Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Holidays

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through
each other's eyes for an instant” by Henry David Thoreau

Thank You

Since we have had so much growth over the past year it is next to impossible for me to send out individual cards. However I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your support.

I couldn’t have imagined USMWF would gain so much momentum or I would met so many wonderful people.

The greatest gift anyone can receive is the gift of self whether it is your chronicles, time, expertise, or funds. Many have given one or more and I am extremely grateful for all of you! I know it takes each and every one of us to accomplish change and together we will prevail without a doubt.

You’re Not Alone

These months are especially hard when you have lost a loved one. Anyone feeling the lonely sting of grief please know you’re not alone and although there is really no way to take your pain away there are ways to cope so be patient with yourself and allow yourself to grieve but do so with your support line (family, friends, support groups, counselors and/or your faith). If need please don’t hesitate: Contact one of us at

Take the Effort

Those of you who are involved with someone who had a sudden loss no matter what form keep in mind their lives have halted and they truly feel alone in this world. You can help by first and foremost acknowledging their loss by asking them how they are doing. We can only imagine it is not well however they need the opportunity to express it. Be available for them; sit and listen, do not minimize their loss, do small takes for them. At times it may even be difficult for the one grieving to even care for personal hygiene so try to make it inviting.

Whatever you will be doing over the next few months and throughout the year may you have guidance, peace, and understanding.

Tammy Miser / Founder

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world
in a conspiracy of love!” by Hamilton Wright Mabie

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Mary said...

Indeed the Holiday Season seems to be one of the most difficult to get trough on your own. serving as a constant reminder of what's been lost. And while there is not a chance of me ever being thankful for what I've lost. I know without a doubt that my loss is responsible for so many other of the wonderful blessings in my life today. The greatest of all is without doubt Tammy Miser for showing me that YES there are people out there who like myself cannot forget the past and are willing to take a stand not because they can't get over it but because it's the right thing to do. Every time I find myself feeling low or in need of inspiration all I need to do is think of Tammy and all shes done to help others & I Know how very blessed I am. She's all the proof I need to believe how much just one person can do to change the world for the greater good. No nothing can erase these past five years I spent waking to the same old nightmare only to find it was real. Still there's not a single minute that passes where I can find myself anything other than grateful for each and every person that has come into my life since this all began. Tammy is just one of a long, long, list. And I am so completely grateful to each and every last one of you for the many blessings you have brought & continue to bring to my life everyday.

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