Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tammy Miser At Combustible Dust Hearing

Below is a YouTube video of Tammy's testimony this morning before the House of Representatives, Education and Labor Committee hearing on HR 5522 "The Combustible Dust Fire and Explosion Prevention Act of 2008." Tammy spoke immediately after Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Ed Foulke. Several observers were heard to say that she was the star -- and the heart -- of the hearing. Judge for yourself.

You can view the entire hearing here: Click here to watch archived hearing webcast »
(It only works with Windows Media Player)

And for more of Tammy, fast forward to 1:57:25


michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your experience Tammy. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I join you in your feelings of disgust that so much is known about workplace fatalities and yet so little action is taken and so more than fifteen people continue to die on the job every day. I hope the Committee truly heard you and demonstrates that they'll work with their fellow Members of Congress to prevent workplace deaths in the future. Respectfully Yours, Michelle

Tammy said...


Thank you for your support. But I think it will take the hearing, the petition and a letter writing campaign to get some of our congressmen/women on board. It was great to get so many comments when I returned, sometimes it is easy to forget how much support you really get.

jennzdawgs said...

Tammy, I want you to know that as a EHS professional I appreciate you sharing your feelings to help get this passed. I can only speak for myself, but for years, I felt as if I have been beating my head against a wall with the companies I worked for to get them to do what was right for the safety of the people. So we would not have to see our friends and family suffer as you and yours have. When you spend more time at work, than at home it is hard for me to understand how they contiune to value each other in dollars and cents or refuse to see the risk. When I read the CBS dust report and learned that it was out for years, that OSHA just ignored it, I was furious. I agree with you, they can't expect them to do it on their own, I have seen it - it will not happen. My prayers and continued support until we see a time where safety really is the most important part of every job.

Tammy said...


I often wonder how you all have done this for so long. You have to love the idea that is for sure. There will be good times ahead I have no doubt. Just stick together and do what we can. They will be forced to hear one way or another. I figure if nothing else they will get sick of seeing our faces and names pop up and they will do it just to get rid of our mugs;o)
it has really been way to long and overdue there comes a point when there is no way but up and i think we have hit that point.
Thank you for the support and prayers they are all needed and appreciated.
God Bless

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