Monday, October 06, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost too soon while working to support their families. If we can help in any way, please contact us.

September 15, 2014 - Monroe, WI - 18 year old Troy Gorr died on the job as he was working on a farm. He was operating a tractor when it overturned and he was ejected from the machine.

September 15 - Horton, AL - 65 year old Bennie Poole was using a brush hog farm machine on uneven terrain when it tipped over and he died on the job.

September 15 - Panama City Beach, FL - 27 year old Ryan Cook was working for an unnamed company to repair pool lights at a local resident. His coworker left momentarily but when he retured he found Cook in the pool from probably electrocution.

September 15 - Lake Providence, LA - 60 year old Tommy Hart died on the job after he was struck by a vehicle on a work site. He was trying to free a shovel that was being run over by a truck when the incident took place. He was employed by Terral River Services.

September 15 - Clear Lake, MN - 61 year old Brad Braun was killed on the job when his farm tractor flipped. He was operating the tractor to pick up bales of hay. The bales became too heavy, causing the tractor to flip and pinning him underneath. 

September 16 - Carbon County, UT - 46 year old Alejandro Ramirez of Price was crushed inside the cab of his mobile diesel can-setter machine that he was operating. He was working for UtahAmerican Energy Inc.'s West Ridge Mine.

September 16 - Clever, MO - 73 year old Robert Shelby Hill died on the job after he was struck by a front end loader as he walked on a job site. He worked for an unnamed subcontractor for Leo Journagan Construction, Inc. 

September 16 - LaQuinta, CA - 45 year old Jose Juan Vallejo was working with others in a rowboat at PGA West in LaQuinta when the boat overturned and he drowned. He was employed by Main Stream Aquatics.

September 17 - Marvell, AR - 59 year old John Barefield was struck and killed on the job as he was working along a road way replacing signs and was struck by a semi truck driver. His employer is unknown.

September 17 - Omaha, NE - 71 year old James Minshall, owner of JR's Jewelry & Gifts, was shot to death by a suspect who attempted to rob his store.

September 17 - Drumore, PA - 24 year old Moses Fisher was working on a farm as a silo was being filled. He went to check if the silo was being evenly filled and as he climbed up and then inside the silo he was overcome by methane fumes and died.

September 17 - Hiddenite, NC - 56 year old Terry Lee Ledford was performing mining work when a 25 foot hole collapsed, burying him. It is unclear who he was employed by.

September 17 - Las Vegas, NV - 34 year old Gabriel Aguilar-Camacho was a passenger in a landscaping work truck when it collided with another truck on a freeway entrance. The collision caused the truck to crash down an embankment. He was employed by Par 3 Landscape.

September 17 - Mill City, OR - 33 year old Bryan Dodge was working to repair a wood press machine for Freres Lumber Mill when he was crushed in the machine. He was a millwright for the company when the machine suddenly activated causing his death.

September 18 - Dalton, GA - 24 year old Josh Painter was killed on the job when he was struck by machinery. He was attempting to move the machine, which shifted, and fell against him on the floor. He was employed by Marketing Alliance Group.

September 18 - Madison, WI - 44 year old Carlos Martinez of Aurora, IL was driving his semi truck near Madison when a car crossed the center median, causing a fiery crash. It is unknown who he was driving for.

September 18 - Austin, TX - 35 year old Texas Deputy Jessica Hollis was driving her police car on duty when she was caught up in flood waters during a severe storm. She radioed that she was in trouble but before finding her, her car was swept away and later found in Lake Austin.

September 18 - Chandler, AZ - An unidentified man was killed on the job as he fell into a large wood chipper head first. A logo on a work vehicle at the site was for Phoenix Trim-A-Tree.

September 19 - Burke County, NC - 43 year old Flavio James of Mount Giliad died on the job after being struck by a motorist during road construction. His employer is unknown.

September 19 - Yonkers, NY - 79 year old Alfred Thiebaud was a well-known owner of Delicioso Coco Helado ice cream business in Yonkers. He was found crushed under a security gate to the business when fell onto him.

September 19 - Edmond, OK - 54 year old Daniel Birney and his 56 year old brother Michael Birney both died on the job and a coworker was injured when an elevated lift platform at a 2nd story level tipped over, causing their fall. The company they worked for is unknown.

September 20 - Alexander, NY - 23 year old Scott Booth, Jr. of Attica was working on a farm, inside a hay baler machine when he somehow became trapped inside.

September 20 - Farmington, NY - 57 year old Lech Chrostowski died on the job after falling about 20 feet from a roof. It is not known who his employer was.

September 20 - Longview, WA - 50 year old Scott Trapp of Vancouver was working to pull electrical wires through a conduit when he suffered a massive heart attack. His coworkers tried to help him and called for rescue. He died at the scene while working for JH Kelly LLC, a general contractor.

September 21 - Hopkins, MN - 51 year old Perry Goffard was an employee for Supervalu Food Distribution when he was killed on the job. He died after being pinned by a piece of equipment.

September 21 - Fairfield, AL - 53 year old Edward Lamar Bryant of Verbena, AL was an employee for US Steel in Fairfield when he was killed on the job during an explosion at the plant.

