Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

It is never easy to deal with a work related death of a loved one, but especially in the time of holiday's. Our thoughts are with all of the families of these workers.

December 1, 2014 - Baltimore, MD - An unidentified worker for Hi-Way Paving was working at the BWI Airport when he was struck by a concrete paving machine.  Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

December 1 - Quincy, WA - Caesar Salazar was driving a work vehicle hauling a Genie lift when he lost control on an icy road. He attempted to jump out but was pinned under the vehicle. He was employed by WM Construction, Inc.

December 1 - Fountain City, WI - 21 year old Brooke Baures was found dead inside a food elevator/dumbwaiter inside the restaurant she worked at by a co-worker. Details are not clear as to how or why she was in the elevator. She was employed by WingDam Saloon & Grill.

December 2 - Ocean Isle Beach, NC - 46 year old Jose Morales of Calabash died of drowning after the vehicle he was driving went into water.  He was driving the maintenance equipment at Tiger's Eye Golf Course but it is not clear why he ended up in the water.

December 2 - Bloomfield, MO - 54 year old Kenneth Wayne Hurley died on the job when he was buried by grain in a bin. He was inside the grain bin running a vacuum when the grain beneath him collapsed and he became buried. He was working at a farm near Idalia owned by Gilbert Gilooly.

December 4 - North Coventry, PA - 60 year old Lee A. Boyer of Liberty was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist while setting up construction cones while working for J.D. Eckman, Inc. of Atglen, PA.

December 4 - Michigan's Thumb, MI - 21 year old Jonathan C. Hayden of Kalkaska was a road construction worker and flagman who was standing near a flashing arrow sign trailer when he was struck by a motorist. He died later at a hospital. The name of his employer is not known.

December 6 - Houston, TX - An unidentified employee was fatally electrocuted in unknown circumstances while working for Center Point Energy. Attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

December 6 - Shreveport, LA - 23 year old Se'Destini Fields was a campaign worker for Mary Landrieu. She was out and about reaching out to people on behalf of Landrieu when a driver veered off the roadway, striking her. The person driving the truck was apprehended but no charges as of this writing.

December 7 - Everett, WA - Kenneth Otto was injured on November 13th when he was struck by an airbag inflater. He was a technician for Jamco America, a Boeing supplier, and was installing a passenger seat airbag inflater when it suddenly discharged, striking him violently in the face.

December 8 - Henderson, NV - 42 year old Scott Greenfield was killed on the job after he was struck by a piece of machinery. He was struck in the head by a falling injection machine carrier while working for Berry Plastics.

December 9 - Philadelphia, PA - Joyce Craig Lewis died on the job while fighting a house fire. She was a firefighter for the Philadelphia Fire Department when she died after being trapped in the basement of a burning row house.

December 9 - Savannah, TN - Gus Losleben was driving a tanker truck carrying 2,000 pounds of water when it crossed the center divide hitting a log truck head on.  He was an employee for Hardin County Fire Department.

December 9 - Savannah, TN - 30 year old Christopher Durham of Booneville, MS was driving a log truck for an unknown company when a fire department tanker truck driver crossed the center divide, crashing into his truck head on.

December 9 - Cottage Grove, OR - 31 year old Justin Craig Simons was killed on the job when he was pinned by a piece of machinery while working for Weyerhaeuser Mill in Cottage Grove.

December 10 - Honolulu, HI - 42 year old Joefrey Andrada and 30 year old Justin Saragosa were working in Pearl Harbor on a barge using a crane to replace a 10,000 pound buoy when when it fell. The men were not able to get out of the way fast enough. Both were employed by Healy Tibbitts Builders.

December 11 - Dallas, TX - 36 year old Oscar Esparza-Roma, 43 year old Leroy Carriloo-Solorzano and his uncle, 60 year old Nicacio Carrillo-Martinez were all working in the basement of Thanksgiving Tower in Dallas. They were cleaning four water tanks in the basement and were using a torch to cut rusted and corroded parts from a 30-foot-deep tank when it caught fire. They were discovered dead of smoke inhalation after the fire was extinguished. All worked for Best Mechanical, Inc.

December 13 - Fort Worth, TX - Eric Kent Peterson was a clerk for the Military Gun Store when a man entered the business and shot him. It is unclear why he was shot. The business is a gun supply store.

December 15 - Memphis, TN - 35 year old Jason Webb was injured on November 25th during an explosion and fire while working to fix a gas leak in a residential area but died of his injuries. He was an employee for Memphis Light Gas and Water (MLGW).

December 16 - Escorse, MI - 32 year old Antonino Palazzolo of Rockwood was killed on the job during a blast at US Steel's Great Lakes Works in Escourse. A malfunction caused a spill of molten steel, which then melted into snow causing a flash freeze and explosion. When the steel exploded, the building was hit with a barrage of shrapnel.

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