Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

In memory of worker's lost and their family's left to mourn them, we keep you in our thoughts and hearts. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.  www.usmwf.org

This post is comprised of workers we were not previously aware of for the month of February, 2014.  All efforts to find an online article to link has been made.

February 1 - Medley, FL - 61 year old Carlos Rodriguez died on the job due to asphyxia and being struck by an unknown object. He was employed by Xpress Transporters, Inc.

February 1 - Florence, KY - 71 year old Steven McDavid was killed on the job when he was involved in a car accident while traveling to deliver medical supplies to a nursing home. He was employed by Med Car Pharmacy LLC.

February 2 - Cleveland, OH - 43 year old Sean Kilbane died on the job after taking a hard fall down a set of stairs at the business where he was co-owner, Happy Dog, Inc.

February 3 - Ware, MA - 27 year old Brian Smith died on the job after he was struck by an unknown object while working for Jay's Tree Service.

February 3 - Coral Gables, FL - 59 year old Manuel Fernandez was killed on the job after he fell from an unknown elevation. He was employed by NEL & Sons, Inc.

February 4 - Houston, TX - 33 year old Sheldon A. Adams suffered a fatal electric shock while working for Terex Utilities, Inc.

February 5 - Jonesboro, AR - 71 year old James Luther Johnson suffered a fatal cardiac event while working for Fowler Foods, Inc.

February 5 - Watford City, ND - 61 year old Robert P. Ohlmacher of Roy, UT died on the job when he was exposed to a toxic exposure. He was working in Watford City for Armstrong Water Solutions, Inc. at the time of his death.

February 6 - Benton, LA - 35 year old Brandon J. Beaver of Shreveport died and two co-workers injured while working on ground level transformer at Bossier Parish Park. He was electrocuted. The workers were employed by Jack Spring Electrical Contractors, Inc.

February 6 - Chicago, IL - 54 year old Bertin Cisneros died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation while working for John R. Morreale, Inc.

February 7 - Manvel, TX - 32 year old Francisco Meza was crushed under an unknown object causing asphyxia. He was employed by Interfacing Company of Texas, Inc.

February 8 - St. Petersburg, FL - 33 year old Gilpedro Rivera-Torres of Largo was fatally electrocuted while working in a tree, after his cutting pole touched a power line. He was employed by Sierra Lawn Care Service.

February 9 - Wichita, KS - 25 year old Daniel Flores was stabbed to death on the job by the ex-boyfriend of the office manager of Steckline Communications, Inc., a radio station. The man who murdered Flores was apparently looking for the manager. Police say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

February 10 - Mount Jewett, PA - 72 year old Melford Teats was killed on the job when he was struck by a semi truck as he stood near his truck. He became trapped under the truck. He was self-employed by Mel Teats Trucking, Inc.

February 10 - Youngstown, OH - 76 year old Richard Vasko died on the job after suffering heat related burns. He was employed by Team Steel Fabricators LLC.

February 11 - Dilliner, PA - 27 year old Ian McKee of Morganstown, WV was killed on the job when an explosion and fire occurred at a Chevron natural gas well site where he was working. His body was not found for a week. He was contractor working for Cameron International Corp. when the explosion happened.

February 11 - Blytheville, AR - 48 year old Tom Dazey was a locomotive operator for Nucor Steel Arkansas as he was riding a train. He suffered fatal head trauma when the train derailed and he was caught between his train and another train.

February 11 - Heyburn, ID - 54 year old Antonio Ponce Briano died on the job after he became tangled in an animal feed mixing machine while working at Anderson Farms, Inc.

February 12 - Kountze, TX - 43 year old D.L. Kirkindall was killed on the job after being struck by a tree while working for Tanner Timber Services, LLC.

February 12 - Providence, RI - 50 year old Jose Carrion (Jose Roberto Guzman Carrion) suffered major blunt force trauma when a pick up truck he was working on fell onto him. He was a mechanic for MCM Auto Sales, LLC.

February 13 - Poland, ME - 38 year old Michael Rowe died on the job after he was caught in or between an unknown object while working for Thomas N. Richards & Son.

February 14 - Clairton, PA - 64 year old Russell Brown of McKees Rock died two weeks after being burned on January 31, 2013 at the U.S. Steel Corp. Clairton works plant. He suffered burns in the quench tower in hot water. Circumstances are not known.

