Thursday, February 07, 2008


BP enters guilty plea over Texas City blast

Robbie Gracia whose husband Joseph was killed at BP in January 2008 took a stance her husband would be proud,
"I am hear to make sure he did not die in vain. I am hear to tell you, your honor, the reson he died is the same reason 15 people died in another explosion in March 2005. I'm asking you to punish BP in such a way that no other family has to suffer like mine is suffering now."

Loren Steffy of the Huston Chronicle feels Rosenthal has limited options,
"If Rosenthal approves the plea — and I suspect she will — it will be one more insult to the victims of Texas City, but they had little hope that a criminal case was going to lead to meaningful consequences for BP."

We all know the extent of BP's damage and BP itself had admitted to it's intentional inadequacy and lack human decency but to be honest this would have never happened if BP had not been pushed to the limit with no other way out. There is no other avenue except for BP to admit it all and push for the smallest fines possible after admittance.

Just another example of how the system works for the companies and even when there is opportunity, need and desire the achievements are minor on behalf of worker safety and health.

You have all done a the best possible job by not giving up and honoring your family, God bless the family, friends, and co workers!

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