Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in American Workplace

We have in hand another list of our beloved workers who died last year and we do not want to forget them so we again back up to the end of 2012 to honor those we lost in our country.  Regardless of time past, our hearts go out to the families of these workers. 

September 21, 2012 - Fort Stockton, TX - 33 year old Hector Madrid died on the job while working for United Drilling, Inc when he was struck by an object. 

September 22 - Airmont, NY - 32 year old Celso Tebalan-Pixcar died while working when he was struck by a tree limb that fell onto him.  He was employed by Olmar Salazar who was not licensed. 

October 3, 2012 - Apollo Beach, FL - 23 year old Jose Ortega-Sunega died on the job when he fell from elevation while working for M.K.  Construction Group.

October 5 - Springfield, OH - 25 year old Matthew Clay died when his head was struck against a wall and stack of bricks.  His employer, Springfield Concrete Block, said he was leaving work at the time the incident happened.  

October 5 - Yukon, OK - 61 year old Roy Eugene Judd suffered a Cardiac/Respiratory incident while working for Anadarko Consultants, Inc.

October 6 - Granville, OH - 52 year old Michael Smith was killed on the job when he fell from an elevation.  He was employed with Par Golf Group, Inc.

October 8 - Houston, TX - 56 year old Frances "Frank" Vu died when he fell from an elevation at University of TX, MD Anderson.

October 10 - Doral, FL - 62 year old Jose Calderon Silva died on the job when a parking garage collapsed onto him while working at Miami-Dade College.  He was employed by Solar Erectors U.S., Inc.

October 11 - Watford City, ND - 45 year old Thomas McCarthy died on the job when he fell from an elevated area at a construction site.  He was employed with Pyramid Residential Construction.

October 22 - Tampa, FL - 23 year old Carlos Govea died on the job when he fell from an elevation while working for American Rice Growers.

October 22 - Garber, OK - 53 year old Ronald Harris was killed on the job when he was struck by an object.  He was employed with Garber Coop.

October 24 - Dublin, OH - 57 year old Keith Weisheimer of Hilliard died on the job after falling approximately eight feet from a ladder as he attempted to remove an item from a display.  He was working for Toys R Us. 

October 24 - LaBelle, MD - 48 year old Lanny Corbin died while working for Sharpe Holding, Inc. when he was struck by an unknown object.

October 26 - Selma, AL - 47 year old Marvin Bennett was killed on the job when he fell 16 feet from a fixed ladder while working at the Selma plant of Globe Metallurgical, Inc. 

October 26 - Fort Smith, AR - 52 year old Kevin Wisecarver died after he suffered an electric shock while working for Three Corners, LLC.

October 26 - Cleveland, AL - 69 year old George Allen was killed on the job when he was struck by an unknown object.  He was employed by Southeast Culvert, Inc.

October 28 - Prattville, AL - 58 year old Neil Taylor died of unknown injuries and an unknown cause while working for International Paper in Prattville.

October 29 - Miami, FL - 67 year old Jose Varela died after he fell from an elevation while working for Mila Services, Corp.

October 29 - New York, NY - 50 year old Anthony Nahr died on the job when he drowned as flood waters from Superstorm Sandy flooded the parking garage he was working in.  After the area was evacuated, his employer, Empire Parking Corp., required him to come in to watch over the few cars left in the garage.

October 30 - North Jackson, OH - 21 year old John Tomlin, Jr. of Niles, was killed on the job when he was pinned and crushed under a metal rack stacked with heavy aluminum.   Tomlin was employed by Extrudex Aluminum, Inc.

October 31 - Summerfield, TX - 21 year old Dakota Large died of injuries after being struck by an object in an unknown incident.  He was working for Bar G Feedyard.

October 31 - Dickinson, ND - 37 year old Chad Fawson of Lander, WY died as the result of a work related incident where he was caught in or between an object.  He was working for Western Oilfields Supply Co. in Dickinson.

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