Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in American Workplace

Continuing with our tributes of lost workers from 2012.  We shall never forget!  *Please note, I make every possible effort to find an online article to link to those found in this list but I'm often unsuccessful for whatever reason.  Our lists come from FOIA requests.  Thank you.

November 1, 2012 - Darien, WI - 63 year old Thomas Warn died on the job from an unknown incident/unknown injuries while working for Badger Grain Co., Inc.

November 1 - San Diego, CA - 23 year old Lucas Hansen of Ramona, was killed on the job when he fell from elevation.  He was working for Asbury Steel Construction. 

November 2 - New Brunswick, NJ - 53 year old Rafael Reyes died after being exposed to carbon monoxide from a generator.  He was employed with Sajoma Fried Chicken.

November 3 - Zionsville, PA - 38 year old Jerome Tyson of New Tripoli died on the job when a tree fell and struck him.  He was employed by J&T Home Maintenance.

November 4 - New York, NY - 25 year old Luis Antonio Guaman died on the job when he fell through a skylight at a pier in Manhattan while storing storm supplies. The report states he was ending his shift and had unhooked his harness when he fell.  He was employed with Yukon Enterprises.

November 5 - Galveston, TX - 40 year old James Miller and 40 year old James May died on the job when they were caught in or between an unknown object.  They were employed by Askew & Workers Construction.

November 5 - Baytown, TX - 20 year old Antonio Torres was killed on the job when he suffered injuries after being struck by an unknown object.  He was employed with Armor Industrial Fabricator.

November 6 - Flemington, NJ - 66 year old William Hardenburg of Bethlehem Township, was struck and killed by a motorist as he was clearing damage from Superstorm Sandy in front of a home.  He was an emergency management coordinator for Bethlehem Township.  

November 6 - Naples, FL - 55 year old Frank Shepherd died on the job from an incident related to inhalation while working for APAC-Southeast, Inc.

November 6 - Leedey, OK - 27 year old Aaron Gish of Norman died on the job when he suffered Cardio/Respiratory event in an unknown work event.  He was employed with Nomac Drilling.

November 7 - Mazomanie, WI - 54 year old Marc Nondorf of Dodgeville was killed on the job when a load of trusses fell onto him as he used a forklift to secure the load.  He was employed by Wick Buildings, LLC in Mazomanie.  

November 9 - Oswego, NY - 37 year old Lateef Haskins of Clay, died on the job when he fell three stories while installing metal decking at State University College in Oswego.  He was employed by Solvay Iron Works, Inc. 

November 9 - Nacogdoches, TX - 39 year old John F. Goode of Louisburg, KS was killed on the job when he fell from a tree he was cutting down at Stephen F. Austin University Azalea Garden in Nacogdoches.  He owned J. Goode Environmental Service and was possibly subcontracting for Drewery Tree Service. 

November 11 - Worchester, MA - 45 year old Duane Race of Putnam, CT died on the job when his bread truck was struck from behind by another motorist, killing him.  He was employed by Interstate Brands Corp.

November 11 - Hamilton, NJ - 58 year old William Pryor of Monroe died on the job when he suffered injuries from a same level fall.  He was employed by Robert Wood Johnson Health Services in Hamilton.

November 12 - Denver City, TX - 66 year old Pablo Garcia died on the job of an unknown cause while working for R&C Backhoe Services.

November 13 - Malad, ID - 65 year old F. Dennis Thomas died on the job when the power lift he was operating got too close to the edge of a loading dock and fell off backwards, then he was struck by the tires of a trailer because the driver didn't know he had fallen.  He was owner of Thomas Marker, Inc.

November 16 - Saint James, NY - 36 year old David Freberg of York, SC was killed on the job when he was struck by a tree limb when he was attempting to trim a fallen tree.  He was employed by Patriot Tree Service.

November 20 - Miami, FL - 54 year old Eduardo Lopez died on the job when he fell from an elevation while working for Landshark Roofing, Inc.

November 21 - Feasterville-Trevose, PA - 32 year old David Kelble, Jr. of Glenside died December 2, 2012 after he suffered head injuries after being struck in the head by a tree branch.  He was employed by Monster Tree Service.  He was also a Volunteer firefighter for the Weldon Fire Dept.

November 21 - Englewood, FL - 20 year old Alfredo Rodriquez died on the job when he was struck against an unknown object while working for Suncoast Environmental Service. 

November 27 - Nanicoke, PA - 51 year old Michael Martin suffered a medical event and died on the job while training to become part of PPL Susquehanna, LLC fire brigade.  He was working at the PPL nuclear power plant in Salem Township.

November 27 - San Antonio, TX - 48 year old Martin Medellin of Huntsville was killed on the job when a trailer he was working under fell, crushing him.  He was welding legs on the underside of a semi trailer when a jack malfunctioned, causing the trailer to fall.  He was employed with Unique Semi Tractor Trailer.

November 28 - Port Washington, NY - 54 year old Ignacio Maldonado died on the job when he fell from an unsecured ladder while attempting to check out a (Sandy) storm-damaged chimney.  He was employed by J.F.T. Enterprises, Inc. 

November 28 - Colts Neck, NJ - 59 year old Gene Arace of Union Township was killed on the job when part of a tree he was cutting up flew back, striking him.  He was employed by Garden State Tree & Lawn, LLC.

November 29 - Wheeling, IL - 37 year old Bernardo Martinez of Cicero died on the job after he fell into a 6,000 gallon sized chemical tank and was overcome by the toxic chemical at the bottom of the tank.  He had been cleaning the tank near the top of it before falling.  He was employed by Phoenix Industrial Cleaning and was working at the Sunnyside Corporation in Wheeling. 

November 29 - Merrick, NY - 61 year old Amid Uddin died on the job when he fell from an elevation in an unknown incident.  He was working for A1 Construction.

November 30 - Pearl River, NY - 59 year old James Hoyt of Bogata, NJ suffered fatal crushing injuries when a large crate being moved between trucks came down onto him.  He was working for Specialized Trucking, Inc. through Labor Ready. 


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