Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Following are workers who we were not previously aware of.  Our hearts and thoughts are with the families who have suffered the loss. All listed are for August 2015.

August 1 - Louisville, OH - An unidentified worker was killed on the job after being involved in a motor vehicle collision. The worker was employed by MobilexUSA.

August 3 - Las Vegas, NV - Matthew Hunt was a worker on a bicycle and was killed in a motor vehicle collision. He was employed by Bike Blast Las Vegas.

August 4 - Columbus, OH - Verna Riffle was struck and killed by a dump truck tailgate while employed by Dalton Sealing and Paving.

August 4 - Paragould, AR - An unidentified employee for Wal-mart Distribution Center #6866 died after being crushed between a truck and the loading dock

August 5 - North Fork, CA - John Glenn was an employee for USDA Forest Service (Sierra National Forest) when he was struck and killed by a log while building a corral.

August 5 - Waycross, GA - Javier Avalos was struck and killed by a silo door while working for East Coast Asphalt LLC.

August 6 - Sun Valley, CA - Felimon Yanez-Ancya was an employee for Recology Los Angeles in Sun Valley when he was fatally struck by a truck.

August 7 - Chocowinity, NC - David Partte died on the job after being struck by a large waste container. He was employed by OBI Linings, Inc.

August 7 - Beloit, WI - Phillip Weldon was performing maintenance for his employer Clean Sweep Company when he was struck by a vehicle

August 7 - Carmi, IL - Jetzari Gonzalez and Hector Gonzalez were working for AS Professional Roofing when one was electrocuted and the other was hospitalized when a ladder contacted a power line.

August 7 - Elizabeth, NJ - Judy Jones was killed on the job when she was struck by a top loader machine while working for APM Terminals.

August 8 - Lutz, FL - Michael Casino was an employee for Panera Bread in Lutz when he died in a fall while performing food preparation.

August 9 - Selah, WA - An unidentified worker died after falling down stairs while working for Tree Top, Inc.

August 10 - Columbus, OH - Frank Guy was employed by Scott Wrecking C & D Landfill and died after he was struck by a tractor trailer.

August 10 - West Chester, OH - Keith Walker was killed on the job after falling from a roof while working for R & B Contractors LLC.

August 10 - Hopewell, VA - Ricky Wyche was an employee for Quality Specialties, Inc and died after being exposed to asbestos during abatement activities.

August 10 - Winchester, VA - Boyd Sherman Abell was fatally crushed when an elevated load fell from a forklift. He was employed by National Fruit & Product Co., Inc.

August 10 - Center, VT - Jerry Merrow was an employee for J.E.M. Home Improvements when he died on the job. He was on a roof when his ladder contacted an overhead power line and he was electrocuted.

August 10 - Locust Grove, GA - Nolberto Castro Garcia was killed on the job when the lawnmower he was operating overturned. He was employed by Eagles Brooke Golf Management LLC.

August 11 - Tampa, FL - Darryl Roberts was trimming a tree for Total Scapes, Inc. when he fell from a ladder and died.

August 11 - Woodlawn, IL - Quentin Campbell was an employee for Sawyer Tree Service, LLC when he died on the job after being struck by a falling tree.

August 11 - Itasca, IL - Philip Sanders was working for Liberatore Electric Company when he was electrocuted while working on underground wiring.

August 11 - San Pedro, CA - Rochelle Taylor was working for Eagle Marine Services and died in a collision between a tractor and truck.

August 11 - Pennington, AL - An unidentified employee for Burkes Mechanical, Inc. died of electrocution while hanging cable.

August 12 - Rison, AR - Chad Gaddis was struck and killed by a trailer being lifted by a log loader while working for Tracy Strange Logging.

August 12 - Romney, WV - Mark Haines was an employee for Belt Paving, Inc. when he was fatally crushed under the tracks of a milling machine.

August 13 - Alhambra, IL - An unidentified worker died on the job after falling from scaffolding while working for Walthes Waterproofing.

August 13 - Middleburg, PA - Moses Kanagy was killed on the job when he fell from scaffolding. He was employed by S.R. Silos.

August 13 - Pine Grove, WV - An unidentified employee for Jones Hauling, Inc. was struck and killed by a falling tree.

August 13 - Tyler, AL - An unidentified person died on the job after being struck by a tractor and baler while employed by Gene McCormick.

August 13 - View, CA - Angel Ferreira was trimming a palm tree when the tree collapsed, trapping him. He was employed by Eager Beaver.

August 13 - Massillon, OH - Earl Smoltz was working for Casey's Sales & Services, Inc. when he was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer semi.

August 13 - Revere, MA - An unidentified employee of Caruso Construction and Equipment Company, Inc. was killed on the job when a dump truck tire exploded during inflation.

August 13 - El Paso, TX - Rodolfo Jaquez died on the job after falling from a roof. He was employed by Campos Roofing & Construction LLC.

August 13 - Albany, TX - An unidentified employee for Albany Chemical died after being caught in a pumping unit.

August 14 - Farmers Branch, TX - Pedro Rangel was struck and killed by a forklift while working for Venture Metals, LLC.

August 14 - Edenton, NC - Michael Rogers was working for McClain and Company, Inc. when he drowned after falling from a boat.

August 15 - San Marcos, TX - An unidentified employee of Sawman LLC was fatally electrocuted while repairing a generator.

August 15 - Fort Worth, TX - Emilio Ramirez was killed on the job when he fell from scaffolding inside a water tank.  He was employed by Blastco Texas, Inc.


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