Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

As always, our hearts go out to the family members who are left behind to pick up the pieces after their loved one died at work.  If we can be of any help to you, please let us know.

September 2, 2013 - Newark, NJ - 20 year old Jesus Torres was murdered, shot to death, while making a pizza delivery for Pizza Hut.  His car then struck a fence. It is unclear what the motive for his murder was.

Sept 2 - Woodlawn, IL - 70 year old Alan Dempsey was killed while working on his farm.  He was mowing hay when he stopped the tractor on a hillside and attempted to get off the machine.  The tractor started to roll and as Dempsey tried to get back on it, he was struck by one of the rear tires.

Sept 3 - Marion, NC - 47 year old Rafael Magana was killed on the job when he was struck by a dump truck. He was sweeping the road on a construction site at West McDowell Junior High when the driver of the dump truck was backing down a hill when he struck Magana.  Both worked for Baker Grading and Landscaping.

Sept 3 - Greensboro, NC - 65 year old James "Lemmie" White, Jr. of Stoneville was killed while working when the loaded dump truck he was driving went off the roadway and overturned.  He was employed by Thomas Stanley Grading and Hauling, Inc.

Sept 2 - Clarkson, NE - 77 year old George Baumert who lived near Howells, was struck by and killed by a tractor while working on his farm.  He was working alone at the time and was later found by a neighbor.

Sept 4 - Bristow, OK - Kyle Polkingham, in his 20's and an oil field worker was killed and a co-worker injured when they were working to stop a leaking tank battery and an explosion and massive fire occurred. 

Sept 6 - Santa Fe, NM - 41 year old Token Adams was found dead after a lengthy search when he went missing while investigating a small wildfire.  An engine captain for the Jemez Ranger District, Adams left on an all terrain vehicle with two others but separated at some point.  He was found later by a Native American Search team.  Authorities say the ATV crashed.  

Sept 6 - Sandy, OR - 33 year old Dewayne Douglas Smith of Hood River was killed on the job, and several co-workers were injured, when wooden building trusses that were being set in place fell striking Smith in the head.  He and the others were employed with Stalcup Roofing and Construction.

Sept 8 - Winfield, KS - 58 year old Roger Chattam died on the job when the tandem semi grain truck he was driving overturned.  It is unclear the cause of the truck rollover or who he was employed with. 

Sept 9 - Swoyersville, PA - John Brdaric was killed on the job when part of a church that was being demolished crashed down onto the excavator he was operating.  Brdaric was the owner of Brdaric Excavating. 

Sept 9 - Mason County, MI - Michigan State Trooper Paul Butterfield was killed on the job when he was shot during a traffic stop.

Sept 9 - McVille, ND - 50 year old Ernest Brager of Cooperstown was killed on the job when the garbage truck he was riding in went off the roadway and rolled.  The vehicle was driven by a 19 year old driver.  It is not clear who the men worked for. 

Sept 9 - Shelton, CT - 58 year old Glenn Farr died on the job of asphyxia from chest compression when he was crushed underneath a snowplow truck.  It is unclear why he was under the piece of equipment.  Farr was the owner of GFW Welding Company. 

Sept 10 - St. Paul, MN - 61 year old Johnny Valek was killed on the job when a huge slab of concrete fell onto him as he operated heavy equipment during demolition at a construction site.  Valek worked for Rachel Contracting, a subcontractor for Ryan Companies. 

Sept 10 - Wendell, ID - 43 year old Jared Durfee died on the job when he was buried in a trench collapse.  He was inside a trench using a jackhammer when the walls gave way and collapsed around him.  He was employed by Wendell City Department of Public Works.

Sept 11 - Newman, CA - 49 year old Kenneth Canton was killed on the job when the farm equipment (resembling a forklift) he was driving went off the roadway, down an embankment and rolled.  It is unclear if he was a self employed farmer or worked for another. 

Sept 11 - Lyford, TX - 67 year old Jose Isais Leal died on the job when he apparently fell from a tractor he was operating and ran over by the machine.  He was a long time employee for Lyford Gin Association.

Sept 12 - Chicago, IL - 48 year old Martin Marino was killed on the job when he was trapped under a pavement grinding machine.  The equipment he was using was marked as belonging to G.A. Paving Co. of Bellwood and were doing work for Peoples Gas. 

Sept 15 - Chicago, IL - 47 year old Raul Lagunas died after being pinned between two vehicle while working on a construction site.  His employer is unnamed.

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