Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parents get death benifits in TX

Lawmakers OK plan to let parents get death benefits

They would be awarded some workers' comp if their adult children left behind no dependents.
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"Under workers' compensation laws, death benefits often bypass parents because the benefit is given only to family members who depend on the dead worker's wage to survive.

Under the bill, parents would receive up to two years of benefits if there are no eligible dependents.

The amount is based on a percentage of the average weekly wages earned before the worker's death. The rest would continue to support the state Subsequent Injury Fund.

Money from the Subsequent Injury Fund, the Chronicle found, frequently is funneled to insurance companies, which by law can seek reimbursements from it for entirely unrelated workers' compensation claims.

The parents' death-benefits bill will become law in September if signed by the governor. "

Tricia Smith, Donald Coit Smith, Lindy Schmidt and Steve Schmidt are amazing Family Fighters. Ironically the saying "It takes a village..." comes to mind when I see something like this accomplished. A conglomerate of determined villagers goes against the grain and deserves to be acknowledged for their taking the lead, concern about truth, and justice. The concern for your children in spite of their own misfortune alone should be enough to get people off their butt in support as some of the note worthy government officials and press has done.

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Anonymous said...

25 June 07

2 yrs. 2 months 30 days.

I was glad the gov signed the bill this past 15th. It did get parents a small portion of the benefits BUT didn't go far enough in that it still allowed for the State and insurance industry to obtain 72% of the benefits. I still think it's morally wrong and our legislators should go back to the drawing board and draft a complete abolishment of state and insurance company acquisition to monies from this fund under this category. I cannot help but think PAC's were heavily involved and had a hand in making this bill what it came out. Maybe we should elect legislators who will not succumb to whatever enticements these PAC's give them for re-election, (or whatever it's given for).

Donald Coit Smith

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