

Sept 25 - Vestal, NY - 47 year old Darryl Vavra died of fall injuries when he stepped off the edge while walking backward.  He was working for Dailey Enterprises, Inc. dba CM Restoration. 

Sept 27 - Flora, MS - 51 year old Limmie Tramble suffered fatal fall injuries when he fell from an unknown location, striking his head on the concrete floor.  Tramble was employed by Southland Container, Inc.

Sept 27 - Rankin, TX - 30 year old Jimmy Campos died at work while working for Viking Drilling.  He was using an ATV to move materials when the load contacted a power line that was strung between a generator and drilling rig.

Sept 28 - Englewood, NJ - 36 year old Javier Santos suffered a fatal head injury while working for Popcorn, Indiana.  He had a seizure while operating a forklift.  He fell from the machine and struck his head.

Sept 29 - Warren, MI - 41 year old Jason Thorpe of Marysville suffered fatal injuries while working for DiPonio Contracting, LLC.  Thorpe had extended a pipe into a roadway when a bus struck the pipe, propelling Thorpe into a crane's outrigger.  

Sept 29 - Prattville, AL - 59 year old Antonio Ramirez is reported to have fallen from a scaffold and then suffered a heart attack.  He was employed with NBC Acoustics, Inc.

Sept 29 - Chicago, IL - 53 year old Grzegorz Rarzonko died of fall injuries when he fell from a roof having no fall protection in place.  He was working for Exterior Building Solutions, Inc.

Sept 30 - Pittsburg, PA - 35 year old Steven Mehaffey died after falling approximately 20 feet while working for Bradley's Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc.

Sept 30 - Pittsburg, PA - 49 year old Robert Evans died while at work when he was found unresponsive next to the open valve of a Sour Gas line that he was tasked to manually drain.  He was employed by Shenango Inc.  

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Undre Deon Latrell Jones,my husband and father of our loving daughters.Truly missed....continuing to keep other employees and hard workers in our prayers. Cordonna

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