Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Below are workers who died on the job that we were not previously aware of. Our hearts go out to the families.

Man Electrocuted Working on Elevator

August 15, 2015 - Burbank, CA - 38 year old Robert Khodadadian was contracted by Wells Fargo Center to work in an elevator machine room where he died. He was electrocuted by the energized conveyors on the elevator motor. He was employed by RJ Electric Company of Burbank. 

Worker Struck, Dies

August 15, 2015 - Mesa, AZ - 48 year old Nicholas Michael Holt was killed on the job when he was struck by a hay bale in unknown circumstances. He was employed by Perry Smith dba High Climbers Tree Removal Service. 

Worker Killed, Seven Injured in Fall

August 18, 2015 - Albuquerque, NM - An unidentified employee was killed and seven others injured when a scaffold collapsed while working on a medical center tower. All workers were employees of McCarthy Construction. Efforts to find more information has not been successful.

Worker Killed While Using Power Saw

August 18, 2015 - Summit, UT - 39 year old Jesus Garcia Hermosillo of Heber City died on the job after being struck in the neck by a shard of plastic from a pipe he was using a power saw to cut. He was employed by MVC Construction Co, Inc. 

Worker Struck by Falling Tree

August 19, 2015 - Houston, TX - An unidentified employee for Trees, Inc. was killed on the job when he/she was struck by a falling tree. Attempts to locate more information have been unsuccessful.

Three Firefighters Killed in Crash

August 19, 2015 - Twisp, WA - Three U.S. Forest Service Firefighters were killed as a "hellstorm" of flame driven by shifting winds overtook their vehicle which crashed while fighting the Twisp River wildfire. Authorities state they were attempting to flee the "hellstorm" in the vehicle and it crashed over an embankment.

20 year old Thomas Nelson "Tom" Zbyszewski of Methow, WA


26 year old Andrew Zajac of Winthrop, WA

31 year old Richard Wheeler from South Haven, MI

Auto Collision Kills Man

August 19, 2015 - Pullman, WA - 22 year old Trevor Michael Bennett of LaCrosse was killed on the job when the truck he was in was involved in a collision of unknown cause. He was employed by The McGregor Company of Pullman.

Explosion Kills One

August 19, 2015 - Bainbridge, GA - 35 year old Christopher Coker was killed on the job when a tank exploded, killing him instantly. He was welding on a storage tank containing sodium hydrosulfide when it exploded and caught fire. Coker was the assistant manager of Liquid Transfer Georgia, Inc. 

Worker Electrocuted

August 20, 2015 - Killdeer, ND - An unidentified worker was electrocuted when a crane came into contact with an overhead power line. He was employed by AWI Transport, LLC. Efforts to locate more information were unsuccessful.

Man Crushed by Equipment

August 20, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL - Dorrs Van Der Merwe died on the job when he was crushed under the bucket of a skid steer loader. He was employed by Capps Land Management, Inc.

Employee Struck by Machine

August 20, 2015 - Buttonwillow, CA - 31 year old Walter Alexander "Alex" Mejia of Shafter was killed at his job for Castro Tire and Truck Wash when he was struck by a backhoe. 

Worker Dies of Heat Exposure

August 20, 2015 - Conroe, TX - Shun Jones was a temporary worker on his first day of his job with Waste Management in Conroe. He died of heat exposure while working on a waste collection truck.

Farm Incident Kills Man

August 21, 2015 - LeRoy, NY - 55 year old Kenneth R. Stein suffered a fatal incident on his farm, Stein Farms, when he fell from an upper storage area on the farm.

Wall Collapse Kills Worker

August 21, 2015 - Tucson, AZ - Stephen P. Curtis was working on a demolition job when a wall collapsed onto him. He was employed by Taylor's Demo and Recycling Corp., Inc.

Incident With Machinery Causes Death

August 22, 2015 - Staley, NC - 37 year old Terrance Jordan was an employee of Clifford W. Estes Co., Inc when he died after falling into a gravel blending machine.

 Man Struck by Dump Truck

August 24, 2015 - Sayreville, NJ - 67 year old Fernando Tomas of Long Branch was working for Lucas Construction Group, Inc. when he was struck and killed by a dump truck that was backing up.

Logger Crushed by Equipment

August 24, 2015 - Athens, OH - 51 year old Ronald E. Congrove of Millfield was working in a wooded area for logging using a piece of logging equipment called a skidder.  The machine got off balance and tipped over, crushing Congrove underneath. He was employed by Tompkins Logging. 

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