Monday, September 29, 2008


I really know how slow the blog has been lately but to be honest we lost a hard drive and then my husband had a mild heart attack and was out of commission for a while. I have a new hard drive and it is up and Mark is just fine now however we had to input all of our financial info again. If you do not receive your donor receipt at the end of this year or it is not correct please send me an email.

I had several articles that were good reads: so until I am back on track please have a look.

Acting Tough: When Cameras Leave, OSHA Penalties Wither Which by the way this seem to be a great site. Well written and on the ball.

Feds set to issue new crane standards, Required testing comes amid deadly accidents

Bush Shirks Role as Top Labor Cop

The day 'Jumbo' exploded, A reported faulty boiler exploded at the York Rolling Mill on Aug. 10, 1908.

Farmworkers exploited, even enslaved, in Florida

S.C. memorial to be dedicated to Irish laborers who dug 1824 canal

Affected Kimberly workers to rally for mill

Immediate action needed to prevent 'industrial manslaughter,' says expert


    Jason Gooljar said...

    Sorry to hear of your husband's mild heart attack. I'm glad to hear he's doing better again.

    Tammy said...

    Thanks Jason, we had to take him back in today but things look good now. Never count your chickens befor they are hatched I guess.

    Anonymous said...

    So sorry to hear about your husband. It is great that he is doing better. Take care of him, he is a great guy and very supportive of you. A great combonation. Take care
    Katherine Rodriguez

    Tammy said...

    Thanks Katherine, yes I have been blessed he is one of the good guys and like you said he puts up with me!

    Send my love the the family!

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