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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

We never want to forget those who have been lost to a workplace incident. If you are a family member, please know we are here for you any time. Our hearts are knit with yours as we have experienced a similar loss.

September 14, 2013 - Canastota, NY - 58 year old Richard C. 'Rick' Whitney, Jr. of Bernhards Bay was killed on the job when an explosion occurred as he was welding in a methane gas dome at the Canastota Wastewater Treatment plant. He was employed by Joy Process Mechanical.

October 21, 2013 - Chattanooga, TN - 34 year old Mandie Rachael Creel Chitwood died after the ladder she was working from was knocked out from under her by a forklift operator sending her into a large pipe at Wrigley (candy) Manufacturing.

January 9, 2014 - Bowling Green, FL - An unidentified truck driver of a fully loaded fuel tanker died when the truck crashed, and exploded into a fire ball.  Efforts to find his identify were unsuccessful. He was employed by B Line Transport.

January 13 - Chicago, IL - 22 year old Marco Antonio Huicochea Gonzales was killed when an aerial steel acrobatic ring he was using for dance practice broke free, striking him in the head while he was on a break at Danceworks Chicago. 

January 14 - North Highlands, CA - 22 year old Marc Zhuchenko was trying to help his co-workers when a robbery suspect was herding them into a back room at O'Reilly Auto Parts when he stabbed the suspect. That act angered the suspect who then shot Mr. Zhuchenko to death.

January 16 - Kitzmiller, MD - 20 year old Daniel Lambka died on the job when he became pinned between a frame of a feeder machine and a rib wall at Mettiki's Mountain View Mine.

January 22 - Bracken County, KY - Tom Stephenson was killed after he was knocked down and then trampled by a bull as he worked at David Emmons Farm.

February 3, 2013 - Vancouver, WA - 45 year old Ryan Momeny of Camas was shot to death by an employee for an unknown reason. Momeny was General Manager for Benjamin Moore & Co. 

February 6 - Tacoma, WA - David Pierson died on the job of a cardiac event while working for Larson Automotive Holdings Inc. dba Larson Hyundai.

February 10 - Morton, WA - 21 year old Tyler Bryan of Toledo, WA was killed on the job after being struck by a spinning log dangling from a skyline logging cable. He was employed by Brindle Technical Logging, Inc. dba Brintech. 

February 13, 2013 - Alexandria, VA - 34 year old Travis Jackson was working on road construction when he was struck by a light trailer. He was standing near the trailer when a motorist struck a vehicle that the trailer was hooked to, causing it to swing around striking Jackson.

February 15 - Gillette, WY - 26 year old Nathan James Scott died after he was struck by a welding truck while working at the Houston based EOG Resources, Inc. Cyclone Rig 33. He was an employee for Cyclone Drilling, Inc.

February 17 - El Cajon, CA - An unidentified worker was killed on the job when he became pinned between a forklift and large equipment while working at GKN Aerospace.

February 17 - Fresno, CA - 33 year old Juan Gonzales and 34 year old Brian Law, both California Highway Patrol troopers, were both killed on the job after their cruiser crashed and rolled as they were responding to a call in Kingsburg, CA. 

February 17 - Monroeville, OH- 29 year old Andrew Robert Bishoff died after being injured on January 11th when he fell from a ladder he was climbing on the outside of a grain silo.  He was employed by Triple H Farms.

February 18 - Belridge, CA - 53 year old James Dennis Robbins died on the job after falling from a production oil rig near Belridge. It is unclear who he was employed by.

February 18 - Long Beach, CA - 50 year old Efren Sanchez of La Puente was killed on the job after he fell from scaffolding while working at Port of Long Beach.  It is unclear who he worked for.

February 18 - Columbus, NE - 53 year old Denise Jean Wieser of Richland was killed on the job in an incident possibly involving a forklift. She was working for BD Medical manufacturing plant when the incident occurred. 

February 18 - Dallas, NC - 63 year old Joe Herman Ratchford died on the job when he was struck by a branch from a large tree he was attempting to cut a limb. He was owner of Apple Creek Golf Course where the incident took place.

February 19 - South Windsor, CT - 22 year old Connor Betts and 55 year old Lloyd Folsom, Jr. were both electrocuted when the truck they were in became energized after the raised bed of a dump truck Betts was operating touched electrical lines. He exited the truck and was electrocuted when he touched the truck. Mr. Folsom then exited the truck to help Betts and was also electrocuted.  Folsom owned Folsom Construction.

February 20 - Acadia, LA - 19 year old Taylor Morvant died at hospital after receiving injuries at an unidentified oil field. Morvant and other worker were pumping crude from a vacuum truck when a hatch flew open, striking him in the head and chest.

February 20 - Lexington, KY - 24 year old Isaias Cabrera Ramos of North Carolina died of traumatic head injuries while working at a University of Kentucky campus construction site. He was working on the ground when plywood blew off the roof of a building, striking him. He was employed by Messer Construction Company.

February 20 - Benton, MO - 54 year old Terry Meek of Grant City suffered crushing injuries when an unloading belt fell onto him while working at Helena Chemical Company in Benton.

