Saturday, June 14, 2008

Give Us Combustible Dust Standards - Stop The Insanity

Give Us Combustible Dust Standards

Between 1980 and 2005, 119 workers were killed and more than 700 injured in combustible dust explosions.
These explosions were preventable -- but even though the U.S. Chemical Safety Board recommended in 2006 that regulations needed to be put in place to protect workers from death or injury from combustible dust accidents, OSHA chose instead to maintain its program of voluntary corporate compliance. But as Former CSB Chairman Carolyn W. Merritt put it, "the problem with voluntary standards is not everyone volunteers."
This petition calls on OSHA and the Department of Labor to stop relying on voluntary compliance and issue a general industry standard for preventing combustible dust accidents in the workplace. Tell me more

This petition will stand at the top of the blog until we get the needed signatures.
First Posted 2/9/08


Joe638NYC said...

need petition code again, also there is a memorial at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NY on the 28th. in memoriam of the construction accident which left 7 dead last month. I'll make sure you get the info beforehand.


bendygirl said...

yeah, can I get the code, too?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for running this blog - too many people are killed and injured in the workplace.

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