Friday, August 02, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these America's workers who did not go home after their work day.

March 13, 2013 - Avon, MA - 42 year old Michael Ledoux of Bridgewater was killed on the job when a co-worker ran over him with his semi truck. Ledoux had crawled under the truck but didn't inform the driver who then moved the truck.  He was employed with William H. Glancy & Sons, Inc./Glancy Crane Service & Rigging of Avon.  

May 11, 2013 - Issaquah, WA - 31 year old John Thomas Norman was killed on the job when he was involved in a tractor rollover.  He was employed with Goodwood Tree and Fire Wood Service.

May 20 - Moore, OK - Richard Jones died as the result of a tornado that ripped through Moore.  He was working in the Oklahoma City P&DC Moore post office branch when the tornado struck. 

May 24 - San Bernardino, CA - 47 year old Abel A. Aldrete of Colton was killed on the job when he was struck by a slow moving train in a San Bernardino rail yard.  He was an employee for  BNSF (Burlington North Santa Fe).

May 25 - San Bernardino, CA - 64 year old Maria Luisa Peinado of Colton died on the job after being crushed by a large metal gate that fell onto her.  She was attempting to put the gate back on it track after coming out when the incident happened.  She was a guard for Burrtec Industries.

May 28 - Corpus Christi, TX -  22 year old Christopher Cantu was killed on the job when he was crushed under a large cylinder full of sand blasting material as he was moving it at the Coastal Plating Company's plant. 

May 29 - College Station, TX - 49 year old Armando Gonzalez of Bryan died on the job when he was pinned under two 1,500 pound shoring panels while working on a construction site at the Texas A&M Health Science Center.  It is unclear who Gonzalez was working for. 

June 3, 2013 - Moody, TX - 62 year old Larry Goodwin, a Texas farmer, was killed after being attacked by a swarm of killer bees when he accidentally upset a hive.

June 5 - Watchung, NJ - 52 year old Hubert Humphrey Singley of Piscataway was injured while at work when he was struck with a stream of water under very high pressure that knocked him unconscious.  He was repairing a hydrant and a pipe burst.  He died on June 12th at an area hospital.  He was employed with New Jersey American Water Company. 

June 5 - Portland, OR - 17 year old Nikolay Kozhokar suffered fatal crushing injuries when a  semi-truck he was working under fell onto him after a hydraulic lift failed.  He was working for O & V Transport, LLC.  

June 6 - Manvel, ND - 58 year old Otis Gohman of Clear Lake, MN died on the job when he became trapped under a concrete grinder he was operating.  It is unclear who Gohman worked for.

June 6 - Fairmont, WV - 50 year old Robert Goff was killed on the job when he attempted to jump into a rolling semi truck.  As the truck rolled, Goff fell and was run over by the truck.  He was employed by Reclaim Company.

June 8 - Afghanistan - 54 year old Joseph Morabito of Hunter, NY was murdered while working for a private military contractor helping with security forces.  He was murdered by one of the soldiers he was there to train.  In the same incident, 40 year old Lt. Col. Todd Clark of Albany was also murdered.

June 10 - Champaign, IL - 54 year old Michael S. Williams of Humbolt died from injuries he received in a fall while working on a construction site at Beverly Cinemas.  It is unclear who he was employed with.

June 11 - Bothell, WA - 48 year old John Weyhing of Lake Stevens died of natural causes, one day before his 49th birthday, while he was at work operating a loader at UW Bothell Campus construction site.  He was employed with HOS Brothers Construction, Inc.

June 14 - Gesimar, LA - 29 year old Zacharay C. Green of Ponchatoula and 47 year old Scott Thrower of St. Amant were killed on the job after an explosion at the Williams Olefins Geismar chemical plant. Officials say 77 people were injured in the blast.

June 14 - Donaldsonville, LA - 55 year old Ronald "Rocky" Morris, Jr. of Belle Rose was killed and other employees injured in an explosion at the CF Industries chemical plant.  The incident involved a rupture in a small vessel as nitrogen was being off loaded from a tank truck.

June 15 - Carlsbad, NM - 30 year old Matthew Depew died on the job after being electrocuted while trying to fix a power outage.  He was an Excel Energy employee.

