Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some Good News For A Change

Ok folks someone gave me a contact and he has been wonderful not only has he agreed to work on my messed up perl program but has also offered to host the site. How awesome is that?

The down side is that we may have some down time. I will make sure it is running while we are in DC.

Hopefully is it a smooth transition but that one is up to my host provider now.

Just wanted to give a...HOODA HOODA



EHS Director said...

I run a rack of servers for Environmental, Health and Safety information..

As far as the hosting goes:
I only offer hosting as a donation to EHS friends, non-profit & environmental groups I support as they could never afford me ;-)
In five years, I have had never been down. If my sites go down I have bigger problems than the average American could imagine & you would be the least of these problems... Personal, professional friends & major organizations host on my servers. If I am down, I would have to call in "dead" to work, move and trash my phone.

I make NO guarantees or promises. But if need I.T.... just ask.

Christopher Haase

Tammy said...

Christopher, thank you that is an awesome offer and if ever needed I will surely take you up on it.

Travis already reamed my hinny for giving out my accounts info...haha.
I suppose I still hate to think there are those out willing to rip you blind. I guess the good side I don't have anything to rip off.

I think your blog has changed a bit, but I still receive your mailings they are great! Do you by chance know where I can find the one you put out the percentage of lasting particles in the water? One of the photos had a turtle that was sadly deformed buy a plastic can holder. I wish I would have kept it; it was so good Everyone should see it.

I hope things are well with you and your family!

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