Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

As always, our hearts go out to these families. Please let us know if or how we can help you.  Please visit us at www.usmwf.org.

February 3, 2014 - Kingston, NY - 33 year old Aron J. Thomas of Olivebridge was shot to death by a co-worker while working at their Department of Environmental Protection office. No motive was given for his murder but his co-worker has been arrested and charged.

February 21 - Roy, WA - Lonnie Olsen was killed on the job when the he was struck by his truck. After parking the truck, he walked behind it and it rolled back into him. He was employed by Tacoma Moving and Storage.

February 26 - Kent, WA - Robert Rodrick died of a heart related medical issue while working for Domino's National Commissary Corp / Domino's Pizza.

February 28 - Clayton, NC - 43 year old Phillip S. Olive was killed on the job when a tree fell on him while clearing land.  It is unknown who he was employed by.

March 2, 2014 - Pendleton, OR - Mario Santana of Sunnyside, OR died near Pendleton when the milk truck he was driving crashed.  He was employed by LTI Inc dba Milky Way.

March 3 - Phoenix, AZ - 43 year old John Hobbs, a member of the Phoenix Police Department, was killed on the job when he was shot during a gun battle with an ex convict.  Another officer was injured.

March 3 - East Wanatchee, WA - Jason Herrin was killed on the job when the truck he was driving was involved in a head-on crash as he tried to pass another vehicle.  He was employed by Confluence Health.

March 3 - Kensington, MN - 72 year old Paul Stark died on the job when he became trapped or pinned between the bucket of his farm tractor and a metal cattle gate.

March 5 - Detroit, MI - 23 year old Erik Deighton was killed on the job when he was crushed inside a press machine. He was attempting to clear an obstruction when the machine cycled and crushed him. He was employed by Colonial Plastics.  

March 5 - Belton, SC - 47 year old Mike Cowert died after being exposed to toxic fumes while working at Mike's Sodablasting and Sandblasting.  He was sandblasting a vehicle when a generator exploded and he inhaled toxic carbon monoxide that came through the mask that was hooked to the generator.

March 6 - Hastings, MI - 42 year old Alicia Avalos Rebolledo was fatally injured when she was attacked by a bull while working at a Barry Bounty farm.

March 6 - Seagraves, TX - 43 year old James Croft of Tyler was killed on the job when a silo tank he was attempting to take down fell down prematurely. He was using an excavator and the Venture Chemicals tank fell down on top of him. He was employed by K & L Oil Field Demolition.

March 7 - Tonawanda, NY - 56 year old Steve Pawlowski, owner of Steve's Auto Service, died after a fuel pump he was working on exploded and caught on fire. He was severely burned.

March 7 - South Plainfield, NJ - 65 year old Robert Donohue of Glen Gardner suffered fatal crushing injuries when a stack of steel beams fell over, pinning him against a tractor trailer semi. It is believed he worked for Bushwick Metals.

March 7 - Beverly Hills, CA - 40 year old Nicholas Lee, a Los Angeles Police officer with the Hollywood Division, was killed when his patrol car was struck by a dump truck as he and his partner were responding to a police call.  The dump truck driver, who lost control of the vehicle, and the other officer were injured.

March 8 - Greenwood, SC - 46 year old Todd Hendrix died on the job when he became trapped in a piece of machinery at the meat processing plant Louis Rich in Newberry. 

March 9 - St. James, LA - 36 year old Marcos Rodriguez living in Campbell, OH but originally from Brazil, died on the job when he fell 100 feet from scaffolding at the Sunshine Bridge in Louisiana. He was working alongside his brother as painters for North Star Painting of Youngstown, OH.

March 10 - Upper Manhattan, NY - 58 year old James Romansoff of Yonkers was struck and killed by an elevated train. He was working with a crew who thought train traffic had been suspended in the area. He was an employee for Metro North's Power Department. 

March 10 - Beloit, IL - 39 year old Alfredo Arrendondo was killed on the job when he became trapped in a piece of machinery while working at Behr Iron and Metal, a metal recycling plant.

March 10 - Gibsonia, PA - 64 year old Bradley Oberg of Cranberry died after falling from a scaffold. He was a volunteer helping to set up for a musical being held at Pine-Richland High School in Gibsonia.

March 10 - Rotterdam, NY - 39 year old John Dean of Albany died after being pinned by a tow truck that rolled into him. It was his first day on the job for AC Body Works.

March 10 - Seward, NE - 36 year old Jeramie Schoepf died in hospital a week after being struck in the head by a tree branch as he was clearing trees for a city recreational trail expansion. He was working for Seward Street Maintenance Department.

March 10 - Glendale, AZ - 26 year old Scott White was fatally shot to death by a customer who was attempting to steal gas from the AMPM Convenience store he was working at.

March 11 - Russellville, KY - Genaro A. Quevedo from Mexico was killed on the job when he was caught in a piece of machinery. He was working for Stark Truss and not being seen by others he was crushed between a press and roller of the machine.

March 11 - Enterprise, OR - 62 year old Harry McNall was killed on the job while working to erect a silo for Wallowa County Grain Growers. He was on a section of scaffold that tipped, falling into the structure and knocking him to the ground.

March 11 - Edgar, NE - 66 year old Alan Watson of rural Fairfield died on the job while working in a grain silo on a farm near Edgar. He was using an auger inside the silo moving grain from it to a truck. When others noticed corn grain wasn't coming out they discovered him inside. He may have died of natural causes.

March 12 - Little Rock, AR - 51 year old James Taylor of Cabot died on the job after falling from the roof of an industrial building. He and a co-worker were measuring the size of the roof when Taylor from it.  It us unknown who his employer was.

March 12 - Annapolis, MD - 41 year old Benjamin Delano Kirby, Jr. was assaulted and shot while driving his personal vehicle for ABC Green Taxi.

March 13 - North Bend, OR - 65 year old Phillip "Phil" N. Bowman was fatally injured when he was struck by the gate of a dump truck. He was a North Bend Street Department employee.

March 13 - Orwigsburg, PA - 66 year old Terry Lee Warner of Schuylkill Haven was killed on the job after being struck by a semi truck backing into a loading dock. He was employed by Classtex Mills of Orwigsburg.

March 14 - Cedar Rapids, IA - 28 year old Jacob "Jake" B. Harper of East Moline, IL suffered fatal head injuries after steel pipes fell off a truck, striking him.  He was unstrapping the pipes at Cedar Rapids Country Club when they fell from the truck. He was employed by Michels Pipeline Corporation, a subcontractor for MidAmerican Energy Company.

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