Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Election Disappointment!

Alright folks, I am extremely disappointed in this election. There have been no real discussions about what the candidates plan for working America. All I have heard from both parties is; I understand what middle class workers are going through and I feel your pain. Well first off we know that is not possible even if you have had a struggle, unless you are in that particular circumstance you cannot fully understand. So I really don’t want to hear I understand one more time, no one wants pity!

Let’s go back to basics. What goes around comes around. You give nothing and that’s what you get, nothing. I don’t want one more ad, plea or dog the big dog campaign. I want it straight from the lips, how do the candidates plan to reform workers compensation, freedom of chose, workplace safety, workplace health, job stability.

This isn’t a rant about what companies are doing wrong; we need good companies as well as workers rights, health and safety addressed. Employment, medical leave, discrimination, wages, hours and benefits mean different things to different people.

I guess what started this whole rant is an article I found Corporate Counsel Say Election Will Impact Employment Law.

We all know the ones that boast the most have the most to boast about so if there is money to be made why not scare them into spreading it around a little sooner. Personally I see no real reason for anyone to think this will be a major concern of either party. I know I will get a few emails about what this one or that one plans to do or not do but I don’t want the props I will say it again I want to hear it straight from the candidates! I know they can’t cover every issue but they have pretty much covered the same few issues to death and I am pretty sure we all get it. Show me you can be diverse and you’re not just jumping the band wagon.

Ok back to the article again this was a survey and who knows what type but regardless some companies feel this election is going to have an adverse effect on the way they do business.

“…the "In-House Counsel Workplace" survey of nearly 400 corporate counsel from ACC's Employment and Labor Law Committee conducted in August, showed that more than half of their companies were not instituting a reduction in workforce and most of those did not expect to do so over the next 12 months.
On day-to-day challenges, corporate counsel cited workplace discrimination as the most time-consuming employment issue, followed by family and medical leave, wages and hours, and employee benefits. The most demanding issue for corporate legal department was cited as harassment/discrimination prevention and compliance, followed by Family and Medical Leave Act compliance and wage and hour compliance. Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Sarbanes-Oxley rounded out the top five.
"The results of the Survey illustrate that employment issues are among the chief concerns in corporate America," adds Patrick L. Vaccaro, firm-wide Managing Partner of Jackson Lewis. "Change is in the air and our clients are gearing-up to face the challenges ahead."
Looking forward to this year's presidential election, 60.5 percent of the committee member respondents believed the election outcome would affect labor and employment laws, while 39.5 percent said they did not expect the November ballot to have an impact. Among the potential changes cited by respondents were the possibility of increased costs for health benefits and mandatory paid sick days; a resurgence of workplace regulation generally; and passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, which would eliminate secret ballots in union organizing drives and strengthen labor's hand in negotiations over union representation. “

Most Companies Not Cutting Workers
52.8 percent, said their companies were not instituting reductions- in-force in any of their operations,
47.2 percent said they were
Discrimination Claims a Top Concern
73.5 percent said their companies had been a defendant in employment-related litigation.
52.6 percent said they had faced discrimination complaints.
27.0 percent said wage and hour complaints being the second most frequent.

Why companies feel this election is going to adversely effect them is beyond me because I have seen nothing really being discusses except some over site and it had to do with our government backing (US citizens backing), so unless you own a bank or back some notes there is no need to get your panties in a ruffle. What this does show me is that almost 48 percent of the business plan to cut jobs and the reason the servey can say “Most companies not cutting work” is because they will still have a job and pump out the same amount of whatever they are pumping by pushing few workers to get more done while taking on more responsibly with no raises. Of course this is not a concern and as of right now they know the workers are just glad to have work. Plus when things do get better the company’s profit margins are even higher than the previous quarters because they know they can do it on the workers backs.

As far as discrimination, wage and hour complaints, quit jerking the workers around and you won’t have this issue…problem solved.

Ok I feel better now but this is what I would like to see covered in the election.

  • Workers compensation: Too much compensation is denied, ignored and when given is too low. Workers often cannot choose a good doctor and system of checks and balances is about as corrupt as it can get. It was designed to protect the worker and has accompished the opposite .
  • Freedom of chose: Workers should have the right to organize and vote without harassment and too many laws that we do have are ignored.
  • Workplace safety and health: Where the hell is it and when can we expect it?
  • Job stability: What are you going to do to ensure our jobs stay in the US and return to the US?

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