Saturday, February 09, 2008

People Were In There

Yes people were in there and some actually came out. The New York Times took an aerial view of the Imperial Sugar plant in Port Wentworth, Ga.

“I saw people come running out burnt, screaming, hollering, their skin hanging off them,” said Jason Perry, who hurried to the plant after the blast to search for an uncle who was working that night. “One lady hit the ground, and then the medical was on her so fast you couldn’t see what was going on.”

Gruesome details emerge not even 48hours later, a scene many will not soon forget.

At 10:46 PM last night I received the New Your Times article and I tried like hell to write about this once again, to give everyone a back ground of all the time and effort spent (the Times article say it all) by some to keep this from once again happening but somehow I just couldn't find the strength to do so this time.

We all have this idea that we are invincible, tough as nails, we can take whatever comes our way and that's part of the problem, were not! We are not rocks, we just do what we have to to get by.

I had written an article, One Death, Many Losses, and I know there are flaws in it but to be honest I haven't been able to rework it and I am not sure I ever will but it gives a brief over view of what one family experiences during this time. We are helpless while these events are happening but we are not now, we can do something to keep this from happing to another family. We don't have to be perfect or hard as nails; we just need to gather strength were we can, stand up and fight back and if we can't let someone else take over for a while.

I will not set back while OSHA sends us a few crumbs any longer, I WANT BREAD & ROSES! So expect a monthly letter from me.

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