September 21 - Hamilton, OH - 54 year old John Sunderhaus was operating a farm tractor when it rolled over, pinning him underneath. The farm name is not known.

September 22 - Rupert, ID - 30 year old Dayne A. Hansen was working at a dairy farm when an explosion occurred on the trailer he was welding. 

September 22 - Bogue Chitto, MS - An unidentified Lincoln Country Road Crew employee was killed on the job when the dump truck he was driving left the roadway, crashed into trees and caught on fire.

September 22 - Tacoma, WA - 57 year old Craig V. Lamotte was operating a belly dump truck when it became high centered on a berm. He was working to dig the truck loose when a coworker offered to use his bull dozer to push him free. Lamotte went back to his truck. After the truck was pushed free, the dozer operator realized the truck was unmanned and saw that Lamotte had been struck.

September 23 - Largo, FL - 34 year old Adam Ferlanie was fatally electrocuted in unknown circumstances while working for Tampa Steel Erecting Company. 

September 23 - Jersey City, NJ - 27 year old Rodalfo Vasquez Galian was killed on the job when he was struck and crushed under a slab of concrete that fell from a building as he stood on the ground. He was working for an unnamed subcontractor at the Tritel hotel building site.

September 23 - Roswell, GA - 40 year old Jose Castillo died on the job after falling down stairs at a construction site. His employer is unknown.

September 23 - Manchester, TN - 50 year old Ricky McCurry was killed on the job after becoming pinned under an overturned backhoe. He was working on the Eagleville School construction site for a subcontractor to Robert Biscan Construction.

September 23 - Birmingham, AL - 33 year old Doug Hutcheson of Odenville, a United Parcel Service supervisor, and 46 year old Brian Callans of Birmingham, a United Parcel Service Business Manager, were murdered by an employee who had been fired from his job. After losing his appeal to be reinstated, the man entered the Birmingham center and shot Hutcheson and Callans before turning the gun on himself, committing suicide.

September 24 - LaBarge, WY - 35 year old Jared Loftiss suffered fatal burns and three others were injured when a natural gas storage tank exploded. All worked for the Houston based EOG Resources. 

September 25 - Moxee, WA - 33 year old Juan Esteban Garcia of Yakima was injured on September 21 as a piece of machinery fell onto his head. He was working for Black Star Ranch, LLC.

September 25 - Tampa, FL - 51 year old Ricardo McCalop was a forklift operator who was using the machine to carry a heavy steel beam when suddenly the forklift broke and the beam swung back and fell onto the cab of the forklift, crushing McCalop. It is not known who he was employed with.

September 25 - Moore, OK - 54 year old Colleen Hufford was killed on the job when she was attacked by an ex coworker who had been fired from Vaughn Foods. The man entered the building and attacked Hufford with a knife and then beheaded her before stabbing another woman. He was stopped from killing that worker by a member of management, who was also a reserve officer, who shot him.

September 25 - Quilcene, WA - 24 year old Jeremy Paapke was killed on the job when he was struck in the head by a felled tree on a logging site. He was employed by Brian Borde Contracting, Inc.

September 26 - Havertown, PA - A 55 year old unidentified man was electrocuted and a coworker injured while apparently working from an aluminum ladder. It is not known who they were employed by.

September 26 - Spokane, WA - 46 year old Richard Carlson died after he fell approximately 85 feet from a tree he was working in. He was using a saw that apparently became pinched and then he fell. He suffered blunt force trauma and died in an area hospital. He was employed by Ever Green Tree Care, Inc.

September 26 - Moncure, NC - 29 year old William Jeffrey Belk of Sanford was killed on the job when a piece of machinery fell onto him. He was working at Boise Cascade Wood Products plant when a logging "C" Clamp (that picks up logs) fell onto him.

September 29 - San Benito, TX - 76 year old Serafino Sanchez died on the job when he was pinned by a piece of falling metal while working for All Star Metal Recycling at Port of Brownsville.

September 29 - Fremont, NE - 54 year old George Young was operating a forklift and died on the job after becoming pinned by the machine. He was driving backwards when it struck a shelving unit causing him to be pinned between.  He was employed by Midwest Manufacturing at Menards Distribution Center.

September 29 - Lumberton, NC - 53 year old Edward M. Reiner of New Milford, CT was in North Carolina to work at the Robeson County Fair when he was shot to death during a robbery behind a convenience store. He was employed by Dreamland Amusements.

September 29 - Lansing, NY - 44 year old Craig Schenk died on the job when he was pinned by a corn harvesting machine. He was performing maintenance work on the machine while working at Bensvue Farm.

September 30 - Roselawn, OH - 54 year old Daniel Muscarella was servicing an ATM machine when he was attacked and shot during a robbery.  He was employed by Diebold.

September 30 - Little Rock, AR - 49 year old Beverly Carter was an agent for Crye Leike Realtors of North Little Rock. She was called by a man to have her show him a home. That man abducted her and she was found murdered a week later. The man was captured and arrested for her murder.

September 30 - Linwood, KS - 85 year old Edna Elder was driving a farm grain truck when the truck struck a pole and caught on fire.

September 30 - Charlotte, SC - An unidentified employee for Source Recycling was killed on the job when he or she was struck by a forklift.

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