Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

In memory and honor of workers who have lost their lives on the job.  Families, please let us know if we can help you in any way.

November 15, 2013 - North Las Vegas, NV - 49 year old Martin Martinez suffered fatal crushing injuries while working in a rock quarry south of Las Vegas.  It is unclear who he was working for.

November 15 - Pascagoula, MS - 46 year old Tonya Graddy of Semmes, AL died on the job when something caused an explosion in a furnace causing a fire at the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula.

November 15 - West Jordan, UT - 55 year old Stan Riley was killed on the job when the empty school bus he was driving collided with a large truck, which then sent the school bus into a garbage truck.  He was employed by Jordan School District.

November 15 - Auburn, WA - Harold Frasier died on the job of natural causes while working for Worldpac, Inc.

November 16 - Boulder, CO - An unidentified man in his 50's died on the job after falling from the roof of a structure. It is unknown who he was employed by and attempts to find his identity failed.

November 16 - Adamsville, AL - An unidentified man from Georgia performing contracted tree removal work for the State of Alabama was struck and killed by a motorist in a blocked-off section of Highway 78.

November 17 - Lake View, IA - 36 year old Jeremy Schulte died of toxic exposure when he fell into and was trapped in a manure tank on a farm.

November 18 - Oakland, CA - An unidentified man died on the job when he fell from a crane onto a platform.  He was a crew member for the ship "Albert Oldondorff". 

November 18 - Turin, NY - 23 year old Kyle M. Brown died after a gust of wind caused him to fall from the roof of a building as he was carrying roofing materials.  He was employed by MTL Design working on the F.X. Caprara Construction site.

November 20 - Shawnee, KS - 62 year old Dwight L. Spencer of Gardner died of injuries he received after being pinned between a loading dock and a Fed Ex truck in Shawnee.  

November 20 - West Finley, PA - 46 year old John Wesley Pirl of Normalville was killed on the job when a tree fell onto him as he was cutting a different tree. Authorities say wind caused the tree to fall.  He was employed by Fayette Forest Products of Scottsdale. 

November 20 - Jackson, MI - 45 year old William Bradley died on the job while performing maintenance on a dump style pickup truck. He was crushed when the raised bed fell onto the truck.  He was working for Direct Asphalt Paving.

November 20 - Syracuse, NY - 44 year old Trooper Ross Riley died after falling during a high angle rescue training exercise at Letchworth State Park.  Riley was assigned to Field Command, Emergency Management in Albany.

November 21 - Notre Dame, IN - 22 year old Mark Ellsworth, Jr. of Mishawaka died of blunt force upper body trauma when he was struck by a tree that was being cut down while working for R&R Excavating on the Notre Dame campus. 

November 21 - Chicago, IL - 59 year old Gary Beno of New Lenox was working as an electrician at O'Hare International Airport's Terminal 5 when he fell to the ground level on his back.

November 21 - Muhlenberg, KY - Ronnie Walker died after falling from the top of a grain bin.  He was working for Chris McNally Painting and Seal Coating.

November 22 - Oakley, ID - 71 year old Wade Zollinger was killed on his horse breeding ranch when he became entangled in a PTO driven auger attached to a tractor. 

November 22 - Fort Mill, SC - 28 year old Fredy Noe Urraco died after falling from the roof of Doby's Bridge Elementary School which is under construction.  It is unclear who he was employed by.

November 23 - Cheverly, MD - 26 year old Tyson Jerome Barnette of Upper Marlboro was delivering mail for the United States Postal Service when he was shot to death by an unknown assailant. 

November 23 - St. Matthews, KY - 34 year old Jack Combs of Louisville was walking to his car after his shift at a Kroger Grocery Story when he was shot to death by an unknown assailant for an, as of yet, unknown reason. 

November 23 - Tampa, FL - 32 year old Michael Pavlak of Trinity died after he was struck and run over by a dump truck while working on a road construction project. It is unclear who he was working for.

November 23 - Bluffton, MN - Gail Svor of Carlos was fatally electrocuted while working on a project to replace highlines and power lines.  He was employed by Highline Construction Inc. of Payne, contracted to Rural Electric Cooperative.

November 25 - Brevard, FL - 52 year old Robert Sikorski was killed on the job when he was struck by a dump truck driver who was backing up as he walked in a closed section of roadway under construction.  It is not clear who he was working for.

November 25 - Phoenix, AZ - 26 year old Miguel "Mike" Angel Hernandez was attacked and stabbed to death by his co-worker inside the restaurant kitchen of the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery.  Police say there was no provocation for the attack by the co-worker who was arrested in the murder.

November 25 - Rio Vista, CA - 49 year old Richard Wayne Alexander died on the job when the excavator he was operating on a barge fell off the barge and into the Sacramento River.  He was inside the enclosed cab of the vehicle and it took dive teams to locate him.  It is unclear who he was working for.

November 26 - Longview, TX - Gail Sandidge, a nurse at Good Shepherd Ambulatory Surgical Center, was fatally stabbed inside the surgical center as she attempted to protect her patients against a young man who came into the center yelling not to hurt his mother. He wounded several others before he was arrested.

November 26 - Barrow, WI - 62 year old John Easterly of Wooster, OH died on the job after a large round hay bale rolled onto him as he attempted to unload it.  The name of the farm was not found. 

November 27 - Orlando, FL - 56 year old Rafael Duarte died after being struck by a motorist as he was returning to his work vehicle after a plumbing call.  His employer is not known. 

November 28 - Silver Spring, MD - An unidentified construction worker died on the job after he slipped on ice, falling and striking his head on the ground. Attempts to find his name and employer were unsuccessful. 

November 29 - Kirksville, MO - 43 year old Richard Dale Johnson was killed when the farm tractor he was driving lost traction and rolled over, pinning him under it. 

November 30 - Manhattan, NY - 71 year old Kalyanarat Ranasinghe, a uniformed NYPD Traffic Enforcement agent, was killed on the job when he was clipped by a large truck backing up causing him to roll under the trucks tire. 

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