February 14 - Lorain, OH - 62 year old Franklin D. Johnson Sr died on the job after he was caught in or between an unknown object during a railroad incident. He was employed by Republic Steel.

February 14 - Houston, TX - 37 year old Gilberto Salas was killed on the job when he fell from an unknown elevation while working for Rexel Holdings USA Corp.

February 14 - West Middlesex, PA - 69 year old Richard Beck of Springfield died of asphyxiation after being crushed in or between an unknown object. He was employed with Estes Express Lines, Inc.

February 15 - Creston, IA - 58 year old Kelly Monaghan died during surgery after taking a fall at work. He fell on icy steps, bruising his colon and breaking four ribs. He was employed by Bunn-O-Matic Corp.

February 18 - Piti, Guam - 63 year old Kuan-Shih Cheng suffered fatal electrocution while working for E&Y Electric Co. Ltd.

February 19 - Newport, AR - 49 year old Michael Myers of Bald Knob died when a kettle of liquid steel spilled in the melt shop of Arkansas Steel Associates LLC. A cable on the crane system broke as the kettle was being moved, spilling many tons of liquid, causing Myers to be burned.

February 20 - Groton, CT - 60 year old Christine Beaudoin of Jewett City died of an unknown cause while working for the Personal Support Detachment of US Department Naval Submarine Base in CT.

February 21 - Monticello, IA - 62 year old Daniel Kraus was working with a co-worker on the 20th to install an industrial garage door at Frontier Feeds. Something caused the door to fly up and strike him in the head and then he fell from scaffolding. He was employed by Monti Home Improvements, Inc.

February 21 - Shiocton, WI - 63 year old Michael Clauson of Clintonville died on the job when he was pinned between his milk truck and a barn wall after the truck slid on the ice and he couldn't stop it. He was employed by Keith R. Olmstead & Sons, Inc.

February 21 - Cochranville, PA - 33 year old Ulises Malave Ortiz Jr was killed on the job after suffered head trauma during a fall from an unknown elevation. He was working for Ray Eager and Sons LLC.

February 21 - Jackson, MI - 24 year old Kevin Poore was killed on the job from an unknown  incident while working at Tiger Plaza for MidSouth Elevator LLC.

February 22 - Huntington Station, NY - 55 year old Steve Nelson of Copiague died and many people were sickened when a flue pipe malfunctioned causing a build up of carbon monoxide gas in the heating system of Legal Sea Foods LLC restaurant. Nelson was the restaurant's manager.

February 22 - Magee, MI - 57 year old Curtis O'Neal Jackson Jr. died on the job after he was struck by an unknown object, causing head trauma. He was working for Stubbs Heating and Cooling at the time of his death.

February 23 - Las Vegas, NV - 65 year old Medardo Morales was working for the MGM Grand Las Vegas when he tripped and fell on a curb on February 18. He struck his head on the curb and was admitted to the hospital. He was released and then readmitted where he died.

February 24 - Naples, FL - 40 year old Juan Martinez died on the job when he was electrocuted. He was employed by Hogan, Inc.

February 24 - Missouri City, TX - 30 year old Alegandro Gonzalez and 22 year old Thomas Romo, Jr. were killed on the job after receiving an electric shock in an unknown incident.  Both men worked for Maverick Drilling Company.

February 24 - Corpus Christi, TX - 53 year old Jeffrey Bobzian of Highlands died on the job when a pipe fell from an overhead crane, crushing him. He was employed by Pasadena Tank Corp. 

February 25 - LaPorte, TX - 64 year old Eldon Reich died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation while working for Minot Builder.

February 25 - Fremont, IN - 53 year old Robert Fourrous was found unresponsive, slumped over the steering wheel of the fork lift he was operating for Con-Way Freight. It appears he died of natural causes.

February 26 - Houston, TX - 43 year old Redes Funes suffered a fatal electric shock while working for Eliseo Castro.

February 26 - Hollywood, FL - 25 year old Marcelo Zuniga died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation causing blunt force trauma.  He was employed by Simpson Environmental Services, Inc.

February 27 - Oakfield, WI - 42 year old Anthony Shields of West Bend died when he became entangled in a piece of industrial equipment while working for Seneca Foods Corp. 

February 27 - Long Beach Township, NJ - 56 year old Luis Guaman died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation while working for Carlito Andrade.

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