February 20 - Doctortown, GA - 27 year old Sarah Elizabeth Jones of Atlanta was killed on the job when she was struck by a freight train while working as a second camera assistant on a film.  The film crew were working on a train track and while waiting for two scheduled trains, they were surprised by an unexpected train moving very fast. It appears she was working for the Georgia-based Meddin Studios, along with several other companies involved in the film production.

February 21 - Louisville, KY - 37 year old Felipe Mata Fiscaya of Alabama died on the job when he fell about four stories down an elevator shaft. He was contract employee working at Kosmos Cement Plant.

February 21 - Grundy, VA - 24 year old Arthur David Gelenster was killed on the job when he became pinned by a coal extracting machine. He was working for SunCoke Energy's Dominion Coal Corporation Mine #30.

February 21 - Woodbridge, VA - 21 year old Glenda Marisol Coca-Romero was shot to death and her 42 year old unidentified co-worker critically injured during a robbery attempt at Plantanillos Grocery and Jewelry.

February 21 - West Haven, VT - 59 year old Darnell Hannah of Millstone, NJ was killed on the job when the tour bus he was operating was involving in a crash, on icy roads, with a tractor trailer semi truck and he was trapped in the bus. He was employed by Triple D Travel out of New Jersey.

February 21 - Bovina, WI - 63 year old Michael Calusen of Clintonville died on the job when he was pinned against a barn by a truck that slid on the ice and into him.  He was working on a farm in Bovina.

February 21 - Los Angeles, CA - 51 year old Cesar Valenzuela died while working as a baggage handler at the Los Angeles airport LAX.  He fell from a baggage tug and authorities are investigating a possible heart attack that caused Valenzuela to fall.

February 21 - Wichita, KS - 44 year old Efren Antonio Villarreal-Alvarado was found inside his Santana Concrete work truck, shot in the chest. He later died at hospital. Police say robbery was the motive and two men have been charged with his murder.

February 21 - Houston, TX - 52 year old Donalvon ODell Rhyne was shot to death by robbery suspects while driving his United Cab vehicle. All four suspects have been arrested for his murder.

February 22 - Columbia, MO - Bruce Britt, a Lieutenant for the Columbia Fire Department was killed on the job when a concrete walkway collapsed and he was buried under some of the debris. He was responding to a call about the partial collapse of the walkway.

February 22 - Chicago, IL - 28 year old Javan Boyd was driving his own vehicle as a livery (cab) driver when he was shot to death. It was unclear if robbery was a motive. He was working for Pershing Livery.

February 24 - Toone, TN - 41 year old Michael Chism died after suffering burns on February 22nd over 90% of his body in an explosion inside a mixing room at Kilgore Flares.

February 24 - Corpus Christi, TX - 53 year old Jeffery Babzien was killed on the job when a 2,000 pound pipe fell from an overhead crane, crushing him. He worked for Southern Minerals at Trafigura EF-90 storage terminal complex.

February 24 - Houston, TX - Two unidentified workers died after being electrocuted when a crane touched power lines. It is unclear who they were employed by but were reportedly oilfield workers.

February 25 - Elmwood, NE - 51 year old John P. Bruns was killed on the job when the propane truck he was driving was struck by a train. There were no gates to warn drivers of oncoming trains; only signs. He was employed by Drake Propane Services.

February 26 - El Cajon, CA - 49 year old Bernardo Teran died on the job when a palm tree he was cutting down became unstable and fell onto him. He was the owner of the company working at a private residence.

February 26 - East Peoria, IL - 35 year old Ryan Michael Regan was electrocuted while working on a power pole behind a private residence. He was employed by J.F. Electric, Inc. of Edwardsville.

February 26 - Peculiar, MO - 29 year old Joshua Anderson of Adrian was crushed to death by a tractor trailer semi rig that struck him as he was helping the driver back up. He was employed by Worldwide Steel Buildings in Peculiar.

February 27 - Union Township, OH - Keith Jester was killed and a co-worker injured when they fell from a utility pole, which then fell onto them while working for Duke Energy.

February 27 - Oakfield, WI - 42 year old Anthony J. Shields of West Bend, a member of the maintenance staff for Seneca Foods, died on the job when his clothing became entangled in a lathe on a piece of machinery.

February 27 - Prescott, AZ - 64 year old Derk Janssen collapsed and died during one of his English classes while working at Prescott Unified School District's Prescott High School.

February 28 - Spokane, WA - 52 year old Paul M. Inc died on the job from head trauma. After receiving an electric shock he was knocked off a ladder causing him to strike his head on the ground. He was a long time employee for Nordstrom, Inc.

February 28 - Portage, WI - 29 year old Michale Kittle was killed on the job when he was crushed under a concrete form that from equipment being used to lift it. He was employed by Wieser Concrete Products, Inc.

February 28 - New Haven, IN - 50 year old Todd Fritcha was crushed to death under the rear wheels of a dump truck. He was Vice President for Fritcha Excavating.

February 28 - Riverhead, NY - 50 year old Declan Boland died when he was buried in an avalanche of mulch and soil that collapsed underneath him. He was attempting to put out a mulch fire at the open pit sand mine owned by East Coast Mines and Minerals.

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