Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scarlet Letter

Looks like we have another group proudly wearing the Scarlet letter. Perini Building Company who have been contracted at $9.2 to build MGM Mirage's City Center. Perini Building Company reported a net income of $25.2 million in the first quarter of 2008 and they are proud as a peach to offer a $0.91 common share for the same first quarter. Looks good and numbers look great until you take a closer look at the well covered scarlet letter sown between the shirts.

I wonder how many will walk on the strip in wonder at the new giant realizing that 11 people have died 9 of whom where under the protection of Perini. Will they see 39-year-old Dustin Tarter, who was wedged between the counterweight of the crane and the track of the crane or what about Angel Hernandez and Bobby Lee Tohannie who was crushed inside an elevator shaft by 7,300-pounds of structure. Isidro “Willie” Pelayo was thrown down an elevator shaft. Michael Hanson who was struck by a piece of a concrete. Michael Taylor, David Rabun Jr., Norvin Tsosie and an unknown safety engineer fell from structures.

Maybe a requirement of failing to protect a worker should be in the form of a monument that lets the world know what it took to erect theses structures. People died so that a few could stay at some hotel in comfort or shop for over priced products. An elevator carrying all the names and ages of every person who lost life or limb and the company who contracted the work. Every person ever using the elevator would see what it truly takes and after a time they would find that some companies have let it happen on a regular basis. Something that OSHA fails to see even when it stares straight at the Scarlet letter.

Well that will probably never happen but we can surely give them their letter to wear and until then we all need to do our part, Alexandra Berzon of the Las Vegas Sun and Union Leaders are doing just that.

"Construction workers shut down MGM Mirage's CityCenter at midnight Monday, walking off the job to protest safety conditions at the $9.2 billion project.
Workers also began picketing outside of CityCenter, holding signs that read, "unsafe job site."
Union leaders said workers will picket the site until the general contractor, Perini Building Company, agrees to take steps to improve safety. Work usually goes on around the clock at CityCenter, the largest private commercial development in U.S. history."

Of course you have the same old response of promises made and passing the buck "MGM Mirage spokesman Alan Feldman said Monday that safety problems are attributable to workers not following procedure."

They can say what they will, if our people stay made as hell they will have no chose but to change they way it is done. The power of the people is a wondrous thing especially when it is backed by emotion. Many say money talks but emotions scream! So for the Corporate Killers out there keep in mind with each family member and friend you take you are also stomping an emotion that will not sit still and will refuse to be silent!

God Bless the Families!

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