June 18 - Ontario, CA - 28 year old Winston Perez of Riverside died of internal injuries when he was pinned between a gate and fence as he was moving cattle.  He was employed by Dick Dykstra Dairy farm.

June 19 - Cloquet, MN - 62 year old Greg Blackburn was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist driving a truck.  He was working maintenance for the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation's Mahtowa rest stop.  

June 19 - Big Spring, TX - 40 year old Felip Saiz died on the job when part of a rig collapsed while he was working for Earthco.  He was working in the Athlon Yard. 

June 19 - Mesa, AZ - 43 year old Steven Ariston of Peoria was killed on the job when a portion of a bridge he was working on collapsed.  Other co-workers were injured.  He was employed by Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, LLC.   

June 20 - Big Spring, TX - 59 year old Juan Manuel Estrada-Duarte died on the job while working for Earthco, a day after another employee died in an unrelated incident.  Estrada-Duarte was working with others on a heater treater when it rolled, pinning him against another treater. He was working in the Athlon Yard.

June 20 - Portsmouth, NH - 43 year old Matthew Morasse died from injuries he received involving a stump grinder while working for Urban Tree Service.  

June 21 - St. Louis, MO - 42 year old Mensud Djelmo was killed on the job when he became trapped in a packing unit machine while working at Pepsi Cola Bottling Company. 

June 22 - Perry Township, PA - 52 year old Michael Eugene Over of New Bethlehem was fatally electrocuted while he was working to repair a power line.  He was employed by Central Electric of Parker. 

June 24 - Union Mills, IN - 67 year old James Swank died from injuries he received in a grain elevator explosion while working for Union Mills Co-op.  

June 24 - Manson, WA - 68 year old John Marker was killed when the farm tractor he was operating in his cherry orchard overturned down an embankment. 

June 25 - Pinellas Park, FL - 30 year old Eric Joseph Kanganis of Tarpon Springs was killed on the job when a large metal coil he was attempting to offload fell onto him, pinning him between it and the forklift he was using.  He was employed with USP Structural Connectors.  

June 27 - Port Arthur, TX - 40 year old Juan Antonio Garcia-Hernandez of Orange was killed on the job when a piece of iron fell from an elevated forklift and struck him on the ground.  He was working at a Hemi Systems site working on silos for Mason Construction.  

June 29 - Waterloo, IA - 54 year old Stan J. Delagardelle of Cedar Falls died after he suffered injuries when he was struck by a forklift at John Deere Service Parts in Waterloo.

June 29 & 30 - Tampa, FL - 24 year old Luis E. Gonzales died a day earlier than his father, 53 year old Ernesto Gonzales after the two entered an empty asphalt tanker and were overcome by toxic fumes due to lack of ventilation.  It is unclear who they may have worked for but were helping out a friend who owned the truck.  

June 30 - Bethel, ME - 60 year old Sam Chapman died on the job when a piece of metal on a wood chipper came loose and pierced his chest.  He was showing others how to use the piece of equipment.  He owned Chapman Tree Services.

June 30 - Phoenix, AZ - Nineteen firefighters of an elite Hotshot crew from Prescott, AZ were killed when they were caught in the Yarnell Hill wild fire.  Following are those team members who died:
29 year old Andrew Ashcroft
23 year old Antony Rose
30 year old Christopher Mackenzie
28 year old Clayton Whitted
24 year old Dustin Deford
27 year old Garret Zuppiger
21 year old Grant McKee
36 year old Jessee Steed
32 year old Joe Thurston
24 year old John Percin
21 year old Kevin Woyjeck
43 year old Eric Marsh
23 year old Robert Caldwell
28 year old Scott Norris
26 year old Sean Misner
31 year old Travis Carter
27 year old Travis Turbyfill
22 year old Wade Parker
25 year old William Warnecke

June 30 - Monkton, MD -  62 year old Bruce Robert Deutser of Parkton died on the job when a motorist attempted to pass his mail delivery truck, causing Deutser to be thrown from the mail truck where he died on site.  He was employed with USPS. 


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