Friday, March 21, 2008

CSB Safety Video

In 2005 15 workers were killed, 180 injured and countless other affected by a single BP explosion in Texas City. They were awarded our Scarlet Letter for crimes against humanity and our planet.

The CSB just released a video (Anatomy of a Disaster: Explosion at BP Texas City Refinery) that has a pretty extensive chronological view of events in 3D. It's pretty amazing and touches on all the issues that contributed to the BP blast such as as human factors, equipment safety and design.

The safety video also features the CSB investigative team, CSB Board Member William Wright, Trevor Kletz of Texas A&M, University Prof. Andrew Hopkins of the Australian National University, and Mr. Glenn Erwin of the United Steelworkers

The video is available free of charge from the CSB web site.

Just a BP 60 Minutes recap.

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