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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

This week's post is to remember those who died in the later half of March 2014.  Our thoughts are with the families and those affected. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

March 14, 2014 - Tucson, AZ - 59 year old Thomas Robert Quesnel, a Tucson Fire Department arson investigator died of work related leukemia.

March 17 - Troy Mills, IA - 75 year old Donald Reilly of Coggon died on the job after he fell from the top of a grain trailer that he was walking along. He was working on a farm near Troy Mills.

March 18 - Seattle, WA - 62 year old William Strothman of Bothell and 59 year old Gary Pfitzner of Issaquah were both killed on the job when their KOMO News helicopter crashed upon take-off below the helipad on Broad Street in Seattle. Strothman was a news photographer and Pfitzner was the pilot of the station helicopter. 

March 19 - Fort Bragg, CA - 48 year old Ricky Del Fiorentino, a deputy for the Mendicino County Sheriff's Office was shot to death while he was still in his patrol car when he confronted a suspect.

March 19 - Pasadena, MD - 21 year old Chad Weller of Stevensville, was killed on the job when he fell approximately 200 feet from telecommunications equipment that was on top of a water tower. He was working for a subcontractor for the telecommunications company but the name of either is unknown.

March 20 - Onondaga, NY - 41 year old Christopher Spicer of Marietta, died on the job after he suffered fatal crushing injuries. He was working on Volles Dairy Farm after he accidentally hit a lever on a hydraulic lift of a grain truck, and the box lowered on top of his chest.

March 20 - Dickinson, ND - 32 year old Kristopher Barnes of Minot died on the job when he was struck by a 'traveling block', a large piece of equipment used at drilling rig sites. He was employed by Ensign U.S. Drilling. Petro-Hunt out of Dallas owns the rig site.

March 20 - Molalla, OR - 57 year old David Moore of Woodburn died on the job when he was struck by a forklift as he was securing a load on his semi truck at RSG Forest Products lumber yard. He worked for Blue Pacific Logistics Inc. 

March 21 - Fanning, KS - 68 year old William Saunders died after being injured in a farm related incident. He was attempting to move a grain auger at an unnamed farm. 

March 21 - Outlook, WA - 48 year old Richard Piroli died after falling ill while changing a tire at George Deruyter and Son Dairy Farm. He took a rest and was talking to co-workers but became unresponsive and died at the scene.

March 21 - East Chicago, IL - 62 year old Robert "Lane" Watts of Westville died after he suffered thermal burn injuries on February 8th. It is unclear how, but he fell into scalding water at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor in East Chicago.

March 21 - Catoosa, OK - 48 year old Eri Hernandez of Edmond was killed on the job when she was struck and run over by a loaded dump truck while working near the interstate. She was a contractor with Mack's S&S in Oklahoma City.

March 21 - Boston, MA - An unidentified man, who is reportedly a Ugandan immigrant, was killed when he fell in an elevator shaft. He was an elevator operator and the freight elevator became stuck between floors. As he attempted to jump to safety, he missed a platform and fell to the sub-basement.

March 21 - Liberty, PA - 35 year old Andrew L. Graham was killed in a logging incident. He was working with his father and as a tree was cut, another tree that was leaning up against the first tree fell and struck Graham.

March 21 - Sinton, TX - 60 year old Marciano Martinez-Garcia died on the job after being struck by a tractor trailer in a construction work zone. The semi driver saw Martinez-Garcia attempt to cross a lane and attempted to avoid hitting him, but the trailer struck him.

March 22 - Oso, WA - 55 year old Stephen Neal of Darrington, was at a private home in Oso installing a water heater when he was buried in the massive mudslide that occurred in Oso. He was employed by R&R Plumbing.

March 22 - Windermere, FL - 31 year old Robert German, an officer for Windermere Police Department, was shot to death by two teenagers that he had stopped while on foot patrol. He called for back-up but when they arrived, they found him dead. The teens committed suicide after the shooting.

March 22 - Oso, WA - 66 year old Bill Welsh of Arlington, was an electrician for Whitley Electric and was meeting Stephen Neal (see above) at the same home when the massive mudslide happened in Oso and he was buried in it. 

March 22 - Youngwood, PA - 57 year old Edwin "Jeff" Wentzel was killed on the job when he was struck by a train under a bridge. He had been searching for a missing woman. Wentzel was a volunteer firefighter for Youngwood Fire Department. 

March 24 - Norfolk, VA - 24 year old Petty Officer Mark Mayo was shot to death as he was attempting to protect a sailor from a man with a gun.  A civilian truck driver was able to get on board a pierside destroyer and had taken away the gun from a female sailor when Mayo went to help. As he pushed the sailor out of the way of the gunman, he was shot.  

March 25 - Princeton, IN - 41 year old Timothy W. Memmer died of injuries received while performing maintenance on an underground piece of mining equipment. He was employed by Gibson County Coal LLC. 

March 25 - Leray, NY - 25 year old Jesse M. Chase of Evans Mills died after he was pinned by a feed trailer on a farm. He was at the rear of the trailer checking a tire when the trailer loaded with feed tipped backwards, pinning him between it and the ground.

March 25 - Carmel, IN - 59 year old Michael Davis of Noblesville died after he was electrocuted and was on fire at the Carmel substation where he was a substation maintenance supervisor.

March 26 - Boston, MA - 43 year old Lt. Ed Walsh and 33 year old Firefighter Michael Kennedy died when they were trapped in the basement of a brownstone that was called a 9 alarm fire. Both were Boston Fire Department firefighters.

March 26 - Blaine, KS - 38 year old Martin Powers of St. Charles and 25 year old Seth Garner of St. Peters died after they suffered injuries due to a fall. Both were working to remove old equipment from an older tower when it and another tower collapsed. The men were working for Wireless Horizon.

March 26 - Sale City, MN - 62 year old Jackie McCook was found dead inside a grain bin while working for Snipes Farms. He was discovered with his heart medication nearby and authorities think he may have had a heart attack.

March 27 - Thomasville, GA - 31 year old Joshua Fulghum died on the job when he slipped into an auger while sweeping seeds inside a grain silo.  He was employed by Southwest Georgia Ethanol plant.

March 27 - Houston, TX - 53 year old Rueben Portillo was shot to death on the job during a robbery attempt at the Lucky Star Game Room where he was a security guard.

March 28 - Salkum, WA - 69 year old John B. Leonard of Chehalis died from injuries he received at a logging site.  As Leonard made a partial cut on a tree in order for the company owner to push it over with equipment, the tree brushed against another causing a large limb to snap off and fall onto Leonard.

March 29 - Tonganoxie, KS - 43 year old Sergiy Angelchev of Aurora, CO died from injuries he received when the tractor trailer semi he was driving struck a Kansas Turnpike Tollbooth at highway speed. His passenger was injured.

March 30 - Towson, MD - 24 year old Alejandro Morales Silver of Bladensburg died after he was struck by a car while directing traffic on March 21st. He was an employee for Olney Masonry Corporation.

March 30 - West Carrollton, OH - 48 year old James Mitchell of Vandalia was found dead a day after he apparently died while working at Certified Heat Treating in West Carrollton. OSHA reports that he was caught in a door while working with a furnace.

March 31 - Johnson City, NY - 43 year old David Smith, an officer for the Johnson City Police Department, was shot and killed by an assailant who wrestled away his service revolver during a struggle as the officer still sat in his patrol car.

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